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С упоминаниями
CryptoBullet 18 Mar, 23:36
🚨🚨🚨One of Top authers on Tradingveiw opened tis telegram channel can join here free 👇
CryptoBullet 18 Mar, 17:51

There's something to pay attention to.

⚠️ Look at the bearish divergence on the daily chart. That definitely does not favours a bullish continuation.

The only thing that can keep Litecoin from falling is LTC Shorts on Bitfinex posting new all time high, which creates environment for a short squeeze.

Either way, it's time to raise stop losses or to book profits.
CryptoBullet 18 Mar, 16:51
5G networks are coming, but what does that mean?

5G isn’t only a faster 4G, it has a different core architecture, something that will revolutionize the wireless connections to benefit IoT and Smart Cities.

💡Bullish on 5G long term and the impact it will have on IoT, maybe it reflects well on some cryptos like IOTA, WTC and VEN.
CryptoBullet 18 Mar, 12:34
Target reached ✅
CryptoBullet 17 Mar, 15:25

Coming to the apex of the pennant + increasing volume. Looks like after a pretty long time of accumulation we could break out to the upside.

Entry: 1080-1160

🎯 Targets: 1274 - 1393

Stop: 1027
CryptoBullet 16 Mar, 16:39

Do not get overexcited. 5k ? Let it break at least 4200 !

❗️We have very strong resistance coming around 4.1k region, breaking which will turn things very bullish.

⚠️ Look at this bearish pennant. (Btw its support & resistance lines are pretty much come in line with the 200-Week MA & 200-Week EMA beautifully squeezing the price on the weekly chart, scroll up to March 6th and read the post about it)

Looks like top resistance could be retested one more time, then we have bottom support at 3400-3500.

We are likely to have another small bounce when we reach the support zone. Finally, the bearish pennant break down is gonna be very nasty.

For the upcoming days it’s reasonable to visit 3700-3800 region to cool off.

If Bitcoin can hold these higher levels for the next few weeks, that’s going to be very positive for the Alts.
CryptoBullet 16 Mar, 16:37
Target change: 1361 -> 1470
CryptoBullet 16 Mar, 14:40
Репост из: Bullet Premium
BNB is breaking out 🚀
CryptoBullet 16 Mar, 14:39
☝Yesterday's signal on BNB
CryptoBullet 16 Mar, 14:39
Репост из: Bullet Premium
BNB/USDT 4h chart looks quite bullish: a clear ascending triangle + bouncing off the tenkan support

Weekly chart is looking bullish as well

with the momentum they have now it can make break out to the upside.

A few days before the CELR ICO, the #DEX release is coming very soon, and another BNB token burn incoming

Entry: $14.9 - 15.05

Target: $17
CryptoBullet 16 Mar, 14:24
Averaging at 0.01520
Liquidation will be 0.08908
CryptoBullet 15 Mar, 18:30
🤔 Is #Altcoin Season here?

The real winners of it are those that accumulated weeks before everyone started talking about them.

What if these were all the final exit pumps? Very likely, so book profits and wait in stable coins.

💡Sideways Range coins after a good peak gain still have potential.

There's still way too many unpumped but live projects out there to be at the exit stage.
CryptoBullet 14 Mar, 18:46
📰 Tether has updated the terms on its website, saying that its dollar-pegged USDT stablecoin may not be backed 100 percent by fiat reserves.

The new text states that while its stablecoin is 100% backed, its reserves may at times include other assets.

However, Tether’s previous terms indicated full fiat backing.

⚠️ Be cautious with USDT. Fortunately, there are other stable coins to diversify.
CryptoBullet 13 Mar, 17:47
CryptoBullet 13 Mar, 09:51

On March 7th in our premium channel we shared the signal on AION.

Today AION has reached the second target for 23% profit!
We closed 3/4 of the position. There is still some potential for a further growth, so we are still holding small position.

If you want to join the premium channel and receive such signals - contact @Likeniss
CryptoBullet 13 Mar, 09:51
Репост из: Bullet Premium

Testing falling wedge resistance.

🎯 Breakout target 1 is 345 sats. The next target is 380 sats.

Patience required as we are within apex
Support at 270 sats
CryptoBullet 12 Mar, 16:24
📉 Short LTCH19

Use cross leverage. We enter with 0.3% of the deposit. In other words, if we have 1 BTC balance, we open LTC short for 8 contracts. If the price goes up,against us, we will average at a higher price. That's why now we use only 0.3% of the deposit.

Entry : 1447-1452

Target: 1361
CryptoBullet 7 Mar, 22:54

We are now in the apex of this large pennant

We’ve tested the 100-Day MA several times in February. Now it comes in line with the downtrend resistance. Once we broke above it, the firework will start 🎇

A successful breakout could see a very significant move.

🎯 Conservative breakout targets: 35 - 38 - 43 cents

Support at 29 cents
CryptoBullet 6 Mar, 21:52
#BTC weekly perspective

Let's take a look at the Bollinger Bands.

The middle line of the Bollinger Bands has been pretty relevant and acted as a strong resistance for a long time. We couldn't open & close a candle above it since January 2018 !

The Bollinger Bands are clearly negative and we are taking about long term on the weekly basis. What we mean by that is we are below the mid line of the Bollinger Bands and as we come up to it by going sideways, the probability increases that we are going back down and test the lower band.

However, the short term trend is clearly trying to pop back up to that 4k zone (where we have enormous resistance), but intermediate and long term trends are pointing down.

🔴 Now look at the sweet range BTC has been trading in since late November from the MAs prospective.

Seeing some very interesting things: the price is getting squeezed between the 200-Week MA and the 200-Week EMA. Look how beautifully these MAs have been acting as a continued support (200-Week MA) and resistance (200-Week EMA).

Looking forward to when Bitcoin breaks out of this range. ⚠️ The breakout is supposed to be violent.
CryptoBullet 5 Mar, 16:38
Target reached ✅
Profit 16%