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Это ваш канал? Подтвердите владение для дополнительных возможностей is building a bank for the blockchain era. The pre-ICO starts on the August 28th 2017
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It’s time to raise the curtain and reveal the upcoming addition to Bankera Exchange – one of the most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment, Tether! This time we are awarding two contest winners who were both first to guess correctly. Congratulations to Lokman Uddin Mamun from Facebook and Nick Spierings from Twitter.
Bankera 7 Feb, 21:56
A new cryptocurrency is going to be listed on Bankera Exchange in the near future! Try to guess its name under the posts in our social media channels with a hashtag #GuessTheCoin. The first person to guess correctly will win 100 EUR worth of BNK!

Please note: only one guess per user is allowed.
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To better introduce you to Bankera Exchange - our new digital-asset trading platform - we are launching a "How to" series where we are going to provide you with tutorials detailing how to take advantage of different Bankera Exchange features. Today, we would like to give you a quick guide explaining how to sign up and prepare your account for trading. Find it in our blog post:
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SpectroCoin has recently acquired two new crypto licences in Estonia – these will also be fully applicable to Bankera’s services. Please read about this topic in SpectroCoin's blog: More news about licenses and its implications for Bankera is coming soon.
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