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01.07.2018 23:14
25 May 2018, 03:50 (925 дней назад)

Hello all members,

As you know, our ICO on the official website in this February & March was not succeeded as our plan (We can only raise about 70 thousand U.S. Dollars while we plan to raise fund about 6 million to 12 million U.S. Dollars for our project). Have many reasons for this failure: the price of almost cryptocurrencies in the general market are dumped; fall of BitConnect and other lending projects; the fear of investors in front of many Ponzi & scam ICO projects appeared at that time (they only have whitepaper and have no products), failure of marketing and communication (because this is the first time we run an ICO project and have not many experiences), etc...

Because of the failure of ICO, the capital raised from ICO is very small and it had been run out within a short time. The project is currently running on the capital which raised from our founders and this budget is limited. This is the main reason for many delays compared to the plans that we have set out from the beginning.

To improve the situation and have more resources to continue this project, we decided to organize ICO again in next month (on an exchange) to continue raising funds, so there is a slight change in the roadmap of this project.
You can update our new roadmap at here:

The business idea of our project is highly appreciated by ICORace, investors in Shanghai and investors in Moscow so we have no reason to stop or pause the development of this project!

Hope you will continue to support our project!

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