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CanYaCoin 13 Jul, 03:29
Read all about the growth & development planned for CanWork.
CanYaCoin 2 Jul, 08:22

277,582.73 CAN to 118 addresses who are staking 27,758,273 CAN, 29% of the supply:
CanYaCoin 10 Jun, 10:37
CanYaCoin 5 Jun, 09:17
🗣 Happy Friday Everyone!

Hope you are all safe and well.

🐝 We've been fairly quiet in the channels but busy in the background:
- Team consolidation on our vision, short & medium-term goals, strategies and resources
- Preparation for CanWork client tests
- Continued CanWork improvements & plans to update
- Business development
- And, exploring early access to Binance Smart Chain

🦻For those who've asked about the recently dropped topic of DeFi, the core team has simply been discussing the forthcoming Binance smart contracts for the CanYa ecosystem and its potential to realise some original decentralisation goals that were not initially available on Binance Chain. This includes the ability to decentralise the CanWork escrow— which is centrally controlled by CanYa currently.

None of this impacts any development or growth plans for 👌

👀 We have a couple of updates planned for next week to catch you up, so keep an eye out

Have a great weekend

CanYa Team
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CanYaCoin 1 Jun, 06:04

CANYADAO Drop of 274,743.34 CAN to 111 addresses who are staking 27,474,334 CAN, 29% of the supply:
CanYaCoin 25 May, 10:15
CanYaCoin 7 May, 09:38
CanYaCoin 1 May, 09:12
CanYaCoin 1 May, 06:29
CanYaDAO Payout May 2020

267,060.16 CAN paid to 111 DAO Members, staking 26,706,016 CAN, 28% of the supply.

Stake and earn again!
CanYaCoin 30 Apr, 14:26
Community Testing has begun 🙌

Meanwhile, check out this payment option screen on CanWork
So many BEP2 tokens to choose from... well, if there was sufficient balance for the job of course 😉
CanYaCoin 29 Apr, 11:42

We will start contacting community members who expressed interest in testing tomorrow!

Please DM @johanlives:
-To confirm your interest
-To confirm if you already have a Provider or Client account on CanWork
-With your BNB address — to receive BNB & BEP2 tokens for testing (for selected 'Clients')

* Limited places— early responders get preference
* You will be engaged via a CanWork job request
* Fixed payment (in $CAN) will be released to you upon successful completion of the job
* Testing must be completed by Monday 4th May
* Task includes using CanWork as Client or Provider through a full job/payment cycle, simple data entry into a Google Sheet & completion of an optional feedback form
* Task should take < 30 mins of effort but may take longer to complete due to response times with your Provider/Client partner
* Full details will be provided
* BNB (for tx fees) & BEP2 tokens (for escrow) will be transferred to you when the job is accepted (for Clients)
* BNB & BEP2 transfer will be of little value but must be used for testing with CanWork's escrow —- or the job & payment will be forfeit
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CanYaCoin 24 Apr, 00:28
*🎉 BEP2 payments mainnet testing*

Preliminary testing has gone well. After a couple of tiny fixes for mainnet-related behaviours, we have demonstrated successful user testing of the BEP2 payment system with CanWork and our BEP Escrow service.

We will run a few more scenarios before we open up testing for community.

*Community Testing*
Please let @johanlives know if you are interested. This will be paid testing —in CAN via CanWork — that requires following a testing guide and entering results into a googlesheet.
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CanYaCoin 22 Apr, 08:47
🗣 Update on BEP2 payments for CanWork

🧩 We solved the outstanding escrow disbursal quirks
🎯 Testnet tests have all passed perfectly!

✅ User testing with multiple Binance Chain (BEP2) tokens
✅ End-to-end process success
✅ On-chain tx's created as expected
✅ Token valuations, amounts & disbursals as expected
✅ CanWork monitor updates job & tx logs accurately

What next?

💰 Mainnet Testing
We will now run limited user tests on mainnet to confirm the expected behaviours in the live Binance Chain environment.

🔧 Pre-release UI/UX fixes
Now the core functionality is working, we begin to tidy up & fix minor UI/UX issues .
(There might be some scope to put up some tasks on CanWork).

🙋🏽‍♀️ Community Tests & Feedback
We will recruit community testers soon to help us test live through CanWork.
Please submit expressions of interest for community testing to @Johanlives.
(Must have a Client or Provider account on CanWork linked to a valid Binance Chain wallet address)
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CanYaCoin 17 Apr, 10:59
CanYaCoin 10 Apr, 11:42
CanWork BEP2 payments on Testnet

Here are some Binance Chain Testnet transactions generated via CanWork.

There are 3 different BEP2 testnet tokens transferred into the test escrow account. 🤔

What does this mean?
It means CanWork is a little bit closer to accepting all BEP2 tokens 😮
CanYaCoin 10 Apr, 11:38
CanWork Demo: Paying into Escrow with BNB

Here we see a Binance Chain testnet demo of a Client paying into escrow with BNB.

We still need need to test the entire end-to-end job payment flow with BEP2 tokens and all escrow functions (eg. Release, Refund).

Then, after some team testing on Mainnet we will recruit community members to help test in earnest.

There's also some UI improvements to come— like fixing that temporary confirmation modal you see at the end 😉
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CanYaCoin 1 Apr, 14:41
CanYaDAO Payout April 2020

199,898 CAN paid to 107 DAO Members, staking 20,007,900 CAN, 20% of the supply.

Stake and earn again!
CanYaCoin 1 Apr, 11:47
We have published an update on CanWork development and the Binance Chain payment integration. Have a read 👌
CanYaCoin 20 Mar, 06:53
*BNB & BEP2 is coming for CanWork.*

❤️ If you're on Twitter, give this a like

*🤔 Got ideas/skills? *
If you've got some ideas for how we can start building some visibility & momentum leading up to BEP2, let's talk in the community channel.
Lots to do before then and the team is busy.
We can turn good ideas into jobs on CanWork.
CanYaCoin 11 Mar, 11:09