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Deal 17 Jul 2019, 10:46
Binance has launched a euro and pound fiat-to-crypto trading platform

Now you can Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies with EUR and GBP.

Users will have to pass account verification procedures (KYC) to trade on the new GBP and EUR fiat exchange.
Well done, Binance ☺️
Our team recommends you to check it out - Binance Jersey
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Deal 1 May 2019, 20:30
Amazon says AT&T, Accenture, and Nestle are all using its blockchain tools

Amazon is ramping up its blockchain services – and it’s already convinced giants like AT&T, Accenture and Nestle to use them.

The company’s cloud solutions subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced its Amazon Managed Blockchain suite is now “generally available” (whatever that means). On first glimpse, it seems that AWS is simply opening up the service to anyone interested in building “decentralized” solutions – and willing to pay for it.

It appears AWS is targeting businesses dealing with finance, logistics, retail, and energy management for the service, highlighting they can rely on it to keep an immutable record of their transactions without the need of a trusted authority.

It’s worth noting that despite these claims, Amazon still acts like a central authority of sorts in this case; the only difference is that the records will now be stored across multiple AWS servers.

The service currently comes with support for open source platforms like Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, with the exception that AWS’ Managed Blockchain can handle “thousands of applications and millions of transactions,” according to the company.

“Customers who want to allow multiple parties to execute transactions and maintain a cryptographically verifiable record of them without the need for a trusted, central authority can quickly setup a blockchain network spanning multiple AWS accounts with a few clicks,” Amazon said in a press release.

Amazon first announced its Managed Blockchain service back in November last year. Indeed, the launch came weeks after IBM opened up its own blockchain-as-a-service tools to AWS devs.
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Deal 28 Apr 2019, 13:45
Here’s how Binance Coin performed in Q1 2019

And what next for BNB?

Binance Coin (BNB) is the cryptocurrency offspring from one of the world’s largest virtual currency exchanges, Binance. The token was launched in July 2017 as an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, in its initial coin offering (ICO) it raised over $15 million for Binance.

Binance as a cryptocurrency exchange was launched in early 2017, it was the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange desk (by trading volume) by April 2018 the following year.

Binance Coin is primarily used to pay for services and fees when trading other cryptocurrencies or digital assets on Binance itself. Using BNB often grants the trader discounts over using other payment methods on the exchange, as a result, it’s often characterized as a sort of loyalty coin.

Given the size and popularity of Binance, BNB coin has continued to grow as one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies available today.

Noteable events for Binance Coin in Q1
Binance Coin was listed on a further three cryptocurrency exchanges over the first few months of the year. As a utility token for the world’s biggest exchange, the more freely it can be traded, the better it would seem.

Binance Coin was listed on Livecoin on March 21 and Bitrue on March 28, observing the charts, days after these listings the coin characteristically jumped in value. The exchange coin was also listed on Bitsten on April 2, and again, saw a noticeable price increase in the hours that followed.

Binance Coin’s inextricable links to its parent digital asset exchange, seemingly also has a positive impact for the token. At the end of March news broke that Binance would be helping over 1,300 newsagents in Australia sell Bitcoin direct to consumers with the help of “Binance Lite.” There has been no mention of Binance Lite offering BNB, but any news that’d good for Binance is also good for Binance’s native token.

BNB veterans will know that at the start of every quarter there is a coin burn, where a portion of available BNB is destroyed in the interest of encouraging positive growth for the remaining tokens by reducing the circulating supply.

Looking forward into Q2 2019 and beyond

Binance Coin has already gotten off to an excellent start in Q2, and is already setting a new high for the year at a hair under $20 per token. Indeed, given the strong start BNB has seen so far this year, and in the first few days of Q2 2019 looks like it could be a stellar year for the fledgling exchange utility token.

While a date for final roll out has not yet been announced, Binance further pushed forward with plans for its own blockchain, Binance Chain in Q1. There is no doubt that in the remaining months of the year we will hear more news about Binance’s blockchain development and eventual move to becoming a decentralized exchanged. It’s certainly a story to follow closely if you are closely interested in the performance of BNB.

Binance Coin start of Q2

Binance has established itself as one of the most profitable cryptocurrency businesses, and it seems to be displaying the same strength into 2019, with further expansions and product launches on the horizon it should only be good news for BNB holders.

If Binance is performing well, you can probably be sure that its native token will be too.
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Deal 17 Apr 2019, 09:30
eToro launches new ‘pro’ cryptocurrency exchange – and 8 stablecoins

The new platform will support trading in six cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash.

More notably, the exchange will also support trading in eight fiat-backed stablecoins.

eToro says there will be 37 different trading pairs – BTC-USD and XRP-GBP among others – between all cryptocurrencies and stablecoins offered.

The social trading firm says it plans to add more cryptocurrency assets in the near future. For the record, eToro supports investing in 15 different cryptocurrencies – including EOS, Stellar Lumens, and NEO – on its flagship platform so chances are some of these might soon surface on the new pro-trading platform, too.

As far as eToro‘s own stablecoins go, the company intends to list some of them on competing exchange desks.

“In the coming weeks and months we will add more cryptoassets, stablecoins and tokens to the exchange and will work with other exchanges to encourage them to list our growing range of stablecoins,” said Doron Rosenblum, managing director at eToroX – the entity behind the new cryptocurrency-only exchange.

“We will also be adding tokenized assets,” Rosenblum added. For those unfamiliar with the concept, tokenization refers to the process of converting the assets’ ownership rights into digital tokens, which are then available on blockchains.

“The blockchain brings transparency and a new paradigm for asset ownership,” said Assia. “In time, we will see the tokenization of all traditional asset classes, as well as the emergence of new asset classes such as tokenized art, property or even people.”

For the record, thew new exchange will be completely independent from the cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange eToro recently launched in the US. Unlike its American counterpart which aimed to provide an easy way for newbies to get involved with cryptocurrency, the new platform will cater to more experienced and sophisticated traders.

Indeed, the new pro-trading exchange won’t be available in the US and the China. It will, however, roll out in most European countries.
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Deal 14 Apr 2019, 07:49
Romanian duo convicted in US for using cryptocurrency malware-mining to steal millions

Romania cryptocurrency
Two Romanian residents have been convicted of infecting over 400,000 individual computers with malware in order to mine cryptocurrency and steal victims’ data to sell on the dark web.

The majority of the 400,000 computers Nicolescu and Miclaus hijacked reportedly belonged to US residents

Their operation began in 2007 with the creation of proprietary malware, which was then distributed using malicious emails purporting to be legitimate entities such as Western Union, Norton AntiVirus, and the IRS. The malware would then be surreptitiously installed onto their computer when recipients clicked on an attached file.

The malware would then harvest email addresses from the infected devices, and send malicious emails to those recipients.

When individuals, whose computers had been infected, visited websites such as Facebook and PayPal, or others, the defendants would intercept the request and redirect the computer to an almost identical website they had created.

They would then proceed to steal account credentials and use stolencredit card information to fund their criminal infrastructure, which included renting server space, registering domain names using fake identities.

The would also use the funds to pay for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which helped them to further conceal their identities.

Nicolescu and Miclaus also injected spoof pages into legitimate websites, making victims believe they were receiving and following instructions from licit websites, when they were actually following the defendants’ instructions.

Overall, the men placed over 1,000 fraudulent listings for automobiles, motorcycles and other high-priced goods on eBay and similar auction sites. The photos of the listed items were infected with malware, which redirected computers that clicked on the image to fictitious webpages.

The defendants made headlines in 2016 after Reuters reported they had been extradited to the United States to face charges that they operated an online fraud scheme in which they stole at least $4 million.

Nicolescu and Miclaus’ sentencing has been set for August 14.
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Deal 11 Apr 2019, 17:55
2% of companies accept Bitcoin payments

The vast majority of organizations across the globe are not using blockchain technology, according to Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey.

Some 48,175 developers responded to questions about blockchain’s adoption within organizations.

According to the findings, 80 percent of respondents said their organization was not using decentralized ledger technology, while 12.7 percent noted their company was leveraging non-currency applications of blockchain.

Additionally, 4 percent said they were implementing cryptocurrency-based products, while 2.1 percent noted they accepted Bitcoin $BTC or other coins, and tokens as payment methods.

Only 1.3 percent of respondents said they were implementing their own cryptocurrency.

Developers in India were most likely to say their companies were using blockchain technology, the results show.

What developers think
The survey also asked 60,165 developers for their opinion on the technology.

16.8 percent of developers claimed blockchain was a passing fad, while 15.6 percent said it was an irresponsible use of resources.

In contrast, 29.2 percent said the technology could prove useful across many domains and could change many aspects of peoples’ lives.

26.2 percent said it was useful for immutable record keeping outside of currency, and 12.2 percent said it was useful for decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin.

Overall, the report’s authors highlight that optimism was largely concentrated among young, less experienced developers. The more experienced a developer, the more likely they were to say blockchain was an irresponsible use of resources.

The results from this survey generally fall in line with the findings of a recent KPGM poll, which found that 67 percent of corporates were not currently using the technology.

If anything, the findings of both surveys confirm widely held opinions about the nascent state of the blockchain industry.
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Deal 6 Apr 2019, 11:47
Bosch’s new blockchain smart fridge is a pretty dumb idea 😝

Electronics giant Bosch has teamed up with Austria’s leading energy provider Wien Energie to build a cutting-edge fridge that logs where its energy comes from on the blockchain.

Wien Energie says fridge owners will also be able to control the device, view its energy consumption, and choose the energy source that powers the appliance via an app.

Putting blockchain aside, this fridge from Bosch and Wien Energie doesn’t really bring anything new to the table as far as features go. Its creators claim its main gambit is to educate owners on their energy usage and let them easily select (and change) suppliers via the blockchain.

It’s unclear on what blockchain the fridge would run – or what currency it’d use – but we’ve asked Bosch and Wien Energie for a clarification.

The fridge will also alert users if the door isn’t closed properly or is open for too long. Personally, I don’t need an app to tell me that, I had too many clips round the ear as a child to find any joy in openly gazing into the cold hazy blue light of the fridge anymore. Also, who needs their fridge opening habits permanently recorded?

Thanks to a smart contract, the fridge automatically sends micro-payments for each kilowatt-hour of electricity it consumes, the announcement states. Bosch and Wien Energie claim this creates proof of where that energy came from.

In reality though, it’s an over-complicated solution to a non-issue.

Fridges need to run round the clock, or what’s inside will go off, obviously. Changing how you power that fridge isn’t going to make that specific fridge more efficient.
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Deal 4 Apr 2019, 20:38
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Deal 4 Apr 2019, 15:24

🚀 $ 1215 in two days 🚀.

We haven’t seen such a growth of Bitcoin since April 12, 2018, that is almost a year. People started believing in cryptocurrency again, although our Deal team never stopped 😉.

The increase in $ 1215 is just great, but what can we expect next?

After such an impulse, the price will probably take a pause and we will see a stop on the daily chart. After that, most likely, Bitcoin will continue to grow. Now it’s important for a price to go at least a bit up, because it will increase the possibility of a continuing growth.

The main goal is the level of 6000$.

It is too early to talk about the opposite scenario – a possible fall from the current levels. In any case, it is necessary to wait for the stop so it will be clear what to expect next.

The most important thing is to keep the price at the current level, because such a fast rise can be a temptation for whales to go out in Fiat.

Anyway, we will keep you updated!
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Deal 4 Apr 2019, 08:14
Closing the long position on Bitcoin on Bitmox! Profit is - *587%* only in Bitcoin, in $ somewhere about x10 🔥

(Entered at 3700 with x20 leverage)

The amount is already too large to be held in an open position, and Bitcoin has grown tremendously 🏹

Now we will open another interesting position ✊

*Just managed to close before the correction at $ 5250
Deal 3 Apr 2019, 18:25
Woke up, checked Ecoinia 👀... Aah! spring is finally here, everything is green 🌿
What can I say my friends, we’re all done waiting ☀️
Deal 20 Mar 2019, 19:45
💹 Check out Energi $NRG 💹

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Key features of Energi

🔥 Strongest treasury system — greater monthly budget than Dash’s, despite being 40x smaller than Dash in marketcap.

💎 Masternodes with high ROI — 10,000 NRG are needed. Current ROI is over 100% annually.

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🛣 Will be transitioning to a smart contract platform Q3 2019

✳ Recently listed on KuCoin Exchange with more in the works

💰 Giving away 100 NRG to people who join their community via Earndrop

➡ Energi telegram:
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Deal 1 Mar 2019, 20:12
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Deal 26 Feb 2019, 11:56
CoinMarketCap, NEO Singapore, BitForex, AKG Venture BitBlock Capital to speak at Blockchain Life 2019 forum in Singapore this April 23-24.

Join Blockchain Life 2019 at Marina Bay on April 23-24 to see CEOs and Founders of NEO Singapore, BitForex, AKG Venture BitBlock Capital and to see CoinMarketCap's exclusive performance. More prominent speakers are revealed every new week, don't miss out the news and the Forum itself!

Join @blockchainlife to stay tuned!
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Deal 7 Feb 2019, 13:17
Top Global Venture Capitalist Tim Draper to participate in Blockchain Life 2019

Tim Draper - one of the most famous American technology billionaires is speaking at Blockchain Life 2019 - a 3d edition of the global forum - in Singapore this April 23-24. Tim as an early Bitcoin investor is going to share his view on the current market trends - which comes to full advantage of the numerous Blockchain Life 2019' participants.

Tim Draper (Draper Associates), Sergei Khitrov (Listing.Help and Jets Capital), Xinxi Wang (Litecoin Foundation), Salino Bo (AA Union Capital), Malcolm Tan (Gravitas Holdings), William Tan (Singapore Nem Leader), Vit Jedlička (president of Free Republic of Liberland) are to show all the possible ways on how to stay profitable and safe & sound in the current market situation.

Get your Early Bird ticket with a 60% discount before the price goes up: and join Blockchain Life 2019's telegram chat to stay updated @blockchainlife.
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Deal 5 Feb 2019, 13:09
While many crypto products have proven themselves to be worthwhile investments, other tokens and coins have indeed been scams, some of which have cost investors millions of dollars.

While this isn’t much of a risk with any of the major, better-known cryptocurrencies, anyone considering investing in a new coin or token should do thorough research before making a trade.

By understanding how a coin will operate within the market, you can determine whether or not it is a legitimate opportunity — and if it is legitimate, you can likely identify whether it will actually be a good investment.

In addition to researching market news, resources like All Crypto Whitepapers can greatly assist your investigative efforts. This site collects all documents highlighting cryptocurrencies’ technical details, marketing plans and more so you can better understand what they have to offer.

7) Prepare for volatility
No one can predict what the market will do with 100 percent accuracy — and this is perhaps truer of cryptocurrency than any other investment sector. Panicking over day to day changes in the market value won’t do you much good. You’re more likely to rush into an impulsive decision and make a trade you’ll later regret.

The stock market provides valuable lessons for handling this volatility, as global stock markets are no stranger to sudden rises and falls in pricing. As such, many traditional lessons and tips for handling volatility are just as applicable to crypto investors.
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Deal 5 Feb 2019, 13:09
7 simple tips to better understand cryptocurrency market data

2018 was a wild ride for cryptocurrencies. Despite the many ups and downs experienced by Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrency vendors, the market has proven that it is going to stick around for the long haul.

If you’re still new to the crypto investing scene, however, the sheer number of investing options — and new terminology — can feel overwhelming.

Here are some tips to get you started on the right track:

1) Know the relation between market cap and circulating supply
New cryptocurrency investors may be intimidated by the new vocabulary they need to learn and how these different terms affect pricing. For example, the “market cap” for a particular coin is used to determine the total value of coins on the market. This number is determined by multiplying the coin’s circulating supply by its current price.

The use of the circulating supply, rather than the total supply, is an important distinction. For a variety of reasons, some coins are not available on the public market. Because they aren’t available for trading, they are not counted toward price considerations or the market cap.

2) Keep up with current market conditions
You can read articles debating the pros and cons of various cryptocurrencies, but current market data will always be the most reliable source for identifying trends and making smarter trading decisions.

Fortunately, there are several websites dedicated to providing up-to-the-minute updates regarding changes in price, supply and market cap. Coincap, CoinMarketCap, and CryptoCompare are just a few examples of resources that help investors stay up to date on current prices. Data that is updated in real-time is paired with charts tracking changes over 24-hour and seven-day periods to give investors a better idea of current trends.

3) Follow the leaders
Even when you have real-time data available, making a trading decision based on a “top 100 cryptocurrencies” list can be intimidating.

However, when this data is paired with guidance from top investors, you can have greater confidence in your decisions and even learn a few extra pointers along the way.

Sites like eToro utilize what is known as a “social trading” program that allows top investors to share their knowledge and trading practices.

4) Diversification is vital for success
As with traditional investment opportunities, diversification is essential if you wish to come out a financial winner in cryptocurrencies. With a more diversified portfolio, you reduce your overall risk, especially if you invest in coins and tokens that service different sectors.

This also means you should continue to invest in non-crypto spheres. These practices maximize your potential return while alleviating the risk should a particular coin or stock go under.

5) Understand which factors influence pricing
What causes cryptocurrency prices to rise and fall? Though supply and demand certainly play a role, crypto investors should carefully consider the perceived utility of a cryptocurrency. If a coin is perceived as having several practical applications, it will be more highly sought-after, and therefore, increase in price.

As MyCryptopedia explains, mining difficulty is another major factor that affects pricing: “A higher mining difficulty means that it is harder to mine an additional unit of a coin. This can have an impact on a coin’s perceived value, and subsequently, its price, as increasing a coin’s supply will require more computing power to be used in the mining process.”

Savvy investors should also pay attention to news headlines regarding different coins and tokens. Positive or negative articles will often have a direct correlation on future pricing trends.

6) Research individual coins and tokens
Cryptocurrencies have frequently been called out as nothing more than a scam by skeptical individuals.
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Deal 3 Feb 2019, 11:55
Here’s what you need to know about security token offerings (STOs)

For one, it's not an ICO

It might seem like the initial coin offering (ICO) boom is over, but there have been whispers of a new kid on the block. The security token offering or STO. Some believe that ICOs are a thing of the past and all future blockchain-based fundraising will be issued as a form of security.

It’s probably high time that we get our heads around what securities are and how STOs are different from ICOs. This episode of Hard Fork Basics is going to try to answer those questions, but first, a bit of background.

What even is a security?
Before we go looking into what a security token might be, let’s take a look at what a financial security is in its own right.

Put simply, a security is a financial contract that can be traded. More specifically in the US, an asset is considered a security if money is invested, the investor expects profit, the investment is made into a business (common enterprise), and the profit generated is not directly influenced by the investor’s actions.

But here’s the thing, many financial instruments can be classed as “securities,” and specifically what is classed as a security depends on where you are in the world. It can get very confusing.

Generally speaking, in the US securities are either debt securities, like bonds, equity securities, like stocks, or derivatives, like futures contracts. In the UK though, the list is even more extensive and includes pensions, warrants, government securities, and debentures.

Despite the varied definitions of what a security is, there are some basic similarities. should have monetary value, and they should be tradable. It’s common for securities to have contractual rights attached, like shares in a company. Most of all, they should be registered with a financial authority in the country they are issued.

Decentralization is a headache
These contextual rules don’t exactly fit with the nature of cryptographic tokens and ICOs. Digital assets can be offered all over the world without formal registration, aren’t always tradable, and do not come with any legal rights for token holders attached.

But STOs promise something a little different. The “S” in STO suggests that the token follows a strict legal framework designed to protect investors and ensure complete clarity over what is being offered.

In principle, STOs should follow the legal framework that other securities have to follow, but there is still huge ambiguity over whether digital assets and tokens should be considered securities. Financial regulators still have some catching up to do.

In some cases though, like in Beijing, security tokens have already been deemed illegal. In Beijing all financial fundraising must be approved by the government, so you’re likely to get caught short if you try to run an STO as it’s basically no different from an ICO.

Not all STOs will be alike
Perhaps most importantly to note, is that not every STO will be created equally. Depending on where it is being offered and the legislation it has been subject to, it will be dramatically different in terms of risk as an investment.

In Europe, the “small offering exemption” means any security offering looking to raise less than €8 million doesn’t have to issue an approved prospectus. The prospectus is where the offering company discloses key financial details about the fundraising efforts, how they will be done, and investors liabilities.

In the US securities also can only be offered to accredited investors. In short, to be an accredited investor you must either earn over $200,000 per annum, or your net worth must exceed one million dollars. So in the US at least, properly regulated STOs will be out of most people’s reach.

Before you go diving into the – still yet to be truly regulated – world of STOs ask yourself if what you’re looking at really is any different from an ICO.
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Deal 2 Feb 2019, 18:54
Welcome to the longest Bitcoin bear market in history

Take that, 2013 to 2015!

You are in the most intense Crypto Winter ever felt.

By the end of today, we will have survived more straight days (411) of falling Bitcoin value than at any other point in its 10-year history.

The previous record for downward price movement in cryptocurrency was the stretch between November’s end 2013 and mid-January 2015, when Bitcoin‘s price fell from $1,100 to just $200.

For reference, the price of Bitcoin peaked halfway through December 2017, when it briefly soared past $19,000. It has been dropping ever since.

Do you remember what the bull market felt like?
Congratulations – you’re still here.
This bear market has caused so many casualties. Blockchain startups like ConsenSys, STEEM, Ethereum Classic, and most recently NEM, have all used the Bitcoin bear/boogeyman to explain away their failure to make necessary return on investment.

The thing is, nobody knows how long this nightmare will continue, although there have been some estimated guesses.

One group of cryptocurrency analysts studied how often Bitcoins are moved, and concluded we are most probably in the final phase of the bear market.

This means we could soon enter a long accumulation period (where Bitcoin bulls start to collect as much Bitcoin as possible.)

Goddamn, they had better be right.
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