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Conn3x Official 24 Sep 2018, 10:35
Community takeover C3Xcoin (Conn3x)
Official Announcement (more information to be published)



Telegram Official C3Xcoin:
Telegram Announcements C3Xcoin:



Official Mining pool:

Official Explorer:



Wallet official addnodes list:


Current Exchange:


New exchanges will be published and added as listings are confirmed
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Conn3x Official 9 Jun 2018, 23:55
Dear investors,

we sent inquiries to a lot of exchanges and are waiting for response. As soon as we have a positive listing signal, we will let you know!

Your C3X Team
Conn3x Official 29 May 2018, 21:34
Dear investors,

all Airdrops are successfully transferred into your Backoffice!

Thanks for joining,
Your C3X Team
Conn3x Official 23 May 2018, 14:54
Dear Community,

thank you for your patience! The wait was worth it!

We contacted many Exchanges in the background and were now listed by the first one. 👈

We're still waiting for more answers from other Exchanges. As soon as the news will come, we will contact you immediately.

Your C3X Team
Conn3x Official 4 May 2018, 08:18
Conn3x Official 2 May 2018, 13:13
Dear investors, we would like to answer many questions of the community!

1 Staking, Mining and Master Nodes are already working and many of you have already installed the Wallet. We will provide you with instructions on how to set up a master node.

Important note: From and on, the Wallet displays virus warnings, especially on Windows PCs. That's not too bad, though, as it is displayed like this on many Windows wallets.

2. here are the links to the mining pools:

3. we are currently working hard on the listings on the Exchanges and will inform you as soon as we have received confirmation of the exact date.

Your C3X Team
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Conn3x Official 29 Apr 2018, 17:06
Conn3x Official 28 Apr 2018, 18:07
Dear community,

our wallets are now available for download. Please check our website!

Your C3X Team
Conn3x Official 28 Apr 2018, 15:44
Dear community,

our ICO ended yesterday. 87,558,774 C3X coins were sold. We thank you very much for your support and participation.

We thought about what to do with the remaining coins. Burning, freezing or selling?

Our decision was to make a special Masternode offer: anyone who buys a master node (100,000 C3X) pays a price of $0.10 per C3X. This offer is only available until we are listed on the external stock exchanges. Currently Yobit, Coinexchange or Cryptopia are under discussion.

Those who think that we are scammers with this offer are completely wrong. We will release the github code and the wallets today or tomorrow, then everyone will see that everything is real.

Thank you.
Your C3X Team!
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Conn3x Official 28 Apr 2018, 09:15
Conn3x Official 28 Apr 2018, 09:09
Conn3x Official 28 Apr 2018, 09:09
Dear investors and affiliate partners,

we are proud to give you a special offer before our listings on the exchanges begin.

As you all may know, we are providing one of the best masternodes in market. You now have the chance to get our masternode for a very attractive price!

Also for those of you who already have C3X Coins, but not enough for a masternode, this is a big opportunity to buy the coin difference!

Please check out our website!
Your C3X Team
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Conn3x Official 27 Apr 2018, 09:47
Conn3x Official 27 Apr 2018, 09:46
Dear investors,

Last chance to get our C3X coins for 0.90$! ICO is almost sold out!

Your C3X Team
Conn3x Official 25 Apr 2018, 23:58
Dear investors,

hurry hurry hurry! Get the last coins of our ICO! Gratulation to all former buyers!

Your C3X Team
Conn3x Official 24 Apr 2018, 21:36
Dear investors,

the price is now at $0.90 and soon the last hurdle is reached. We will continue as described in the roadmap. Wallets, Mining and Staking, Listing on the Exchanges.

Take your chance and buy coins,
there will be big surprises!

Your C3X Team
Conn3x Official 23 Apr 2018, 23:25
Dear Community,

as some have probably heard, the South Korean government plans to allow ICO back. Since the ban, many ICOs have gone abroad to evade the regulations. Despite the temporary ban, the crypto market in South Korea has developed very well and continues to grow.

We at Conn3x also benefit greatly from this news.
Invest now in Conn3x and benefit from a growing crypto market.

Join us!

Your Conn3x Team
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Conn3x Official 21 Apr 2018, 22:50
Dear Community,

ICOs are the most lucrative investment opportunities since two years and it’s getting more and more attractive this year because of many countries forcing better regulations.

Also the principle of blockchain and cryptocurrency must be protected by all
community members: anonymity and independence!

We are one of the projects that live these values and additionally are open source.

Join us!

Your C3X Team
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Conn3x Official 19 Apr 2018, 17:57
Dear investors,

if you want to increase your money while you sleep, invest in good trends such as artificial intelligence!

Do it like the big players, e.g. here:

A whole artificial intelligence fund, and we're in the middle of it.
Take the lead with Conn3x!
ICO price is still at 0.70$

Your C3X Team
Conn3x Official 18 Apr 2018, 20:06
Dear Community,

Our ICO is heading very strongly towards the next round. Time to buy and get coins for a the following services.

We offer very strong services, almost out of competition:

You should get some more coins!

Your C3X Team