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Official announcments for Blok. Join us as we revolutionize the global gig economy. Blok was created to help our world work smarter and more efficiently to meet the needs of the on-demand gig workforce. Website: Blok.Network Community:
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We are particpating in “Vote for Your Coin” on BitMart Exchange. Come and support us for a chance to win 100 BMX rewards!
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Репост из: Kyle White
Blok is in a competition for listing on bitmart!!! Competition starts tomorrow. Ready to see what the Blok community can do!!
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Another top tier rating for the Blok ICO
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Great news Blok community. We have received another review - 5/5 on! Read more here:
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Let's keep earning Blok! We have instituted a 7% referral program when you refer an ICO contributor. Learn more in the Blok community @blokcommunity
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Crowdsale Facts:

The ICO will last until May 10
1 ETH = 5700 BLO
Tokens will be instantly distributed to your wallet
The minimum deposit to participate is 0.01 ETH
Blok Announcements 10 Apr 2018, 03:06
The Blok ICO is LIVE!
Blok Announcements 10 Apr 2018, 01:59
It's down to the final hour now. 60 mins to go before Blok's ICO starts.

Participate in ICO @

Ask any last minute questions in the group chat @
Blok Announcements 10 Apr 2018, 01:02
2 sweet hours away until liftoff! Blok ICO begins in 2 hours
Blok Announcements 10 Apr 2018, 00:05
We are only 3 short hours away from the start of Blok's ICO!
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