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Creating the World's 1st Decentralised Crypto-Financial Services Network of Branded Cryptobanks! Join us in shaping a future of 100+ Cryptobanks....
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Репосты 19 Feb, 00:18 28 Sep, 14:41
An alternative to banking!!!! 28 Sep, 14:41 1 Sep, 12:20
Baanx is receiving $2m from LDJ Capital 20 Aug, 17:53
Pay using our online system - make an instant payment! 20 Aug, 17:53 3 Aug, 22:37
‼️Attention: We get complaints from community members that Impersonators are active in Group, so please be careful as they are not authorised - our Admins will never contact you first‼️

Please don't pass any of your information if any person messages you first - only use the Baanx wallet on to make ANY PAYMENTS to Baanx - this is the only method we use.

CURRENT BONUS 55% - FINISHING SOON (nearly at $5m)

Check out our app website

Check out - our token sale site

Please go to the Baanx wallet on to be a part of our project and help us decentralise Banking!!

BAANX BXX Tokens are Utility Tokens.

Our token pre-sale is now on in August.

September 1st to October 31st is our Token Sale.

Baanx website
-- Video -- Whitepaper

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to listing our tokens on major exchanges at the end of the sale! 21 Jul, 00:08
Hi Guys

Check out our new website

This site will become soon - and the site will be moving to a special token sale site.

Join our channel too for more announcements. 8 Jul, 14:42
Baanx is on Newswatch TV in the United States on the 9th July - this is a leading Technical review program which goes out on one of America's leading TV networks.
Fortunately they like what they have seen of our MVP products - with the first part of the application reaching mainstream testing happening soon, our custody wallet with insurance for your cryptocurrency assets is coming out on the Appstore during July. 8 Jul, 14:40 22 Jun, 00:54
Latest Baanx Product & Business Updates by Garth Howat 13 Jun, 21:34 13 Jun, 21:34
Sean Salloux on security of the blockchain and mobile at the London Blockchain Crypto compare Summit today. 13 Jun, 19:28
Sean Salloux on security of the blockchain and mobile at the London Blockchain Crypto compare Summit today. 5 Jun, 14:01
🚀Baanx has been scored a fantastic 94/100 on the independent reviewer @ICOchannels - check it out here right now!🌎💥 4 Jun, 17:39
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🎉✨We want to thank you all so much for spreading the word about Baanx so far! You're the best. 🙌 Lots of exciting things ahead and we can't wait to share them all with you! 😎 4 Jun, 17:32
Check it out now!!🚀🚀🚀 4 Jun, 17:30