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09.03.2018 15:33
28 Jun 2018, 19:05 (845 дней назад)
Name: Roomdao
💡What: Huge solutions for travellers and small suppliers
🌐Web: https://roomdao.io
📥 Telegram: https://t.me/roomdao_chat
⌚️When:ICO Phase 1 - 01.06.2018- 30.06.2018
💰 Hard Cap: 1 mln USD (12 mln tokens)

The Team is multinational and consists of young professionals, dedicated to the project.
There is Inna Petrenko - experienced in marketing and strategy.
Among advisors - Timothy Lee a serial ICO Advisor with experience in AI.
And Nikolay Chernov - PHD in Econimics and tourism expert.

👨💻Social activity: About 20,3k views on Bitcointalk. Activity of subscribers on Twitter is 12,9K people. There are more than 4,2k of subscribers on Facebook. Activity in Telegram – almost 13,3K people.
👂🏻Hype-score: ↗️ Medium-high

📃Project description:
Working MVP: http://roomdao.com
Roomdao is made for tourist industry, this is a platform which brings local tourist service providers to the new level of interaction with tourists. Beeing more flexible in terms of fees and service variety, local providers will be given a powerful tool to promote and sell their services directly to the client. This will give them opportunity to become competitors for global brands who are heavily promoted via Expedia.com and Booking.com. Roomdao will offer the platform for free (unlike more than 20% charged by traditional platforms). Advanced booking system of Roomdao will let users rent a car, book accommodation and many more. All these services would be available at a much cheaper rate than ever before.

• September 2018 - Launch of ROOMDAO RENT, ROOMDAO SHARE
• February 2019 - Launch of ROOMDAO full version
• March 2019 - Launch of ROOMDAO Platform promotion campaign
🌪Risk-score: ↘️ Medium-low