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A highly profitable, global cryptocurrency ecosystem that doesn’t rely on banks or financial institutions. Alicoin puts you at the centre of the currency and allows you to invest in it in multiple different ways.
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Alicoin Cash 7 Apr 2018, 19:00
We appreciate your support and understanding. All communication channels will be open. We will always be glad to receive your letters!
Alicoin Cash 7 Apr 2018, 19:00
‼️📣We welcome all investors and members of Alicoin Cash community!📣‼️

We enclose our deep gratitude to everybody for your faithful interest and belief in our project! We are extremely proud of the fact that in just a matter of days more than 5,000 people have been registered since the start of the token sale. It means that we are on the right path to success.

Unfortunately, despite the positive moments and our true desire to do everything correctly, there are objective reasons that do not allow us to realize our commitments to the maximum and launch the Alicoin Cash 100%. The reasons are the situation in the cryptocurrencies market and the attitude of the community in whole.

From this, we understand that at this level of fees and the cost of currencies we will not be able to implement our obligations to the full and simply do not want to dwindle to the level of scam projects. We respect the crypto community and Alicoin Cash community.
Although all the input efforts and funds invested in the development and marketing, we have made the difficult decision to stop the token sale and temporary freeze the ICO Alicoin Cash.

📣We will make a 100% refund. All funds will be returned to investors in full volume.📣
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Alicoin Cash 5 Apr 2018, 10:03
Join the ICO now and you’ll be among the first to receive an Alicoin Cash cryptocurrency card with a special “early contributor” design.
Alicoin Cash 5 Apr 2018, 10:02
📣 Credit cards are a part of our daily lives for almost a decade now. And while you may not find the card terminal in some country cafe, there’s an option to pay for pretty much anything anywhere with a credit card. While cryptocurrencies offer some significant advantages over the traditional fiat currencies, the places where you can use them are still few and far between. But why change the system when you can effectively blend in?

Alicoin Cash Debit Card will allow you to pay for virtually anything the way you are used to, but using the advantages of cryptocurrencies. 📣
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Alicoin Cash 5 Apr 2018, 00:00
Join Alicoin Cash community!
Alicoin Cash 5 Apr 2018, 00:00
📣Our community has reached over 5000 people📣

We are very grateful for your interest, support and participation in the project. We are always open for any ideas, so please, don’t hesitate to write to our email ( Every idea will be considered. If going over to your mail client is a bit much for you, you may also leave your feedback in the comments under this post.

Once again, any feedback is highly appreciated. We’ll contact the authors of the most interesting ideas for further cooperation.
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Alicoin Cash 4 Apr 2018, 17:00
Users that invest in Alicoin Cash tokens will get additional benefits! Grab tokens why they are cheap!

Join the tokensale here:
Alicoin Cash 4 Apr 2018, 17:00
📣 Have you ever thought of what to do with your free money? 📣

While cocaine and hookers is always a solid option, jokes aside, a lot of people think of some way to get passive income. While there are a lot of options, all of which involve either high risks, inability to return you initial capital, low profitability, long payback period or, in many cases, all of the aforementioned, the most “traditional” or rather common way is deposit, and even in it, you aren’t getting any significant profits, the ones you get are barely enough to cover the inflation rate, not mentioning getting any profits and you can’t withdraw your funds (or get significantly smaller percents for this option).

We offer you the significant advantage over this system, you can earn as much as 54 percent monthly with the payback times being much lower moving towards bigger investment amounts.
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Alicoin Cash 4 Apr 2018, 11:00
Join the Alicoin Cash token sale now, only 11 days left in this stage.
Alicoin Cash 4 Apr 2018, 11:00
A rare person has never caught a thought along the lines of “Why didn’t I buy BTC like 5 years ago, everyone was talking of ‘em/they were so cheap..” Well, we can’t turn the time back, but what we can do is think and analyze. Aren’t we all doing the same mistake now?

While the future of Bitcoin remains unclear, as a matter of fact, there is a way to rip off the profits that can be compared to you investing in Bitcoin several years ago even at the present moment and that would be to invest in Initial Coin Offerings. A lot of tokens and coins that conducted ICOs in 2016 and 2017 have risen in price hundreds of times.
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Alicoin Cash 4 Apr 2018, 00:04
Join the Alicoin Cash ICO now!
Alicoin Cash 4 Apr 2018, 00:04
📣 Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets in their nature and while the price can go down as well as up, and it may appear wild or unreasoned at a first glance, if you take a closer look, you’ll find that the whole cryptocurrency market is usually following one trend of either growth or decline with exceptions being few and far between. This usually happens due to the funds being put into or withdrawn from the market in accordance with a recent news and regulations.

If we go back in time a bit, we’ll see that each year cryptocurrency market experiences the decline in the beginning of the year and the growth following it with a results of the later far surpassing those of the previous year and thus, given that ALC token will be listed in exchanges at the approximate end of the decline, we could expect serious and quick price growth.
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Alicoin Cash 3 Apr 2018, 16:04
Alicoin Cash 3 Apr 2018, 10:03
Join Alicoin Cash ICO today and build your future tomorrow!
Alicoin Cash 3 Apr 2018, 10:03
📣 One of the main goals of our project is the provision of services within the framework of the Alicoin Cash platform. 📣

Many are familiar with freelance sites, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Weblancer. There are two main problems with using these sites: security and commissions. For example, somebody has a task and he found a freelancer who is ready to fulfill it. The following and the most dangerous moment is the process of payment. This direction in Alicoin Cash project is designed to solve these problems through the introduction of smart contracts and the use of blockchain technologies. Thus, it will protect both customers and performers. The commissions will be minimal. We want to provide the widest possible security of payment as well as the lowest commission.
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Alicoin Cash 3 Apr 2018, 00:12
The debit card of our project works on the principal of the ordinary debit card, but the funds will be withdrawn not from a bank account. Your cryptocurrency wallet will be used instead. What are the advantages of our cards? First of all, they provide user’s freedom. There are no borders or limits for the Alicoin Cash card – it can be used in anywhere anytime.

What is more, the debit card funds cannot be taxed. Secondly, you will be able to pay for purchases and services by Alicoin debit card with no complications. It can be used in any trade location and by any ATM. Alicoin Cash lends to conversion without superfluous commissions into fiat currency and any other currency with the best exchange rate.

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Alicoin Cash 2 Apr 2018, 20:00
Alicoin Cash Staking is your secure passive income.
Join now for a better future!
Alicoin Cash 2 Apr 2018, 20:00
📣Ever thought of passive income opportunities?📣

We've got something for you: make a profit with a yield of 10% per month by using Alicoin Cash Staking. It's simple: all you need to do is to create a wallet, deposit coins on it and wait! You receive your interest only for storing.

There is no minimal storage period. You are able to withdraw coins to your crypt wallet at any time. The more coins you have in your wallet and the longer you hold them, the bigger profit you get.
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Alicoin Cash 2 Apr 2018, 10:59
Alicoin Cash 2 Apr 2018, 00:58
Join Alicoin Cash ICO now!