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Cryptomadcap 2 Jan, 17:28
All eyes on ETH 👀
Cryptomadcap 2 Jan, 17:28
Cryptomadcap 5 Sep 2020, 15:10
BTC analysis

I believe we are not done with this pullback until the CME Gap is filled

The 200-Day EMA is coming right there + the declining resistance trendline from last year’s high

A retest of that area will be pretty textbook

💭 It’s just a pullback inside a bigger bullish structure
Cryptomadcap 5 Sep 2020, 15:10
Cryptomadcap 2 Sep 2020, 17:39

BUY : 0.00020000 - 21500

Target 1 : 0.00027500
Target 2 : 0.00034000
Target 3 : 0.00048000

Stop Loss : 0.00006800
Cryptomadcap 27 Jul 2020, 12:56
⚠️Time to be cautious since there is a TD-9 Sell on the Daily BTC chart

📌This indicator has been pretty accurate at calling local tops resulting into 5-20% pullbacks

If we don’t manage to close above the resistance level today, this will look like a perfect top

In addition, there’s a decent gap on CME BTC Futures at 9925-9645 + Funding on BitMEX is pretty high, which incentivises a Long Squeeze
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Cryptomadcap 27 Jul 2020, 12:56
Cryptomadcap 8 May 2020, 06:35
Cryptomadcap 17 Apr 2020, 12:14
BTC 4h update

That declining trendline on the RSI played its role again! We bounced off of it and now trading above all moving averages

The struggle is currently the mid line of the channel. If we manage to break above it, new local highs here we go

📌Don’t forget there’s a pretty big CME Gap right at the top of the channel
Cryptomadcap 17 Apr 2020, 12:14
Cryptomadcap 27 Feb 2020, 15:48
ETH update

ETHUSD reached two levels of interest ($225 & $210) that we pointed out on February 12th and bounced off of EMA50. Those were great levels to buy some ETH.

Ethereum looks good as well as BTC
Cryptomadcap 27 Feb 2020, 15:48
Cryptomadcap 21 Feb 2020, 12:06

BUY : 0.00000240 - 255

Target 1 : 0.00000290🎯✔️(first target achieved)
Target 2 : 0.00000340
Target 3 : 0.00000420

Stop Loss : 0.00000210
Cryptomadcap 19 Feb 2020, 15:15

BUY : 0.00000240 - 255

Target 1 : 0.00000290
Target 2 : 0.00000340
Target 3 : 0.00000420

Stop Loss : 0.00000210
Cryptomadcap 6 Feb 2020, 05:35
​BTC 8h

👉Look at the BitMEX Funding rate! It hasn’t been so high since late Oct. 2019. That’s definitely the reason for the bulls to be very cautious.

📌The price has been moving in an upward channel since the beginning of 2020. As of right now it looks like we got rejected by the mid line. Combining this with the unprecedentedly positive funding (and don’t forget about the rocket fuel ⛽️ that’s still waiting for its moment do add extra momentum to move up/down - $1B+ Open Interest) the picture does not look quite good for the bulls at all. We may visit the channel’s support (at least) if we do not break the mid line.
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Cryptomadcap 6 Feb 2020, 05:35
Cryptomadcap 3 Jan 2020, 21:31
​What a start of the year for Bitcoin!

Look at the hash rate. On the first day of 2020 BTC hash rate hit a new all-time high! That is impressive

Dec. 17, 2017: BTC price - $19.6k
Hash Rate - 14,630,524 TH/s

Jan. 1, 2020: BTC price - $7.2k
Hash Rate - 119,353,780 TH/s

💡The hash rate is incredible, because from the all-time high of 20k to today the hash rate is up more than by 700%. Could you think of anything more fundamentally bullish for BTC than the hash rate being 700% more than it was at BTC all-time high?
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Cryptomadcap 3 Jan 2020, 21:31
Cryptomadcap 25 Dec 2019, 09:05
🎄With Christmas around the corner, it is time to engage in celebrations. May Santa Claus bring happiness, success and glory to you. May you and your family be blessed with a wonderful time and a great year ahead.

Merry Christmas! 🎅
Cryptomadcap 24 Dec 2019, 04:32
​BTC weekly chart

The weekly candle closed like a bullish hammer and the price even managed to close above MA50. EMA100 held the price and that long wick below it is pretty bullish. It looks like a reversal, but here is the thing:

Look at that poor volume of that weekly hammer candle. It’s not even close to what we had on the week of Nov. 25 when we established the ultimate low at that time.

💡This fact suggests that this can be nothing more than a relief rally within a downward channel.

📌What can prevent it from being a failed rally attempt is breaking above the top of the downward channel and obviously creating a higher high.
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