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When trading cryptocurrency, you have to understand the main principles of liquidity 🤔 Today we are going to talk about its importance.

First of all, what is liquidity ❓ Liquidity refers to how easily an asset can be bought or sold at a stable price on a given market. The faster you can sell off an asset as close to your asking price as possible, the more liquid an exchange is supposed to be 👇

Why is it important?

🔹 Stability
The more liquid a market is, the more stable it is. To execute a large trade, you need to move through the order book, raising or lowering the overall price of the asset. In this case, not only does the trader experience high slippage, but the asset itself is seen to be more volatile. A more liquid asset is more stable on an individual trade as well as on the market as a whole.

🔹 Manipulation resistance
With pseudonymous players from all around the world and little regulatory framework, crypto markets have a long history of price manipulation. An illiquid market can allow a single large actor or group of actors to manipulate the price for their benefit, while more liquid assets and exchanges are much more resistant to this kind of manipulation.

🔹 Transaction time
When something is said to be easily in the market, it has to be essentially fast! It is convenient to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies of your choice in a liquid market as the orders will be quickly fulfilled because of a demand and a proportionally health supply.

🔹 Fair price
A marketplace with high trading activity will ensure or rather force sellers to sell at competitive prices and buyers will bid at higher prices. This creates an equilibrium which is to be equitable for all the parties’ involved. The stability of that equilibrium is one of the greatest indicators of market stability. The most direct implication of market stability is a fair price.

🔹 Trading Volume
A lot of people who hold cryptocurrencies invest and trade coins for price increase instead of using them just as a medium of exchange. Volume refers to the number of coins which have been traded in exchanges in the past 24 hours. It reflects the market activity of a particular coin, a higher volume shows that more and more people are buying and selling these coins.

Do you know any other advantages of liquidity? 😎
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When it comes down to our users, we always do our best to make the platform up-to-date and user-friendly 😎 Today we are delighted to announce the referral program on Cryptology.

What referral fees can you earn?
😲 20% Spot Exchange
😲 50% Futures

What do you need to do?
👉 Get a referral link.
🤗 Invite your friends (as many as you want).
💸 Earn unlimited referral fees.

Take part and get rewards for using the platform and inviting new users 💥
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It’s Monday. So it’s time to have a look at what happened last week and which news is on the agenda this week 👇

1️⃣ Stocks, Greed and Exuberance: 5 Things to Watch in Bitcoin This Week
❓ What does it mean ❓ Bitcoin (BTC) begins Monday by avoiding another test of $9,000, but what could happen to change the mood or even set off a bull run?

2️⃣ Ethereum Blasts Bitcoin In Terms Of New Active Addresses Since The Start Of 2020
❓ What does it mean ❓ Ethereum has seen its active addresses count explode by nearly 150% since the start of the year. Its addresses are also massively outperforming Bitcoin’s despite being up by 50% YTD.

3️⃣ Bitcoin and Altcoins Hesitate Ahead of Next Move
❓ What does it mean ❓ This past week, bitcoin price failed to surpass the main USD 9,500 resistance region. As a result, there was a downside correction below USD 9,300 and USD 9,200. The price is currently trading in a range above USD 9,200 and it might attempt another upside break above the USD 9,500 resistance.

What do you think? 😎

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🚀 24h Price Changes 🚀

$BTC: 9280 ⬆️ + 0.49%
$ETH: $240.6 ⬆️ + 0.4%
$XRP: $0.2 ⬆️ + 0.71%
$BCH: $237.6 ⬆️ + 0.49%
$LTC: $44.9 ⬆️ + 1.23%

🚀 Cryptology Futures Contracts 🚀

$BTC: $9352 ⬆️

Take part in the Cryptology Trading Competition and win up to $9000 🤑

🔥 Weekly competitions with 10 winners and prize fund of $3700.
🔥 Total competition with 10 winners and prize fund of $23,000.
🔥 6 additional achievements for traders.

The more profit you get — the more chances to win 🚀

Go trading 👉
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‼️ ⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️ ‼️

There will be maintenance on the Cryptology platform, today at 3 p.m. UTC.

The platform will be unavailable for 30 minutes due to internal improvements.
Hey, psst, are you trading? Try to trade with us and take your chance to win an iPhone! 💥

The young Cryptology Exchange is raffling off the iPhone 11 Pro:

Are you with us? Click and earn 👇
It’s Monday. So it’s time to have a look at what might happen this week 👇

1️⃣ Bitcoin Realized Volatility Last Did This Right Before 2018 Sell-Off
❓ What does it mean ❓ Bitcoin (BTC) could be heading for a repeat of its late 2018 sell-off, data warns as realized volatility reaches almost three-year highs. Uploading fresh charts on July 6, on-chain analyst Skew drew concerning comparisons to Bitcoin in its 2018 bear market.

2️⃣ Bitcoin Gains $350 Intraday as Stock Futures in Green: Monday’s Price Watch
❓ What does it mean ❓ Bitcoin was trading in a tight range over the past range, but the last few hours were marked with notable volatility. The price tumbled to $8,893 on Binance, but it bounced back to $9,240, charting gains of about $350. This happened as futures for legacy market indices and stocks are also trading in the green with slight increases of about 1%.

3️⃣ A New Price Valuation Model Says $10,670 Fair Value For Bitcoin
❓ What does it mean ❓ Seba, a Switzerland based bank, is proposing a Bitcoin valuation model that places its fair value at $10,670. At this price, the model suggests Bitcoin is trading at a significant discount, at just above $9,100.

What do you think? 😎

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🚀 24h Price Changes 🚀

$BTC: 9050 ⬇️ - 0.24%
$ETH: $225.4 ⬇️ - 0.39%
$XRP: $0.17 ⬇️ - 1.04%
$BCH: $220.3 ⬇️ - 0.97%
$LTC: $41.5 ⬇️ - 0.41%

🚀 Cryptology Futures Contracts 🚀

$BTC: $9072 ⬇️

‼️ ⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️ ‼️

There will be maintenance on the Cryptology platform, today at 5 p.m. UTC.

The platform will be unavailable for 30 minutes due to internal improvements.
It’s time to have a look at what might happen this week 👇

1️⃣ Bitcoin Price Must Flip This Level Into Support to Avoid a Drop to $7.4K
❓ What does it mean ❓ Over the weekend Bitcoin price (BTC) dropped below $9,000 for the second time in 7 days but the weekly close was relatively uneventful. Buyers quickly stepped in to buy the dip at the $8,800 support on June 27, but the price is pushing toward $9,100.

2️⃣ Bitcoin Continues to Fight for $9,000 As Altcoins Recover Slightly
❓ What does it mean ❓ Thе weekend was rather exciting for Bitcoin’s price as it finally made a decision and broke out of a rather tight trading range. Meanwhile, the majority of the large-cap cryptocurrencies are recovering slightly from yesterday’s price drop.

And some cool new for BTC traders.
3️⃣ Crypto Research Report Predicts $397K Bitcoin Price by 2030
❓ What does it mean ❓ A new report from a crypto research group suggests that the price of Bitcoin could approach $400,000 in the next ten years, with altcoins following its bullish example.
Sounds great, right? What do you think? 😎

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🚀 24h Price Changes 🚀

$BTC: 9081 ⬇️- 0.86%
$ETH: $223.8 ⬇️ - 2.57%
$XRP: $0.17 ⬇️ - 2.5%
$BCH: $220.3 ⬇️ - 4.17%
$LTC: $41.3 ⬇️ - 3.11%

🚀 Cryptology Futures Contracts 🚀

$BTC: $9189 ⬇️

Let’s be honest, understanding and trading crypto can quite difficult. Today we are going to speak about some mistakes that beginners and even experienced trader make 😎

Mistake 1️⃣ When you trade without a stop loss.
Beginning traders usually trade emotionally, which manifests in refusing to accept their losses. The most important skill that a trader must have is the ability to accept a loss and move on to the next trade. Failure to do this is the main reason traders lose money. You have to set a stop loss, and do not move it when the trade goes against you.

Mistake 2️⃣ When you trade worthless cryptocurrencies.
Until 2016, BTC was the only crypto in town. Today, there are more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies. Some of them are very promising, but some are just worthless. You have to be careful so that you do not fall victim to the pump and dump common to these altcoins.

Mistake 3️⃣ When you don’t understand the difference.
Keep in mind that investing and trading are different things! Investors average down positions in fundamentally sound assets with a long time horizon. Traders have defined levels of risk and invalidation for their trades. When their stop loss hits, the trade has been invalidated and they should move on to another asset.

Mistake 4️⃣ When you fail to keep a trading journal.
Successful traders have a plan. The only way to do this is by recording the details of a trade. This is the best way to learn and avoid repeating trading mistakes. Keep a journal, where you will put all the information about the prices, charts and even your emotional state, and refer back to it.

Mistake 5️⃣ When you risk more than you can afford to lose.
In crypto trading, people are drawn to the idea of earning a lot of money by being in the right place at the right time. As a result, they go all-in on crypto, risking everything on what can be a lottery ticket, especially if we speak about some unknown currencies.

Have you ever made any of these mistakes? 🤔

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🔥 It's no secret that Cryptology is a great platform for trading futures. And today we want to share our updates and functionality with you!

Now you can trade two different types of futures: perpetual futures and expiration futures.

📌 Perpetual futures are futures contracts that do not expire, which means you may hold a position for an indefinite period of time and close the position at any time.
📌 On the contrary, expiration futures can be traded for a specific amount of time. This contract then expires and cannot be traded anymore.

Here you will find different pairs, such as:

Moreover, we have updated the platform by adding some layouts. Now you can simultaneously follow trading charts for the latest price data 📈📉

We want to continue developing and do our best to make the platform convenient for you 😎
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It’s time to have a look at some main news of the week 👇

1️⃣ Bitcoin Price Analysis: Decision Time Facing Now Huge Resistance Area – Hidden Divergence?
❓ What does it mean ❓ Over the past two days, Bitcoin (BTC) price maintained the same $9200 – $9500 trading area that followed its price action for quite some time. BTC is known for its volatility and does not tend to stay at one place for long, or trade at a tight range of 3-4% for days already.

2️⃣ Ethereum Price Analysis: Bullish Trend Intact But ETH Is Testing Critical Support
❓ What does it mean ❓ Ethereum remains above the rising trend line, which is a very good sign. However, the bullish momentum does seem to be fading slightly as the RSI dips beneath the 50 line. This rising support trend line will be crucial to remain above to keep the ETH bull run intact.

3️⃣ Analysts Say Bitcoin Breakout Imminent: Silver-like Suppression, $5 Trillion in Cash Could Flow Into BTC
❓ What does it mean ❓ A number of venture capitalists and macro investors believe bitcoin’s price will break out soon following suit with gold’s recent climactic rise. Dan Tapeiro, cofounder of Gold Bullion International, thinks that $4.6 trillion in cash sitting on the sidelines right now, could very well flow into precious metals and crypto-asset markets.

What do you think? 😎

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