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BetOnChart is a new concept of football betting, where the players can make in-play bets and follow the match at the same time.
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Bet On Chart 5 Oct 2018, 13:38
We’re glad to inform you that all the Bounty Rewards are now calculated and highlighted on our BTC thread.

The delivery of Bounty + Airdrop tokens will be started within a few days.

Bet On Chart team.
Bet On Chart 5 Oct 2018, 13:38
Bet On Chart 2 Oct 2018, 20:03
Now it’s official: Bet On Chart ICO is finished. And the main question is what happens now?

While we continue to work hard on the project, we’ll do our best to make sure that every participant of our Airdrop & Bounty campaigns receives earned tokens. So everyone who was helping us with the project can expect tokens to be distributed in a week (maybe a little more) time.

Bet On Chart team.
Bet On Chart 2 Oct 2018, 20:03
Bet On Chart 2 Oct 2018, 13:00
Keep up with the latest Bet On Chart updates on our Facebook page!

Follow our page:
Bet On Chart 1 Oct 2018, 16:06
No one could predict that Saulo Fontes would perform such an incredible save, but you can always bet on what team will be playing better!

Watch on our FB page:
Bet On Chart 30 Sep 2018, 18:35
Bet On Chart 30 Sep 2018, 18:35
Good news for our Bounty Campaign participants. New updates are already here! We’ve marked all the participants of our social Bounty Campaigns in: Twitter, Instagram, VK, Medium, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit.

All the rest spreadsheets will be updated in the nearest days.
Bet On Chart 28 Sep 2018, 14:35
Bet On Chart 27 Sep 2018, 15:58
Watch a shootout from the match between Tottenham and Watford, and try to guess: what team has a higher chance of winning in a penalty shootout 🥅?

More on our FB page:
Bet On Chart 26 Sep 2018, 11:34
International football ⚽️ is getting more engaged with crypto year by year.

Read the latest news from football world on our FB page: and know more about Blockchain technology in Bet On Chart on:
Bet On Chart 25 Sep 2018, 11:15
When it comes to betting, the real choice is how many bets should you make in Bet On Chart 😉.
Bet On Chart 24 Sep 2018, 12:10
Bet On Chart essentials, or how does the chart work?

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Bet On Chart 21 Sep 2018, 16:13
Bet On Chart 20 Sep 2018, 17:19
10 years ago Zenit FC became the winner of the UEFA Europa League for the first time.

How will Zenit ⚽️ perform in today’s match against Copenhagen 🥅?
⚽ 4
🥅 5
Bet On Chart 19 Sep 2018, 19:25
Would you bet on a goalkeeper 🖐 scoring in the football ⚽️ match? The chances are low, but still… top-5 scoring keepers altogether have pulled off 18 goals this year!

Read more on our FB page.
Bet On Chart 19 Sep 2018, 11:02
How many football clubs ⚽️ there are in Europe?

Now you can browse all of them (and see which are generally better) on one amazing map! Check it out in high resolution on: But be careful, you can get stuck there for long 😅.
Bet On Chart 18 Sep 2018, 13:11
We have 4 evident pretenders for the victory in Champions League this season: Barcelona ⚽️, Real Madrid 🥅, Bayern Munich 🏃, Juventus 🏴. Who will win? Any predictions?
⚽ 3
🥅 3
🏃 1
🏴 7
Bet On Chart 16 Sep 2018, 15:24
And the right answer is... Josef Bican 🇨🇿, who scored at least 805 goals. Which is more than the records of Romário and Pelé!
Bet On Chart 14 Sep 2018, 14:36
So we decided to remember players who scored more. And do you know what football player ⚽️ scored the most number of goals ever in football history? Josef Bican 🇨🇿, Pelé 🇧🇷 or Ronaldo 🇵🇹?
🇨🇿 1
🇧🇷 10
🇵🇹 3