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Trading gaps: how to make money on them 💰

While looking for a profitable trading strategy, you have probably come across such a thing as a "gap".

How the gap trading algorithm works and what mistakes traders make when using this strategy?

Read our new article!

🚀 Cryptology Futures Contracts 🚀

$BTC: $31806 ⬇️
$ETH: $1330 ⬆️
$EOS: $2.7 ⬇️
$MKR: $1418 ⬆️
$SNX: $16.35 ⬆️
$TRX: $0.0297 ⬆️
$XLM: $0.27 ⬇️
$YFI: $32415 ⬇️
$BCH: $430.8 ⬆️
$LTC: $137.6 ⬇️
$ZEC: $90.8 ⬆️

What affects the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency rate?

Newsfeeds are often full of headlines about cryptocurrency volatility. At the same time, there are frequent rises and falls in prices by 40% or more in just a few days. What actually causes such a roller coaster ride in the cryptocurrency world?

◾️ News background

The media are effective means of manipulating the public. This factor is relevant mainly for short-term forecasts. Jumps in the rate of cryptocurrencies often occur after the appearance of important information about the project. This can be information about mergers and acquisitions of projects, partnerships, adding a token to a new exchange, etc.

◾️ Technical progress

New platforms, growing investor interest, and the deployment of innovative functions have a positive impact on long-term rate growth. The growth of the cryptocurrency market is based on opposition to classical economic fundamentals. The pursuit of decentralization, privacy, security, speed, and low cost lays the foundation for the development of the cryptocurrency market.

◾️ Influencers

Influencers often control the market through doubts, uncertainties, fears of missed opportunities. The behavior of financial enthusiasts is a common reason for cryptocurrencies' price spikes and falls.

◾️ Potential interest in cryptocurrency

When the number of thematic queries on the network grows, the price of bitcoin and any cryptocurrency also grows, respectively. Thus, the higher the interest in the currency, the more it is used, and as a result, the more expensive it becomes.

Dive into the crypto world with Cryptology! 🔥

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There will be maintenance on the Cryptology platform today at 3.00 p.m. GMT.

The platform will be unavailable for 15 minutes due to internal improvements.
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There will be maintenance on the Cryptology platform, on Saturday at 6.00 p.m. GMT.

The platform will be unavailable for 1 hour due to internal improvements.
Crypto trading: how to hedge risks? 📊

If you do not adhere to the principles of risk management in the cryptocurrency market, then you can lose your funds in a matter of minutes.

To minimize risks and compensate for possible losses, there is one instrument — hedging.

Hedging is the main risk management tool that protects a trader from unforeseen events in the market: the collapse of rates, default, inflation, devaluation and other economic disasters.

Key strategies for protecting crypto assets:

◾️ Diversification

The idea is that the greater the variety of assets, the lower the risks. If you have invested all your money in one asset, then your portfolio will greatly depend on the dynamics of its rate, which is contrary to the principles of risk management.

◾️ Opening opposite positions

This method is most popular with experienced traders and large hedge funds. When it is not clear in which direction the price will move, the best way out is to open an opposite position of an equal amount. To do this, you can use derivatives: futures, CFDs, options and others.

◾️ Portfolio rebalancing

Basically, this is maintaining the proportions of your portfolio based on your strategy and the current market situation. When you rebalance, you sell some coins and buy others to increase the return on your investment.
Trading in the cryptocurrency market is a risky business that requires in-depth analysis, understanding of the market mechanisms and experience in using financial instruments in trading.

Don't forget about risk management and trade profitably with Cryptology!

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Pros and cons of crypto revolution: what to expect from cryptocurrency in 2021?

Despite the fact that the year 2020 is considered by many to be a crisis, for the cryptocurrency market it turned out to be one of the best years in history.

What opportunities will be opened for the crypto market in 2021 — read about it in our article.

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🚀 Cryptology Futures Contracts 🚀

$BTC: $35826 ⬇️
$ETH: $1233 ⬇️
$EOS: $2.77 ⬇️
$MKR: $1463 ⬇️
$SNX: $15.68 ⬇️
$TRX: $0.0303 ⬇️
$XLM: $0.308 ⬆️
$YFI: $36440 ⬆️
$BCH: $480.6 ⬇️
$LTC: $143.1 ⬇️
$ZEC: $103.1 ⬇️

Risk/Reward ratio for successful trading 📊

Many people mistakenly believe that a trader's income depends only on good trading strategy. However, profitable trading is influenced by the ratio of profit and risk.

How to find the right balance between risk per trade and a desired reward?

🔹 In order to understand what is the ratio of risk to reward in a particular trade, a trader needs to determine both the potential reward and the potential risk.

🔹 The Risk/Reward ratio measures the difference between the trade entry point before the stop loss and a sell or take order profit.

🔹 Target Profit is used to chart an exit point in advance in case a trade moves in a favourable direction.

🔹 The potential profit on a trade is the difference between the target profit and the entry price.

🔹 In many cases, market strategists believe that the ideal risk-reward ratio for their investments is approximately 1:3, or three units of expected return for each unit of additional risk.

The risk must be justified, there is no point in getting involved in deals where you can lose $ 100, but the potential earnings do not even reach $ 50.

Join the successful traders on Cryptology! 💰

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Bitcoin volatility: how to make money on it now 📉

The cryptocurrency market is famous for its volatility. The fall of Bitcoin today is a confirmation of this.

After spending the weekend above an all-time high of $ 40,000, Bitcoin started a new week with a sharp decline. By the time of this writing, it has dropped to about $ 32,400.

What strategies to make money on Bitcoin volatility can be applied today?

🔹 Day trading

Day trading involves short and quick trades, which gives the opportunity for small and quick profits. The success of this strategy depends on careful market analysis and small profits.

🔹 Swing trading

If holding is a long-term strategy and day trading is short-term, then swing trading is in the middle. Like holders, swing traders buy Bitcoin cheap and wait for their assets to increase in value in order to sell higher.

🔹 Arbitration

However, instead of looking for opportunities to make money on the same exchange, crypto traders using arbitrage are looking for these opportunities on different platforms. Basically, they buy BTC on exchange A and then sell on exchange B at a higher price.

🔹 BTC Futures

You can make money on the fall using bitcoin futures. Such cases provide an excellent opportunity to increase funds with fluctuating exchange rates. Let's look at an example: Bitcoin is falling, and the trend for a further decline in the rate is clearly visible. Then we sell it in order to re-purchase it later at a lower price.

Always be profitable with Cryptology! 🔥

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Taxation of the crypto market: what everyone should know 💰

The highly lucrative cryptocurrency business has attracted the attention of the regulatory tax authorities.

How to pay tax on crypto income and what are the features of the crypto market taxation?

Read in our article 👇
🚀 Cryptology Futures Contracts 🚀

$BTC: $27390 ⬆️
$ETH: $694.7 ⬆️
$EOS: $2.82 ⬆️
$MKR: $570.6 ⬆️
$SNX: $8.21 ⬇️
$TRX: $0.0289 ⬆️
$XLM: $0.1476 ⬇️
$YFI: $23943 ⬆️
$BCH: $354.7 ⬆️
$LTC: $136.3 ⬆️
$ZEC: $69.4 ⬆️

TOP 5 most common mistakes of a crypto trader 💰

Before traders become professionals, they go through a long process of trial and error. But there are mistakes that a trader needs to get rid of. What are they?

🔹 Use all the money

This is a big mistake, because you leave no room for maneuver, for example, if you need to average out the position after a price rollback or buy other promising cryptocurrencies.

Distribute some of the funds for buying cryptocurrencies, and leave some in reserve in case of unforeseen factors, for example, in case of a sharp collapse of rates.

🔹 Not diversifying risks

Investing in only one asset is a big mistake as well. Diversification is one of the fundamental rules of crypto trading. If you distribute money between several cryptocurrencies, then the losses from the fall in the price of one crypto asset can overlap the profit from the growth of other coins.

🔹 Trading without strategy

Chaotic trading is more like a gamble than actual trading. What should be done to avoid mistakes? To begin with, master the methods of fundamental and technical analysis; develop and test strategies, improve them, optimize them, add effective techniques, and eliminate unnecessary ones.

🔹 Emotional trading

Newbies easily succumb to greed and fear, which is why they regularly make mistakes in crypto trading. An experienced trader does not buy/sell everything at once. They leave a part of the sum in case of correction or growth in order to lock in profits and minimize losses.

🔹 Averaging out to cover losses

Those who have encountered gambling are familiar with such a situation when they want to quickly recoup. Traders must learn to trade on the exchange so as to correctly determine the direction of a trend.

It is too risky to average out positions during a downtrend, as the price may go even lower. It is better to wait for the signal when it is clear that the trend has changed direction and you can open positions with less risk.

Only profitable trading, only Cryptology! 🔥

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🚀 Cryptology Futures Contracts 🚀

$BTC: $23807 ⬇️
$ETH: $651 ⬇️
$EOS: $3.28 ⬆️
$MKR: $561 ⬇️
$SNX: $6.13 ⬇️
$TRX: $0.0322 ⬆️
$XLM: $0.1788 ⬇️
$YFI: $26768 ⬇️
$BCH: $360.4 ⬆️
$LTC: $117 ⬇️
$ZEC: $75.99 ⬆️

The power of volume: futures vs spot trading💰

Traders often ask the question: "Which market is better to trade: spot or futures?" The answer to this question directly depends on your goals and your trading strategy.

We propose to consider 4 main differences between the spot and futures markets.

🔹 Estimated trading period

In most cases, spot prices open and close in real-time. This is not the case in the futures markets.

🔹 Hedging risks

Traders use the futures market as a hedge against the spot markets. You can purchase multiple contracts, but still be able to ensure against market fluctuations in the spot market.

🔹 The difference in the price of the futures and spot market

The price of futures contracts differs from the underlying spot or cash market.

What to choose

Summing up, we can say that the spot market is ideal for traders who want to make decisions about buying and selling regardless of time. The futures markets are for traders who want to insure their positions in the market and still be able to make big profits.

Trade profitably with Cryptology! 🔥

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Cryptocurrency market capitalization: the five largest coins 💰

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization has reached a record high of $400 billion.

What cryptocurrencies are in the lead today and what are their features — read in our article👇
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How does the order book work?

Today, the order book is one of the most important tools for a trader.

What opportunities it opens up for crypto traders, what are the features of the order book on Cryptology, as well as the principles of its operation — read about it in our blog.