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Bullish Trend 21 Feb, 16:51
Репост из: Bullish Trend Private
#Short #BTC #Margin

Trading short 9700-9800$

Goals 9300-9150-8900$

STOP - 10 200$
Bullish Trend 21 Feb, 16:16

Here is the chart with a breakdown of the trend line. The price is preparing to decrease.

Volumes on CME and other exchanges vary widely. I see this almost the first time when the situation is the opposite. Volumes on CME shows a further decrease and I will rely on them.

Bullish Trend 21 Feb, 10:01
[#ETH] Ronaldo Gets Ethereum Token as Juventus Tokenizes Players

Italian football club Juventus is launching digital collectibles of players, starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, in partnership with blockchain-enabled fantasy football startup Sorare.

The deal will enable Juventus to offer digitally collectible cards, which will be joining the likes of Roma, Napoli, and West Ham as Sorare’s partners.

The team announced its partnership with Sorare, a French blockchain fantasy football gaming company founded in 2018, saying that the first collectible card to be offered will be of its star forward, Cristiano Ronaldo.

All of the cards issued on the Sorare platforms will represent non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard, Yahoo Finance reported. The platform will divide the cards into three categories—unique, super rare, and rare. There will only be 1 “unique” card per player, while the other two categories will see 10 and 100 cards issued, respectively.
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Bullish Trend 21 Feb, 08:12
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Bullish Trend 20 Feb, 10:42
[#KuCoin] exchange launched KuCloud - a product that will allow customers to launch their own exchanges and futures platforms based on the finished infrastructure.

KuCloud will take care of all the processes and aspects of the exchange: the technical support and the provision of liquidity.

The service will allow launching local spot and futures markets with the ability to integrate banking APIs and peer-to-peer trading in pairs with fiat.
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Bullish Trend 20 Feb, 10:16
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Bullish Trend 19 Feb, 19:10
[#TweetDeck] We continue to go through the tools that are applicable in the cryptocurrency market for the FA
(fundamental analysis) or timely tracking news on projects that interest you.

TweetDeck is another trader’s friend that focuses on the foundation. A free cross-platform application that allows you to work with Twitter as conveniently as possible to see the full picture of what is happening on the market on the pages that you track.

⚙️ The working window is divided into tabs arranged in a horizontal row. Using this tool, you can segment the pages you are tracking, as I do (an example is on the screenshot) and see incoming news on them online. The Home tab shows the entire flow of news from the pages to which you are subscribed.

✒️ The only thing you need to do is to subscribe to the pages of all projects that interest you. Then you will be aware of all the latest events, which as we all know, often contributes to the growth of your wallet in the cryptocurrency market.
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Bullish Trend 19 Feb, 13:00
Репост из: Bullish Trend Private
#IOTXUSDT #AltcoinsMidTerm

Buy: 0.005598 - 5340 - 5127
Sell: 0.006022 - 6566 - 7090
Stop: 0.004770

Comments: Abnormal volumes according to Binance ($16 million), I have never seen this on this trading pair.

Everything is on the chart, there’s nothing more to add, I can’t ignore this opportunity.

Exchange: https://www.binance.com/en/trade/IOTX_USDT
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Bullish Trend 19 Feb, 11:57
[Enjin] Launches Game Development Platform on Ethereum

Enjin has announced the launch of its game development platform on Ethereum, enabling potentially millions of developers to integrate crypto assets into games and apps with no knowledge of writing blockchain code.

Enjin Platform allows game engineers to take advantage of decentralized inventory, to integrate blockchain-based gaming and non-gaming assets, and to manage economic game play mechanics.

The platform also utilities the firm's own token, Enjin coin (#ENJ), which is used as a "minting resource" to back the value of of in-game assets.

More than 2,500 projects making use of ERC-1155 have already been created on the testnet version of the Enjin Platform, according to the company.

On this news, which appeared on Tuesday, the price of the asset already increased by 25%.
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Bullish Trend 19 Feb, 08:21
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Bullish Trend 18 Feb, 19:34
A review of the tool for fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency market.

[#Cryptopanic] - this is one of the tools which helps to track the foundation, both for individual projects and the market as a whole.

Not the easiest software to perceive, you need to get used to it, but its main advantage is that it allows to check all news from various sources at the same time, these are Twitter, Reddit, project blogs and English-language news websites.

In order to parse such an array of information, you can put a filter to track news on specific projects that interest you.

It is recommended to use it in work if you make your trades based on the fundamental of the projects and if you want to always be up to date with all the latest cryptocurrency market news.

The link to Cryptopanic is here.
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Bullish Trend 18 Feb, 13:37
[#Binance] Binance Announces B2B2C Cloud Solution for Launching Digital Asset Trading Platforms.

Binance Cloud is an all-in-one solution for partners to launch digital asset exchanges quickly. Leveraging Binance’s technology, security and liquidity, Binance Cloud provides the exchange infrastructure, while enabling partners to focus on business development and operations.

An exchange-specific cloud solution, Binance Cloud provides partners and customers with a means to efficiently set up a digital asset trading platform in their local markets, with features that include spot market and futures trading, as well as local bank API integrations and peer-to-peer (P2P) fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange services.

Learn more about Binance Cloud ➡️ link.
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Bullish Trend 18 Feb, 08:44
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Bullish Trend 17 Feb, 19:35
Репост из: Bullish Trend Private
#NEOUSDT #AltcoinsMidTerm

Buy: 14.323 - 13.985 - 13.584
Sell: 15.092 - 15.770 - 16.548
Stop: 13.328

Comments: I observe powerful entries into the asset + additional motivation for growth with an adequate market condition is the addition of a NEO trading pair to Binance Futures, this always supports the price and pushes it up.

Exchange: https://www.binance.com/en/trade/NEO_USDT
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Bullish Trend 17 Feb, 14:55
[#CryptoGaming] What does 2020 hold for crypto games?

2019 was a turning point in crypto being accepted into the gaming community, and there were several reasons for this. First of all, after the success of CryptoKitties and Gods Unchained, other collectible games have gained popularity, such as Decenterland, Spells of Genesis, Rare Pepe, 0xUniverse and others.

💰With the advent of such projects, there was a need for a special tokens, which turn a valuable weapon in the game into a unique, one-off asset that can be exchanged or sold. Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are not interchangeable, as there is only one of each of them in the world. The most popular standard for such tokens is ERC-721.

In addition to the gaming industry, trading platforms like OpenSea, RareBits and OpenBazaar have also launched NFTs that are trading as collectibles.

The infrastructure around NFTs is also in progress and offers work tools for the production and management of NFTs. Another project, Codex Protocol, founded in 2018, has developed a decentralized registry of unique assets such as art, rare liquor and antiques.

At the end of 2019, the Microsoft Azure cloud platform released its own program called Azure Heroes, aimed at rewarding its own developer community. The release and transactions of collectible items will be carried out on the Ethereum network, which will allow the winners to keep them as NFTs.

🎨 NFTs do have uses outside of gaming. For example, a famous musician can make a new album and sell each copy for a certain price. One million copies of the album can be created and sold through auction. As the copies begin to run out, the price of the remaining ones is likely to rise. In doing so, the goods and the ownership rights will not leave the internet.

🕹Crypto gaming is a very young sector. The entire ecosystem of developers and users still has a lot of work to do to get this idea to the masses and take root.
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Bullish Trend 15 Feb, 21:05
[#TRX] Steemit announced a strategic partnership with the TRON foundation.

Steemit - the world’s largest decentralized and blockchain-based social media, as well as a blogging platform, .

The development teams of both companies will begin working together immediately to bring Steem blockchain-based apps and Steemit to TRON’s blockchain and its community of more than 20 million users, services, and products.

According to the release, TRON Foundation and Steemit will be working together in order to create more value for their users, as well as to augment their advancements in decentralized technology.

The old STEEM token will be transitioned to a new TRON-based STEEM token. There will be a giveaway to existing TRX users who will receive the STEEM token that’s based on TRON’s network. There will also be an accelerator program for the developer community.
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Bullish Trend 15 Feb, 19:33

Full workout in 4 days, 30% of the first entry point was taken for goals, at the peak the profit could be more than 40%.

If anyone wants to test the operation of our private channel, where we give even more recommendations for trading on cryptocurrency market, now is the time, while the price is super cheap.

About the entry to write ➡️ @BullishBull.
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Bullish Trend 15 Feb, 16:03
📊 I attach a schedule for the total capitalization of the altcoins. The first thing you should pay attention to is a confident uptrend. Second - take a look at the volumes now and in 2017. Do you feel the difference? Is a grandiose movement preparing?

There are 9 different coins of the second tier, which so far have not shown tremendous growth from the bottom, but which have already got volumes:

Eidoo [#EDO]
Enigma [#ENG]
Mithril [#MITH]
Decred [#DCR]
Moeda Loyalty Points [#MDA]
Groestlcoin [#GRS]
CyberMiles [#CMT]
Skycoin [#SKY]
Viberate [#VIB]
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Bullish Trend 15 Feb, 09:18
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Bullish Trend 14 Feb, 19:08
Meanwhile, there are 93 days left before halving🚀