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Clickgem 5 Oct, 08:03
Clickgem 4 Oct, 09:39
Clickgem 4 Oct, 09:39

Hello everyone,

We are glad to inform that ClickGem Casino (CGCASINO) has just launched a newly licensed casino platform with 28 global gambling games and a great sharing economy model.

Casino/Gambling business is the most profitable & the fastest growing business, and now it is your business. Just a few simple steps for signing up and a lot of great benefit awaits:

- Shared profit commission up to 50%;

- Great chances to buy game's currency (CGMT v2) in bulk with discount upto 50% for selling to your player networks;

- Play as a dealer/banker inside the game for winning big;

And many other benefits… Read more and sign up via

Currently, this casino platform is running smooth with all PC browsers, mobile apps (Android, iOS) will be launched soon this month. In the future, we will integrate more currencies and add more games into this platform…

In conjunctionl with this launching event, we would like to announce that our project has received 1 million USD investment from a private investor who has great relationships with many gambling & betting networks which will support us a lot for the expansion aspect of our business.

Thank you for all the loyal followers out there while supporting our project through the many difficulties that happened to us!

Together we will build one of the biggest casino network which will be bigger than any other networks out there.

Best regards,
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Clickgem 29 Aug, 21:07
Hello all members are holding DFS token in CGWALLET, our partner have updated their smart contract. Please follow their instruction to withdraw and swap old DFS token to new DFS token before we re-update new smart contract address after Aug 31.
Clickgem 29 May, 23:15
Clickgem 29 May, 23:12
5. About our IEO: Although stopped working with Liquid, we are getting good offers from Bit-Z (through their agency, Beecast), Lbank, P2PB2B, Exrates, and other exchanges. We are building a big plan for our IEO & listing. After integrated new casino games platform, we will set up meetings with casino investors to raise 2.5M USD for our seed funding round then IEO & Listing. Please check the detailed plan here: ; Of course, if you want to join our private sale sessions as an early investor, please send email to!

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Clickgem 29 May, 23:12
May-29, 2019: CLICKGEM'S NEWS:

Hello all members, sorry for the late update with all other inconvenience happened to you. Our marketing team has to accompany our CEO to go to China for a lot of meetings with public exchanges and game developers there. And as you know, the internet connection in China is very strict and we can't access our Gmail, Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook, etc... especially at this time. We have just come back yesterday and continue to update much good news for ClickGem project:

1. We have worked with many public exchanges for ClickGem IEO, most of them don't want to support our IEO because too many people owning free CGM & CGMT (over 35% total supply) from mining CGM easily... This problem will make our price dumped immediately and over control after IEO, and it will affect the reputation of the exchange. To solve this problem, we met and agreed with the exchanges a solution is that release a new token called CGMT v2 (ClickGem Token version 2) with "transfer & lock" function for reallocating token holders, IEO and listing. Our IEO price for the first session will be 0.001 USD per 1 CGMT v2. Most of ClickGem users have to swap their CGM/CGMT to CGMT v2 with swap rate is 16 CGMT v2 (0.016 USD) per 1 CGM or 0.0016 CGMT v2 (0.0000016 USD) per 1 CGMT, and their new token will be locked for 6 months after swapped. Only our first ICO investors are accepted to swap with the beneficial swap rate is 4000 CGMT v2 (4 USD) per CGM or 2.5 CGMT v2 (0.0025 USD) per CGMT for the amount of CGM they bought from our first ICO, their new token will be also locked for 6 months after swapped. Team & Advisors 's new tokens are only allocated at 15% total supply and they will be also locked for 12 months. Please use the swap module in our web wallet for swapping CGM/CGMT to CGMT v2. Please note, we will stop supporting CGM/CGMT after IEO and listed on the public exchange, only CGMT v2 will be listed and supported in our ecosystem.
CGMT: 0xf024628c7bf1ffec7ca184026cd0764ac11ba22f
CGMT v2: 0x84f43821c73da781a7c440c3ca1a50e1013f7219

2. We received complaints from some people about losing balance in their CGMT, ETH or ERC-20 wallet. For sure, nothing is lost, our wallet system (CGWALLET) is just hiding your old ETH keystore and replaced it with a new ETH keystore after upgraded. This upgrade for simplifying the process of deposit/withdraw tokens to/from CGEXCHANGE, CGCASINO, CGLOTTO, CGGAMES, etc... and solving the trouble with the wallet password which happened with some users. We will send back your old ETH keystore so you can get back CGMT, ETH, and other ERC-20 tokens by importing it to Metamask or MEW. Please use this Google Form to claim back your old ETH keystore: . We can't support every people through email because we received a lot of spam emails every day, please understand for us!

3. Our MMO/MMORPG Game Portal - CGGAMES.APP and its first game Gunbound will be launched in next week. All games in this game portal will use CGMT v2 for buying in-game items. We will release an amount of unlocked CGMT v2 from the token budget which allocated for the ClickGem ecosystem. Of course, all coins/tokens supported in CGWALLET can be swapped to CGMT v2 through CGEXCHANGE.

4. We have just bought a great casino games platform with a lot of casino games for CGCASINO; We are currently re-developing it for integrating with our wallet system (CGWALLET). Like CGGAMES, this new platform will use CGMT v2 as a central currency and all other coins/tokens which supported in CGWALLET have to swap to CGMT v2 through CGEXCHANGE for playing. Of course, we are still developing our old casino games platform as a multi-currency platform to support our partners. People can track the development and demo of our new casino games platform here: (Demo user: testgameok - Demo password: 123456Aa@)
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Clickgem 9 May, 19:27
Clickgem 9 May, 19:26
Clickgem 9 May, 19:26
May-09, 2019: CLICKGEM'S NEWS:

1. CGEXCHANGE & CGPAY have just been upgraded completely and come back working normally. Until the end of this year, we will continue to have a big upgrade for CGEXCHANGE with more features so it will work like every public exchange on the cryptocurrency market.

2. CGWALLET has just been upgraded, from now you can deposit directly to CGEXCHANGE, CGCASINO, and CGWALLET from your main ETH/ERC20 CGWALLET, no need transfer through our local wallet. This upgrade makes the deposit into our applications easier and time saver.

3. CGLOTTO has just been licensed and launched officially. The launching time was delayed because it takes more time for waiting to get a gambling license. We & our partners will fund all jackpots soon.

4. Currently, our CGCASINO installation app for iOS can't install because our digital signature has been blocked again by Apple. We will update new installation app soon.

5. CGAFFILIATE has just been upgraded to work fully with CGEXCHANGE, CGCASINO, and CGLOTTO. Please continue to promote our platform to earn commissions from your referred members when they exchange currencies on CGEXCHANGE, or play gambling games on CGCASINO, or play lottery on CGLOTTO.

6. Our technicians continue working to build a new application is CGGAMES. It is an MMO/MMORPG games portal which accepts people to deposit fiat or crypto currencies from CGWALLET into MMO/MMORPG games to buy in-game items (through CGPAY). Of course, people can withdraw in-game money into fiat or crypto currencies into their CGWALLET. More information about CGGAMES will be updated soon.

7. About ClickGem IEO, we have stopped the plan with Liquid because they want to change the agreement with us although we have tried to solve all their requirements... This is the reason for the delay of ClickGem IEO. We continue working other exchanges to find the best place and get the best supports for ClickGem IEO. More information will be updated soon.

#ClickGem #CGCASINO #ClickGemCasino #CGLOTTO #ClickGemLottery #CGEXCHANGE #ClickGemExchange #CGWALLET #ClickGemWallet #CGPAY #ClickGemPay #CGGAMES #ClickGemGames #CGAFFILIATE #ClickGemAffiliate #News #Updates #ICO #IEO
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Clickgem 10 Apr, 10:01
Clickgem 10 Apr, 10:01

1. CGCASINO v1.1.0 for iOS is now available for downloading on
Please uninstall the old version which installed in your device then re-install our new version 1.1.0 with the following instruction:
Step 1: Click "Download for iOS" (from our website) then install "CG Casino"
Step 2: Go to Setting >> General >> Device Management >> Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. >> Click Trust "Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd." >> Trust
Step 3: Run "ClickGem Casino" App
(*) Please note: versions older than 1.1.0 can't connect to our game servers which have been moved to the cloud, please re-install version 1.1.0!

2. We are working on the final step to complete CGLOTTO (ClickGem Lottery) - A multi-currency lottery platform for fiat currencies & cryptocurrencies base on CGWALLET. It is estimated to be launched on in this weekend. Any news about CGLOTTO will be continually updating!

3. We have just made a super affiliate system for sharing huge commissions (up to 50% from our profits) to our partners when the referred user (from their communities) using any ClickGem's service with any currency. We will continue inviting partners to join promoting ClickGem ecosystem (CGWALLET, CGCASINO, CGLOTTO, CGEXCHANGE, CGPAY, etc...). Please check more details about our partnership program here:

4. We have just updated new whitepaper, new roadmap, new IEO plan, and new project details on, please check!

#ClickGem #CGCASINO #ClickGemCasino #CGLOTTO #ClickGemLottery #News #Updates #ICO #IEO
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Clickgem 24 Mar, 10:31
Clickgem 24 Mar, 10:31
1. We have just completed moving all the ClickGem system to the cloud. From now, it will run smoothly again and its scalability is unlimited. Our technicians are continuing to upgrade the currency exchange (CGEXCHANGE) and the payment gateway (CGPAY) for integrating it with the OKNodes API to expand the liquidity of currency exchange for our whole system!
2. For all CGCASINO's users, you will need to uninstall the old CGCASINO app which you have installed in your device, then re-download and re-install our new app which has just been re-updated on the CGCASINO website. The old app can't connect to our new servers because it had been configured to connect and update through a static IP address of our terminated server. With the new app, we have modified it for connecting and updating through a domain which is easily assigned to any new IP address. So this will be the last time you are requested to reinstall the CGCASINO app for a new update (In the future, it will be updated automatically without reinstallation). Currently, you can download the new CGCASINO app for Android or play it instantly on the PC's web browser, the new app for iOS will be re-updated in next few days. We are very sorry for this inconvenience!
3. We are continuing our work with the Liquid exchange for organizing our ICO/IEO there, it may delay a bit with the plan which has been informed on the roadmap because we are still working for solving all of their legal conditions and we can't control time for this. We will continue to update if have any news!

#ClickGem #CGCASINO #News #Updates #ICO #IEO #Liquid
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Clickgem 8 Mar, 05:15
Clickgem 8 Mar, 05:13
PumaPay is a blockchain-based billing solution to support recurring payments on the Ethereum network, is a comprehensive advanced cryptopayment system combining the best of traditional methods (credit cards) and blockchain-based solutions. Set on a mission to disrupt the payments industry, PumaPay allows businesses to charge customer accounts directly based on pre-agreed terms. Depending on the type of contract, merchants will be able to pull funds from their wallet on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
Future iterations of the PullPayment Protocol will support a wider range of billing scenarios, such as top-up and utility payments.

The PumaPay ecosystem, includes the development of a Business Console which will allow businesses to accept crypto payments using nearly all the familiar billing methodologies, and PumaPay Pride which is a marketing hub for all businesses to promote their products. PumaPay’s solution is striving to become a viable cryptopayment system tailored for all businesses and individuals worldwide.

“We are pleased to expand our reach with ClickGem. We welcome more companies who believe in and support our mission. As our network of top brands and global companies grows, then the use of an alternative cryptopayment system will become an everyday reality, disrupting the traditional financial system and strengthening the case for cryptocurrencies. It is a matter of time when the wider usability of cryptocurrencies will become the new standard,” said PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror.

"We, ClickGem Project, with the mission to build a complex ecosystem for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, from that clear the border and clear the difference between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in the real-life payment, also well aware that cooperation with PumaPay is a great opportunity to strengthen ClickGem's ecosystem and get closer to our goals", said ClickGem CEO Hai Nguyen.

Currently, ClickGem has integrated the PumaPay token (PMA) into its multi-currency wallet system (CGWALLET), people can use PumaPay token (PMA) as a currency directly within ClickGem’s ecosystem with featured applications/services such as CGEXCHANGE, CGPAY, CGCASINO, CGLOTTO, etc... In further cooperation, ClickGem's technicians are studying to integrate PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol into ClickGem Payment Gateway (CGPAY) as an optional payment method so people will have more options and the additional convenience to handle their payment needs.

For more information about PumaPay, please visit or contact

Our PR:

PR from PumaPay:

#ClickGem #ClickGemParners #Partnership #PumaPay #PMA #CryptoPayment
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Clickgem 8 Mar, 05:11
Clickgem 8 Mar, 05:11
Clickgem 8 Mar, 05:11

07 March 2019,

We are honored to announce that ClickGem Project have just officially partnered with PumaPay - a hundred plus million U.S. Dollar ICO project and now becoming a big brand in the global payment field. Currently, PumaPay is providing cryptocurrency billing service while being in partnership with over 60 big brands on the internet such as, FashionTV, CCBill, Segpay, IronFX, Pornhub, ImLive, etc...
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Clickgem 3 Mar, 10:17