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CryptoMaker 13 Mar 2018, 15:13
What's your place in crypto world? Choose one answer!

▪️ 6% (5) I’m an experienced trader

▫️ 22% (16) I’m a beginner trader, and I’m already making money on trading

▪️ 47% (34) I’m a beginner trader, but I haven’t had any profit yet

▫️ 8% (6) I know a lot about cryptocurrency, but I haven’t invested into it yet

▪️ 15% (11) I know nothing about cryptocurrency and trading. Help me, please!🙏
👥 72 - всего голосов
5 I’m an experienced trader
16 I’m a beginner trader, and I’m a...
34 I’m a beginner trader, but I hav...
6 I know a lot about cryptocurrenc...
11 I know nothing about cryptocurre...
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CryptoMaker 13 Mar 2018, 11:24
If you are trading, you should have heard about signals many times. And we are shure, that you’ve met negative points of view as well. Why? Because the term “signal” was spoiled by PUMP-channels, which make profit due to naïve subscribers. Usually coin’s rate goes down drastically right after the “signal” – so, subscribers just don’t have enough time for purchasing. As a result, people lose their funds.

🤔So, how to distinguish pump signals from reliable trading recommendations?

👎Pump channels recommend buying coins with low liquidity and small trading volume. Usually admins purchase the currency in advance, and only after that they give signals for their subscribers, making a profit with and artificial growth of a rate (which decreases quickly after the signal is given).

👍Valuable signals are based on professional technical and fundamental analysis. The liquidity of recommended coins is high enough, so anyone can enter the position. In Cryptomaker club such signals are being produced by the whole team of professionals, who select for you the best ways to invest in the whole market!

More info about Cryptomaker signals is here ➡️
For the connection to signals contact our managers ➡️ @cmpremiumbot
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CryptoMaker 13 Mar 2018, 08:59
📢 What’s new in the world of cryptocurrency? Let’s check the most important news!🔻

🔸It was announced that Nobuaki Kobayashi, the Mt Gox exchange trustee, sold $400 million of bitcoin and bitcoin cash over January and February to pay off creditors. He still has another 166,00 bitcoin to sell - currently worth $1.6 billion - but because the sale is unlikely to happen until September this year, it could mean the return of a bull market, according to one investment firm boss.

🔹Coinbase releases cryptocurrency tax calculator. The U.S cryptocurrency exchange is easing the crypto tax procedure with a new automatic gain/loss tool.

🔸Coincheck starts crypto hack refunds and allows limited trading. Based on the compensation plan, users will see a combined payout of $420 million.

🔹80% of companies are interested in Bitcoin transactions, survey finds.

💰Cryptocurrency rates: top-10 coins🔝
📈Bitcoin $9404.69 -2.23 %
📈Ethereum $709.83 -2.44 %
📈Ripple $0.80 -2.37 %
📈Bitcoin Cash $1086.87 -2.60 %
📈Litecoin $180.99 -3.57 %
📈Cardano $0.2275 2.33 %
📉NEO $88.01 -3.62 %
📈Stellar Lumens $0.30 -0.88 %
📈EOS $5.92 -2.97 %
📈Monero $265.16 -5.41 %

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CryptoMaker 12 Mar 2018, 17:46
The mystery of Bitcoin’s fall is revealed!

🌋7th of March, a sensational report was published on the official website of MtGox exchange. According the given info, Noubaki Kobayashi, the trustee of MtGox, has sold sold $400 million in both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash since September 2017. 💬Kobayashi said that he has a further $1.9 billion worth of bitcoins to sell, but as the exchange owed creditors around $414 million after the bankruptcy, it’s unclear whether more will be sold.

Mark Karpelès, former CEO of MtGox, reported that all the currency was sold during the period from December, 2017 till February, 2018. That’s exactly the same time, when Bitcoin’s rate decreased by almost 70%.📈

MT Gox’s bitcoin addresses are well known as blockchain detectives spent months analyzing them. One such address shows 2,000 bitcoin held by the trustee were moved on December 18th. On that very day, bitcoin’s price stood at $19,000, briefly fell to $18,000, and then continued to fall in subsequent days:
▪️22th of December there were sold 6000 bitcoins.
▪️17th of January there were sold 8000 bitcoins.
▪️31th of January there were sold 6000 bitcoins.
▪️5th of February there were sold 6000 bitcoins. (

➡️The bitcoin sell-off therefore appears to have been specific to the coin as the sale of half a billion would have placed significant pressure on the price. Which means this is arguably the fourth time now that MT Gox crashes bitcoin. The first time was in 2011 when MT Gox was hacked out of some half a million bitcoins.

And some good news: the court prohibited Noubaki Kobayashi to sell the rest of his bitcoins till the end of September, 2018. And, for sure, this will have a positive effect on Bitcoin’s rate. Let the justice happen!
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CryptoMaker 12 Mar 2018, 13:33
​​+32% for 1 week!🔥🚀

Just as we predicted, #STORJ tokens attracted a lot of attention despite of the total market correction. The developers of the project are showing a good public activity, gaining a lot of interest from investors. As the result we can see the fast growth of its rate! 📉

⬆️Our VIP-signal to purchase Storj coins was given on 4th March. Congrats to our subscribers, who followed the recommendation and gained the profit! 👍

For the access to trading signals contact our managers ➡️ @cmpremiumbot
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CryptoMaker 12 Mar 2018, 13:33
Репост из: CryptoMaker Premium
#STORJ #BitTrex #ShortMid-term
BUY 0.00009400
STOPLOSS 0.00007400

TARGET 1 0.00010500
+11.70% Profit
TARGET 2 0.00011500
+22.34% Profit
TARGET 3 0.00012500
+32.98% Profit

Recommended volume – about 2%
CryptoMaker 12 Mar 2018, 11:43
CryptoMaker 12 Mar 2018, 09:34
📢Let’s start the week with green colors all over the charts. Below there is a list of most interesting crypto news for today🔻

🔹Much to the relief of crypto traders there has been a rebound in the cryptocurrency market overnight on Sunday. With gains being seen across the board, the entire value of the cryptocurrency market has recovered to US$391.8 billion

🔸The Gemini exchange, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the US, could soon offer Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as a form of trade.

🔹Binance exchange is offering a $250,000 equivalent bounty on the arrest of the hackers involved in the March 7th incident.

🔸Chinese cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain is developing facilities in US.

🔹Monero-V hard fork is postponed to April 30.

💰Cryptocurrency rates: top-10 coins🔝
📉Bitcoin $9616.47 +8.33 %
📉Ethereum $726.81 +4.30 %
📉Ripple $0.82 +1.83 %
📉Bitcoin Cash $1120.24 +10.96 %
📉Litecoin $187.63 +4.13 %
📉NEO $91.48 +6.66 %
📉Cardano $0.2224 +7.48 %
📉Stellar Lumens $0.30 +2.83 %
📉Monero $280.79 +8.28 %
📉EOS $6.10 +3.64 %

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CryptoMaker 12 Mar 2018, 07:36
The solution to end cryptocurrency hacks is found

➡️Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, presented a Blockchain scaling solution called Plasma Cash, an even “more scalable” version of an existing solution called Plasma. To explain the Plasma Cash model, Buterin gives the example that if a user deposits some amount of ether to a crypto exchange or any third party service, a Plasma coin would be created with the same value of ether and a unique ID that cannot be merged or split.

➡️Since each Plasma coin has an owner, the coins are not fully fungible or interchangeable: no one can take another user’s coin without the owner of the coin being alerted. In this case, the coin’s owner would prevent the potential fraudulent withdrawal through the “complaint system” by showing their “proof data” for their coin’s history.

➡️Buterin notes that even if a hack occurs on an exchange using Plasma Cash, users will not lose their money: 💬“Regardless of what happens in the exchange, users can run their money through the Plasma exit procedure and get their money out.”

Would you invest in such a project?
✅ 124
⭕️ 7
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CryptoMaker 11 Mar 2018, 13:49
CryptoMaker 11 Mar 2018, 13:49
Bitcoin is falling, but lot of altcoins still bring a good profit in short- and mid- term trading
. 📉​💲​

One of the examples: NEM (#XEM). ⬇️During 10 days since we made a VIP-signal to purchase it, the coin’s rate has increased by almost 12% - not bad for such a volatile time like now!
CryptoMaker 11 Mar 2018, 13:28
​​B​​itcoin is falling, but lot of altcoins still bring a good profit in short- and mid- term trading
. 📉​💲​

One of the examples: NEM (#XEM). ⬆️During 10 days since we made a VIP-signal to purchase it, the coin’s rate has increased by almost 12% - not bad for such a volatile time like now!
CryptoMaker 11 Mar 2018, 13:25
Репост из: CryptoMaker Premium
#XEM #BitTrex #ShortMid-term
BUY 0.00003500
STOPLOSS 0.00003200

TARGET 1 0.00003600
+2.86% Profit
TARGET 2 0.00003700
+5.71% Profit
TARGET 3 0.00003900
+11.43% Profit

Recommended volume - about 2%
CryptoMaker 11 Mar 2018, 10:44
Monero-V hard fork is postponed

Due to growing demand and growing expectations from users, trading platforms and extensive mineral pools, MoneroV has decided that the Snapshot date will be postponed to April 30, block 1564965 to facilitate requests for third-party services.

➡️Remind you: after the hard fork there will be a new currency: MoneroV (XMV). All the holders of Monero (XMR) will get new coins in the ratio of 1 XMR = 10 XMV. As developers state, new currency will improve privacy and will solve the problems with scalability. The emission will be limited – 256 million coins. To get XMV for free you need to store XMR in one of official wallets or at the exchanges, which support the hard fork.

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CryptoMaker 11 Mar 2018, 08:10
📈 What causes a fall of prices in crypto market more than anything else? The answer is FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

Entire populations move money in and out of crypto based on mainstream news sharing select stories. 📊This week was no different with rumors circulating that Binance was possibly hacked, although they have repeatedly stated all funds are safe. One of the largest exchanges in the world possibly having been hacked coupled with the SEC reiterating their involvement in the crypto space caused significant panic this week.

❗️However, with panic come the perfect buying opportunities. This was a week filled with FUD regarding the future of crypto which is precisely what those purchasing enormous quantities want happening as they stock up.
And which currency to purchase during the correction? Within CryptomakerPremium channel we continue to share 3-6 expert trading signals daily! Our recommendations are based on the fundamental analysis and valuable insider data. ▶️Learn more about trading with signals ▶️
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CryptoMaker 10 Mar 2018, 11:23
📢What’s going on in the crypto world while you’re enjoying your weekend? Some interesting news for you🔻

🔸Crypto market is going back to green after a nosedive. By Friday afternoon, Bitcoin Friday were as low as $8,700 on some exchanges. Observers attributed the correction to several factors, including issues at cryptocurrency exchange Binance, a warning from SEC about exchange compliance and a report from the trustee of Mt Gox revealing that some $400 million in bitcoin and bitcoin cash had been liquidated over a several-month period.

🔹Hacked Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck will return stolen funds to customers “by the end of next week.”

🔸US Congress will discuss ICOs in hearing next week.

🔹Dutch finance minister calls for ICO regulations.

💰Crypto rates: top-10 coins🔝

📉Bitcoin $9444.17 +7.31 %📉Ethereum $735.08 +8.80 %
📉Ripple $0.85 +8.78 %
📉Bitcoin Cash $1062.72 +9.24 %
📉Litecoin $191.13 +15.39 %
📉NEO $92.58 +10.05 %
📉Stellar Lumens $0.32 +11.77 %
📉Cardano $0.2218 +11.16 %
📉Monero $293.34 +14.63 %
📉EOS $6.30 +12.40 %

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CryptoMaker 10 Mar 2018, 08:59
Репост из: CryptoMaker Premium
Maybe, for crypto market in total this week was not the lucky one… But traders of our VIP-channel didn’t notice so much problems, as the total weekly profit made with our recommendations amounts 206.66%. 🔥🔥🔥
Let’s check all the coins we recommended to purchase and maximal rates reached after the signals were given🔻

🗓 MARTH, 9 - Total profit = 4.12%
#LTC 1.90%
#BAY 2.22%

🗓 MARTH, 8 - Total profit = 8.77%
#ADX 8.77%

🗓 MARTH, 7 - Total profit = 55.18%
#STRAT 1.23%
#WAVES 18.58%
#TRX 2.25%
#SNM -2.34%
#EDO 22.73%
#IOP 12.73%

🗓 MARTH, 6 - Total profit = 40.88%
#RLC 36.04%
#GRC 4.84%

🗓 MARTH, 5 - Total profit = 72.53%
#VEN 13.83%
#TRX 3.41%
#WINGS 10.88%
#SYS 8.05%
#SRN 36.36%

🗓 MARTH, 4 - Total profit = 16.65%
#STEEM 0.63%
#ARK 4.32%
#STORJ 11.70%

🗓 MARTH, 3 - Total profit = 8.38%
#ENG 0.00%
#STRAT -3.48%
#ADA 6.65%
#XMR 5.21%
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CryptoMaker 10 Mar 2018, 08:13
📚5 must-known facts about Cardano🔻
What an investor should know about one of top-10 tokens:

1️⃣Cardano is developing a smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed.

2️⃣The team is building Cardano with both the end-user and regulators in mind. They’re attempting to find a middle ground that balances the need for regulation with the privacy and decentralization principles at the core of blockchain technology.

3️⃣The Cardano (ADA) tokens were first listed on Bittrex. At that time, prices were listed at $0.02 and today the same tokens trade at $0.11. The change would represent a 450% growth rate in just over two months, and that alone should be encouraging.

4️⃣Cardano cryptocurrency is developed by 3 different organizations: The Cardano Foundation, Emurgo and IOHK. The team behing Cardano is very strong with big names including Charles Hoskinson, which was co-founder and former CEO of Ethereum.

5️⃣The Cardano ICO took place in four stages between September 2015 and January 2017. A total of 26 billion tokens of the 45 billion total supply were sold during the token sale. Cardano raised a total of $63 million USD through the sale.

Would you invest in Cardano? Press✅ for "yes" and🚫 for "no"
✅ 141
⭕️ 28
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CryptoMaker 9 Mar 2018, 16:34
​​⚡️+60% for 3 days since the VIP signal to purchase #SRN was given – and the coin’s rate continue to grow!⚡️ That’s one more evidence, that promising projects attract investors even when most of crypto market is in red. 👌And our job is to analyze and select such projects!

To get VIP-access to crypto signals send your request ➡️ @cmpremiumbot
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CryptoMaker 9 Mar 2018, 13:30
❔What are the major factors that influence BTC price?

Satoshi Nakamoto himself said that bitcoin mining is like gold mining. And it was not just beautiful words. The fact is that the value of gold is determined by its rarity and supply. These qualities - rarity and supply - determine the price of bitcoin in exactly same way.

Essentially bitcoin is a set of digits derived from a set of mathematical operations. The resources that are expended for mining are included in its cost. It's not only the cost of electricity, but also investments in equipment for mining and the cost of transactions. The more bitcoins are made, the harder is to mine next ones. Therefore, these indicators will only grow with time.

The release of bitcoins is limited - there will be produced only 21 million coins. This will lead to a reduction of miners (there will remain node operators and other infrastructure servicing people), as well as to reduction of the numbers of bitcoin. This will happen because people will lose the keys to their wallets, die and don't tell nobody the passwords. When number of bitcoins become less, it's value will only become higher.

But the most important factor affecting the price of bitcoin is consumer demand, the fact that people are ready to pay fiat money and other material goods for it. The same is with gold: it’s valuable, because one day long ago people decided this way.

📊Get accurate trading signals and expert recommendations from professional traders. Info👉
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