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21 Jan 2018, 14:11 (1139 дней назад)
CryptoKami support financial ICOs.
Who is CryptoKami? CryptoKami is a decentralized reserve system similar to the US Fed reserve system, but for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The blockchain platform is a next-generation asset management platform, improving efficiency in the way people invest, trade and credit currencies. However, similar to Ethereum in many ways, CryptoKami sets itself apart in many ways as well, that are unique to its blockchain technology platform. As the proclaimed next-generation asset management platform, CryptoKami concentrates in the many areas of financial cryptocurrency technology for supply and demand.

As a platform for investments and borrowing, of course this is beneficial for both CryptoKami deposits, credits and investors. As CryptoKami runs on its compulsory reserve mechanism the Comreme Algorithm, this will certainly protect investors, deposits, credits and traders. Financial ICOs stand to benefit through CryptoKami as they can use trading, investing and banking for demand and growth. Fundamentally different from other blockchains, the credit model is unique to CryptoKami for serving the financial crypto market. CryptoKami’s platform will vastly change many areas across a broad spectrum in the way of future trading, banking, borrowing and investing through cryptocurrency technology.

CryptoKami platform offers investor, deposits, traders and credits alike, the platform tools that will assist them in trading, exchange, staking and borrowing. For the ideal way to look at CryptoKami’s platform, it sets the foundation for long term growth through investing, trading and crediting. CryptoKami focuses widely on future trading, crypto interval and external exchange, repo borrowing; short securities for credits and staking and staking EXA which, maximizes profits. CryptoKami has unique deposit and credit models and innovative system solutions for financial ICOs.
The model provides automatic cash-in balances for deposits and definite repo cash-out crediting. With this model the creditor will ultimately see very substantial interest rates gains on their deposits, while the creditee gets to keep their cryptocurency coinbase. With expecting the future price of crediting increases, the borrower will be able to borrow more money to invest or trade in the next CryptoKami ICO. Beneficial to the CryptoKami operators, they also see substantial gains by way of the model. They gain on the variance of interest rates between both the creditor and the repo-creditee. Every blockchain ICO experience with the CryptoKami platform requires the use of Kami Tokens.
Kami tokens will produce the necessary boost of demand growth for the Kami tokens on a self-growth system. Ideally, the tokens will be up to 9 times larger in value for the crediting model. Effectively, CryptoKami’s pure crediting solutions and algorithm of its platform is a winning solution for all in the financial credit, trading, investment and borrowing market. In return, all parties will be ensured substantial growth for gains in short and long-term investments and depositing across all fields. CryptoKami is not the normal blockchain technology platform, but it is a hybrid of both finance and crediting. These innovative models will boost supply and demand for the Kami tokens and undoubtedly increase it’s value from throughout the future of their ICOs.