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Airdrop Hunters 6 Mar, 12:18
Airdrop Hunters 15 Feb, 07:51
Airdrop Hunters 13 Feb, 20:52
#trading? Today formed a new trading recommendation in a personal channel.

Also i did a brief analysis of the upcoming Fetch.AI tokensale (⚠️ This info is exclusively Russian-speaking).
#trading📈 Актив #Grostlcoin находится на приятных уровнях. Trading pair - GRS/BTC Buy: 0.00004925-5230-5470 Sell: 0.00005205-5620-5940-6250-6635-7160-7760 Риск входа по рыночной стоимости (0.00005920): 45-55% Comments: Несколько дней назад пробивали большой и долгий бычий клин, но это не всё, что способен показать Groestlcoin. Его глобальные цели это 0.00010700 - 0.00011085. На данный момент активу нужно скорректироваться от этого роста и прийти в нормальное движение. Поддержку линии тренда видим в районе 0.00005375-0.00005470, где будет наилучшая точка входа. Надо отметить, что у #GRS на подходе завершение большого кол-ва разработок (готовность - 90%) и в скором времени ожидаются анонсы об окончании этих работ. P.S. Нами была замечены комфортные волны на графике этого актива, которые будут интересны тем, кто торгует внутри дня. Актив вполне можно покупать по курсу 0.00005900 и продавать по 0.00006100 - 0.00006250, либо купить по 0.00005900, и в случае отката усреднять позицию по 0.00005375 - 0.00005470.…
Airdrop Hunters 11 Feb, 13:36
#message? Found an indispensable thing for all users of the exchange #Binance.

BinanceTickerBot - this bot is useful because it allows you to put important notifications on price and volume changes in cryptocurrency pairs that you are interested in, presented on #Binance.

In order not to miss an important point of purchase for any coin or price increase, if you are already sitting in the coins, I recommend trying it out.

In general, there are many applications for smartphones that will allow you to do the same, but personally it is extremely convenient for me, when everything comes to telegrams + you can set a notification that will not work once, but on an ongoing basis when a certain price point is reached.

Configuring is easy and simple, to start using, you must follow the link.
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Airdrop Hunters 5 Feb, 04:56
Airdrop Hunters 4 Feb, 13:55
#airdrop? LAToken Exchange organized distribution of its own #LA tokens.

In total, the exchange allocates 4553 #LA tokens for members of their community. You need to register on the #airdrop page and confirm your email address. You can get 47 #LA tokens immediately + 44 LA tokens for each of the referrals registered on your link (up to 10), and after attracting 10 referrals you will be able to perform various other tasks, increasing your earnings.

Step-by-step Guide:

1. Follow the link.
2. Fill in your details and register.
3. Check your email and confirm registration.
4. You will receive 47 #LA tokens.
5. Complete additional tasks to earn more #LA tokens.

P.S. LAToken - a decentralized platform for investing cryptocurrency in real estate, a share in companies, debts, goods and works of art (illiquid assets), as well as tokenization of their assets for their subsequent trade and sale. Besides the fact that they tokenize the assets of various spheres of traditional business, they perform the functions of a classical cryptocurrency exchange.
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Airdrop Hunters 22 Jan, 12:27
#airdrop? Terms of airdrop BitTorrent for coin holders of the TRON project (#TRX).

On February 11, the first of the 12 scheduled distributions of the #BTT token to all #TRX coin holders will take place. 10,890,000,000 #BTT tokens were allocated for distribution, which is 1.1% of the total #BTT emissions.

I currently know that #airdrop was supported by such exchanges as #Binance, #Huobi and #Bithumb.
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Airdrop Hunters 21 Jan, 19:30
#trading? New trading recommendation posted on my personal blog!

I continue to periodically and very selectively supply you there with the most interesting signals that we form for conducting our own transactions.

You can get acquainted with the complete statistics (which you can check) of recommendations in our closed channel for the last 8 months here.

If you are interested in buying a monthly subscription to receive permanent trading recommendations from a closed channel, please write @Alextray
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Airdrop Hunters 19 Jan, 16:07
#airdrop? Binance Exchange has launched a new trading and exchange platform for promoting the European market - Binance Jersey.

Available BTC / GBP, ETH / GBP, BTC / EUR and ETH / EUR trading pairs. Registration, deposit and withdrawal are also available.

The first 5,000 users who register between January 16, 2019 and January 31, 2019 and complete an account verification (KYC) will be rewarded 20 euros.

Step-by-step Guide:

1. Visit Binance Jersey and click "Register".
2. Register and confirm your email address.
3. Log into Binance Jersey and enable Google authentication on the Security tab in the navigation menu.
3. After that, click “Confirm” in your profile settings and complete account verification (KYC).
4. Awards are issued within 7 business days after the end of the promotion. You will be able to log in and see your reward in the “Distribution History” section of the Account Center.

⚠️ Rewards can only be used to pay for transactions and withdrawal fees and cannot be withdrawn.

As of January 2, 2019, Binance Jersey supports the following jurisdictions.
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Airdrop Hunters 19 Jan, 13:21
#message?The end of the "radio silence"!

Holidays were left behind, but the cryptocurrency market is not sleeping, and I have accumulated a lot of material and recommendations for these days, which were not banal to the hands of, join the work!

Meanwhile, #BTC arranged a flight of up to $ 3700!
Airdrop Hunters 31 Dec 2018, 23:39
Happy new year for u guys!
Airdrop Hunters 19 Dec 2018, 18:26
#airdrop? #Quarkchain distributes 1,000,000 #QKC during the bounty campaign!

#QKC has long been traded on most reputable exchanges, including Binance, and has been showing steady growth for Bitcoin for half a year, despite the market situation.

A great opportunity to earn up highly liquid coins of one of the most promising startups!

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Register on the WEBSITE and confirm the mail.
2. Join the telegram channel.
3. Further, the number of received tokens will depend on the tasks performed, the most promising of which are:

- 5000 points for installing a qPocket wallet on a smartphone.
- Subscription (100 points) and likes of videos on Youtube - 50 points for each video, you can do everything in one day!
- Download the original video - up to 3000 points for the video.
- daily retweets, repost on Facebook, promotion of the project in your telegram chat, etc.
- For inviting new members of the bounty - 50 points + 5% of all points received by the referee.

⚠️Distribution of awards - after the launch of the main network #Quarkchain.
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Airdrop Hunters 10 Dec 2018, 18:37
Receive up to 100 MGO tokens every day!
MobileGo Airdrop starts on 6th of December!

If you want to become a participant of an airdrop, you should:

-Follow MobileGO on all social media channels, retweet the news about GShare and esports platform – get 1 MGO;

-Install GShare and earn at least 1 GShare Gold – get 1 MGO;

If you complete both tasks and become one of the first 100 participants, you will get 2 extra MGOs!

10 users with the largest amount of GShare Gold earned in GShare will get 6 additional MGO.

Play esports tournaments and receive up to 100 MGO daily!

Don’t miss your chance!

Full instruction for the airdrop:

Along with airdrop, MGO is now a part of a beta version of GShare app and esports platform.GShare is an app which was designed to earn GShare Gold by using PC power. Esports is a platform for gamers and also MGO token holders which hosts tournaments and allows to earn even more MGO and GShare Gold!
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Airdrop Hunters 28 Nov 2018, 16:33
#moneymaker? + 30% from my recommendation when capitalization was 7000 #ETH, in the screenshot below ⬇️ capitalization in #ETH (~ 10,000) and in US dollars (~ $ 1,200,000).
Airdrop Hunters 28 Nov 2018, 12:51
#moneymaker? New project on a smart contract.

Pantheon (#PAN) is an ERC20 standard token created on the basis of the #Ethereum blockchain network, the issue and turnover of which is controlled by the smart contract of the pantheon ecosystem.

The main task of the #PAN token is the equitable distribution of profits (dividends) from the subsidiary products of the pantheon ecosystem, the central element among which is the smart contract pantheon ecosystem. Due to its technology, #PAN token has a number of features related to determining its cost, emissions, usage fees, dividends and affiliate programs.

During the purchase and sale of #PAN tokens through the pantheon ecosystem smart contract system, the commission is charged:

For the purchase - in the amount of 10%
For the sale - in the amount of 5%

The principle of operation is almost the same as in the past, the project was launched a few hours ago and at the moment the contract capitalization is moving to 7000 #ETH, and the link was distributed only in the telegram chat rooms.

Since, in any case, I consider such projects as instruments with a risk level higher than with ordinary investing in cryptocurrency, I do not enter large volumes, personal investment is 4 #ETH.

Step-by-step Guide:

1. Download Chrome browser:
2. Download the MetaMask extension for in Chrome to buy tokens ⬇️
3. Instructions for creating an account on MetaMask (of which there are a lot on youtube) as an example ⬇️
4. You can buy #PAN tokens via the link ➡️

Ready to personally advise on investment in the project ➡️ @Alextray.
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Airdrop Hunters 15 Nov 2018, 18:52
#moneymaker?Analysis of trading signals for the last 6 months from our team.

For September and October, it turned out to make 824% cumulatively of the 13 signals given in September and the 25 signals given in October, which means 82% of your deposit profits based on the most conservative and simple trading management model, but in the case of using all signals it is perfect (it is not easy, but not unreal).

Signal statistics here ➡️

The signals, which were formed during this period, are based on key indicators of technical analysis and fundamental events of the projects, the coins of which are traded on popular and not-so, cryptocurrency exchanges (mostly #Binance and #Bittrex).

Difficult 6 months for the altcoins market and for the market as a whole, but the team was able to adapt and give good results.

I am always cautious about forecasts and recommendations in the cryptocurrency market, because 90% of them are made by pseudo-experts who only extort money from you, our statistics are based on records in the telegram channel on specific dates and it’s not difficult to check if you have ever watched on graphics.

In my opinion, we have experienced enough of our capabilities with time and are ready to offer them to everyone, to find out all the conditions for using our team’s signals in trading, here ➡️ @Alextray.

Occasionally I plan to place selectively some signals in my personal blog in free access ⬇️ (RU).
Attached file
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Airdrop Hunters 15 Nov 2018, 15:49
#message? USD Coin or #USDC will be added to #Binance on November 17th.

The following trading pairs will be available: USDC / BTC and USDC / BNB.

The possibility of a deposit to the exchange in #USDC is already functioning.

Earlier it was reported that the distribution of #airdrop will take place on November 15, today is the moment of truth, we hope that the admins will keep their promise.
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Airdrop Hunters 14 Nov 2018, 17:44
#airdrop? Unification project is airdropping 200 #UND tokens to their community members.

Opportunity to earn ~ 68$

Step-by-step Guide:

1. Chat with this Telegram bot
2. Join their Telegram group.
3. Follow them on Twitter and retweet their latest tweet.
4. Post you Telegram username along with a positive vision about Unification on this Bitcointalk thread. (optional, +50 #UND)
5. Participate and complete the quiz. (optional, +100 #UND)
6. You will receive 200 UND tokens.
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Airdrop Hunters 7 Nov 2018, 20:55
#airdrop? A popular wallet that many of you probably use - Blockchain.Info adds full support for the Stellar project (#XLM) and on this occasion launches a large $ 125 million dollars #airdrop.

The official blog ➡️

To participate, all you need is to submit your Email here ⬇️

⚠️ Leave Email that has not previously been registered in your wallet.
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Airdrop Hunters 7 Nov 2018, 13:21
#airdrop? USD Coin distribute their stablecoins #USDC for free.

Opportunity to earn more than 5$

Step-by-Step Guide:

1) Join Telegram bot and Start
2) Enter Invitation Code 224004.
3) Join Telegram group and channel.
4) Submit your ETH Address and Email.
5) You will receive 5 #USDC ($5) tokens.
6) You can get 5 #USDC tokens for each referral.

? True financial interoperability requires a price stable means of value exchange. Therefore, many are trying to launch their own stablecoin now.

⚠️ They plan automatic withdraw tokens on 15th of November.
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