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CanYaCoin 4 Jan, 06:17
Of the 95,826,983 BEP2 $CAN avaialble 63,760,990 has been burnt permanently by those ‘burning’ for the Spartan Protocol. This leaves a new circulating supply of 32,065,993.

The team are in contact with CoinGecko and CMC to reflect this.
CanYaCoin 1 Jan, 14:45
Thanks for all your support last year,
Stick around in 2021 and help us to keep growing CanWork 🎉
CanYaCoin 25 Dec 2020, 12:21
CanYaCoin 23 Dec 2020, 15:56
THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 74, 15–21 Dec

* Ethereum Support,
* Synthetics,
* Multichain Prep.

CanYaCoin 18 Dec 2020, 12:13
Wow, did you realise CAN is more liquid on BEPSwap than the DEX?

Check it out:
CanYaCoin 4 Dec 2020, 08:58
Hi all
It's been a quiet couple of weeks since the last update.
A few team members took some time off for significant life events.
But, we're still here working on CanWork and have some things to share this month.
We'll give you an update next week.
Have a great weekend 😊
CanYaCoin 19 Nov 2020, 12:20
Attached file
CanYaCoin 19 Nov 2020, 08:53
CanYaCoin 17 Nov 2020, 13:13
👀 Check out the November update.

For those interested we will publish a separate token update tomorrow.
CanYaCoin 10 Nov 2020, 10:30
Give our CanWorkers some love and like & share this Tweet 🙏💙
CanYaCoin 10 Nov 2020, 10:30
Big thanks to CanWork's very own 3D animator and motion graphics artist — Ersagun Demirel — for creating this virtual gallery video for CanWork 🔥👏😎
CanYaCoin 7 Nov 2020, 12:30
CanYaCoin 7 Nov 2020, 12:30
CanYaCoin 7 Nov 2020, 12:30
Have you checked out the $CAN liquidity on BEPSwap recently?

It looks healthier 😉

We just did a test and swapped ~$350 worth of CAN with only ~1% slip.

It might be a good, instant alternative to the Binance DEX for exchanging CAN.

Just watch the slip and if you have a large amount, try swapping in smaller chunks 👍

🤓 If there's anyone in the community with an excellent understanding of BEPSwap who would like a paid job helping to create a guide/explainer, tag @johanlives
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CanYaCoin 6 Nov 2020, 09:41

☝🏻 The first of our on-domain guides has been published on CanWork.
Check it out!

👀 Watch this list grow throughout November at:

We'll also release content & community information — including the state of the token/circulating supply— at:,

✋ If you have suggestions or want to help out with supporting graphics or writing, tag @johanlives and we'll set up job for the right community member

❔ A general community update will be out next week

Have a good weekend 😊
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CanYaCoin 3 Nov 2020, 10:15
Full video
CanYaCoin 3 Nov 2020, 10:14
This is what you get when you combine the talents of 2 x CanWorkers:

Give it a like and a retweet ☝🏻
CanYaCoin 16 Oct 2020, 12:35
Happy Friday
Here's an interim update for your weekend 😊
CanYaCoin 14 Oct 2020, 05:52
Facebook and Twitter logins for CanWork have been restored.

Please try it out and let us know if you have any problems.


CanYaCoin 12 Oct 2020, 05:58
Nice to see $CAN liquidity growing on BEPSwap.

BEPSwap is still in 'chaosnet', a limited but live kind of testnet. So, please see
community for more info before you stake and swap in small amounts.

We'll get some info out soon for the community.