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Token Daily 28 Jun, 09:45
European Commission Vice President Announces New EU Cryptocurrency Regulation Regime

The European Union is preparing to establish a new cryptocurrency asset regulation regime. This was announced by the Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis.

“This is a good opportunity so that Europe can strengthen its position in the international arena and become a global founder of standards, while European companies are leading the field of new technologies for digital finance,” he said.

The primary goal of this plan is cryptocurrencies, added Dombrovskis. European laws already define the principles for regulating some aspects of the industry, for example, security tokens, while others, including stablecoins, remain in the gray zone. According to the representative of the European Commission, it is precisely the lack of certainty in regulation that is often called the "main barrier to the development of a strong crypto market in the EU."

At the same time, individual cryptocurrency regulatory initiatives of individual countries violate the integrity of the market and complicate the activities of companies with presence in several EU countries. As expected, the new regulatory regime will not only fill legislative gaps, but also bring this legislation to a single standard throughout the block.

The publication of new regulatory proposals should take place before the end of the year. Dombrovskis did not go into details, only saying that they would support and stimulate innovation. At the same time, Libra, which is a prime example of a "global stablecoin", is waiting for a new tightening of the rules, he promised.

“In general, our approach will be proportional and based on the level of risk. This means that less stringent rules will apply to less risky projects. Global stablecoins carry additional challenges and can potentially have significance at the level of the entire system, so our rules for them will be stricter, ”he explained.
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Token Daily 19 Jun, 20:04
Binance will open a regulated crypto exchange in the UK until the end of summer

Binance cryptocurrency exchange this summer will launch a new trading platform in the UK, reports Reuters.

The new division is focused on serving the needs of institutional and retail investors interested in buying and selling cryptocurrencies for pounds and euros. To make payments to the platform, channels such as Faster Payments and SEPA will be connected.

The trading platform will be regulated by the UK Financial Supervision Authority (FCA). Currently, up to 65 digital assets are being considered for listing on the exchange.

“Interest in the digital asset markets in the UK is growing; “not only in depth from existing participants, but also in breadth,” said Binance UK Director Teana Baker-Taylor. “With the development of cryptocurrency services, we have opportunities to create new options with which we can increase the participation of a wider audience.”

Binance claims that the activity of institutional investors on its platform has increased recently. In the first quarter of 2020, the user base of such investors grew by 47.4% compared with the fourth quarter of 2019. Trading volumes of institutional investors rose by 113% in the spot market and by 217% in the futures.

At the beginning of last year, Binance launched a specialized exchange to service trading in fiat euro and pound, registering it on the island of Jersey, in the British crown.
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Token Daily 15 Jun, 11:53
Transactions with millions of commissions on the Ethereum network - the work of ransomware

Hackers gained partial access to the exchange’s hot wallet, but cannot withdraw funds to their addresses due to multi-signature, but can withdraw to other whitelisted addresses.

Transactions with millions of commissions on the Ethereum network - the work of ransomware
According to one of the new versions of PeckShield blockchain researchers, those strange transactions with millions of commissions on the Ethereum network are the work of ransomware hackers who have received partial access to the exchange’s hot wallet, but cannot withdraw funds to their addresses due to multi-signature, but can output to other whitelisted addresses.

Those. attackers control the wallet, but cannot profit from it - they have no choice but to make insane transactions with huge commissions and demand a ransom from the exchange, threatening to completely empty the wallet.

Recall that last week from an unknown address two transactions were made with a small number of ethers and commissions of $ 2.6 million each.
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Token Daily 9 Jun, 18:58
Investors Believe in Ethereum

The number of ethereum hodlers reached a historic maximum, and the number of wallets in the network of the second largest cryptocurrency exceeded 100 million.

Investors continue to believe in the potential of Ethereum.

The number of hodlers (cryptocurrency holders for the long term) in the network of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization reached a historic maximum - 22.39 million wallets hold 61.22 million coins for more than a year (this is more than 75% more than in June 2019).

At the same time, the number of unique addresses on the Ethereum network, according to the Etherscan browser, exceeded 100 million.

Currently, the coin is trading at $ 255 with a market capitalization of 27.2 billion.
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Token Daily 7 Jun, 15:41
Top cryptocurrencies of the week: WPP TOKEN, DWS, ALL BEST ICO

Last week, bitcoin and main coins rolled on a roller coaster and returned to the old ranges. Meanwhile, low-cap altcoins continue to show triple-digit growth. This week, WPP TOKEN, WS, and ALL BEST ICO were the luckiest.

1. WPP TOKEN (WPP) + 695%

WPP TOKEN (WPP) takes 1341 place in the CoinMarketCap rating, while its current market capitalization is $ 215 thousand, and the average daily trading volume is $ 75 thousand.The token is registered on only one exchange, Digifinex, and is traded in conjunction with USDT. Over the past seven tokens, it has risen in price by almost 700% and at the moment tested the $ 0,000633 mark. The current WPP rate is $ 0,000622. WPP consolidated in the range near current highs amid declining trade volumes.

WPP TOKEN is backed by Swiss-based renewable energy company WPP Energy. The company has been operating since 2009 and is positioning itself as a repository of green energy and environmentally friendly technologies. WPP TOKEN is supposed to be used as payment for convertible preferred shares that are not yet issued and the date of issue is unknown.

2. WS (DWS) + 494%

At the time of this writing, WS (DWS) is on the 2230 line of the CoinMarketCap rating, and the coin can be bought at a price of $ 0.000089. The price of the token practically did not change over the past day and increased by almost 500% in a weekly ratio. The average daily trading volume of ECO was $ 94 thousand, while the market capitalization is unknown. You can buy or sell a token only on the BitForex exchange in pairs with USDT and ETH. Recall that recently BitForex was involved in a scandal. Users complained about fraud with the price of the Gram token.

DWS can be bought at a price of $ 0.000089, while the historical maximum was recorded on July 12, 2018 at around $ 1.93.

At the time of writing, the project website is unavailable, and no one has looked at Twitter since October 2018. This suggests that the unexpected growth of the coin is due to price manipulations such as "pumping and dumping."

3. ALL BEST ICO (ALLBI) + 329%

ALL BEST ICO (ALLBI) for seven days rose by 329% and at the moment tested the mark of $ 0.003082. The current ALLBI rate is $ 0,000741, and the average daily trading volume reached $ 50 thousand. The coin takes 1456 line in the CoinMarketCap rating with a capitalization of $ 135 thousand. More than 90% of the total token trading volume goes through Crex24 exchange in pairs with BTC and ETH.

ALLBI offers everyone to create a project within their system. The team promises to develop and prepare for them a cryptocurrency with a given set of characteristics, create a website, conduct an advertising campaign and take on all administrative functions. All these services are paid in ALLBI tokens.

The project leads a very active life in social networks, but no fundamental events that could provoke a rally were noticed.
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Token Daily 4 Jun, 14:04
Token Daily 4 Jun, 14:04
Cryptoexchanges store 3.08 million bitcoins. Coinbase leads by a wide margin

According to a study by Larry Chermak of The Block, cryptocurrency exchanges store about 3.08 million bitcoins - 16.5% of the total offer of 21 million.

Coinbase, an American cryptocurrency company, stores 984,300 BTC on its wallets. Coinbase is followed by Huobi (413,000 BTC), Binance (318,000 BTC), OKEx (268,000 BTC) and BitMEX (217,000 BTC).

According to a LongHash study, as of early January 2020, 970,000 BTC were stored on Coinbase, and 966,230 BTC at the beginning of December 2019.

The analysis took into account data from various sources, including bitUniverse, chain. info, Glassnode, BitFury and BitcoinWhosWho.
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Token Daily 27 May, 21:00
Gemini and Bitwage have opened the reception of American pension contributions to invest in bitcoin

Bitwage, a cryptocurrency remote payroll service provider, announced the launch of a retirement plan with the option of investing in bitcoin. The proposal was framed in accordance with Model 401 (k), the most popular private pension scheme in the United States.

According to Jonathan Chester, CEO of Bitwage, the public launch of the solution was carried out after 10 months of testing with the participation of employees of the company itself.

Under US Tax Code article 401 (k), from which the pension plan was named, employees can transfer part of their salary to their personal accumulative pension accounts before taxes. In addition, the number of contributions may be increased at the expense of the employer's own funds. Typically, such plans are based on a basket of assets, in particular stocks and bonds.

The cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, the custodial services provider Kingdom Trust and the company Leading Retirement Solutions also participated in the development of the solution. Gemini will do the conversion of dollars to bitcoin, the Kingdom Trust will manage the storage of assets, and the Leading Retirement Solutions will do the administrative work. Fiat currency will be converted to digital currency automatically in accordance with the payment period.

Bitwage expects its offer to help companies get the most out of their payroll program, in which authorities provide businesses with a line of credit to support amid a coronavirus pandemic. The state will free companies from the need to repay loans if they use at least 75% of the funds received to pay salaries, including pension contributions.

“Companies now have the opportunity to provide payments for accounts 401 (k) in order to fulfill the 75% condition. We help employers get the most out of this program while providing their employees with new and innovative investment solutions, ”Bitwage said.
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Token Daily 25 May, 18:49
Tokens THETA, TFUEL, IOTX, and DREP show growth up to 650% in anticipation of the launch of major networks

The Bitcoin exchange rate has declined by 10% over the past week. At the same time, several altcoins have shown steady growth. All of them are united by the quick launch or update of the main networks.

The most noteworthy project in terms of price was Theta Network. Over the past week, its main THETA token has grown by 95%, and Theta Fuel token (TFUEL) used to pay transaction processing fees - by 650%.

Theta Network developers intend to launch the main network 2.0 on May 27. The second version includes support for full-fledged staking and other technical improvements. In early 2018, Theta Network raised $ 20 million to develop a decentralized network for the supply of video content.

The next mainnet in general mode should launch IoTeX. The event is scheduled for June 1. Over the week, IOTX grew by 115%.

IoTeX also conducted ICOs in early 2018, raising $ 14 million then, and specialize in the Internet of things.

By the end of the second quarter, the DREP developers promise to launch the main network. Their token has grown by 60% during the day, while holders continue to expect the announcement of specific dates.

DREP conducted an ICO in mid-2019 and raised about $ 20 million. The project is developing a solution for measuring and monetizing online reputation.
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Token Daily 23 May, 00:00
Interesting, what we all can get uniting conventional money and cryptocurrency.

GEKKOIN - transparent and realible ecosystem that provide a bunch of solutions to invest effectively.

STRUCTURED DEPOSITS – a turn-key investment strategy, you can make in a specific asset(cryptocurrency), while having full or partial risks protection.
- Deposits from 3 months
- Capital protection up to 100%
- Return 4% per annum guaranteed
- Additional income up to 200% per annum in case of cryptocurreny asset growth

TRANSACTION UTILITIES – developed for our clients to stay in world you live in.

When money counts, time is the best investment in it.

GEKKARD mobile bank keeps you online with all your transactions round the clock. Get physical Mastercard or virtual version and enjoy simplicity and reability saving time for the most important things.

Gekkoin Wallet - ideal solution for individuals, investors, crypto holders.
- Open and earn using structured deposit
- Topping up conventional money, cryptocurrency, EURG token with Gekkard (physical or virtual card)
- Transfer your money between Gekkoin e-wallets immediately with no internal fees.

- Purchase of cryptocurrencies in your account in partnership with AtlantEX OU a licenced Payment institution.
- Replenishing of funds using cryptocurrency.
- Withdrawal of cryptocurrency using fiat money.

Gekkoin – modern way to invest.
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Token Daily 20 May, 19:07
📃 The launch of bitcoin during the 2008 financial crisis was not accidental. Satoshi observed approximately the same processes that we have the opportunity to observe now, in the crisis of 2020. Let's trace the sequence of those events.

January - July: The Fed tries to stop the housing crisis and rescues Bear Sterns. Treasury Secretary Paulson also explains the need to help out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two agencies that held 50% of $ 12 trillion. in American mortgages.

August 13: Satoshi registers with

September 15: Lehman Brothers announces largest bankruptcy in US history ($ 600 billion).

September 17: Investors withdrew a record $ 144 billion from their accounts. Over a typical week, only about $ 7 billion was withdrawn.

October 13: Paulson talks to 9 bank leaders. Total salvage package ~ $ 2.25 trillion.

October 21: The Fed provides $ 540 billion to save financial markets.

October 31: Satoshi publishes Bitcoin's White Paper.

As a result of the 2008 crisis, a financial world based on trust was undermined. Bitcoin was launched during an emergency, and Satoshi planted the seeds at the right time. The world needed an alternative to banks. Now everything is much worse, the size of the "aid" is many times larger, and the situation is much more serious. Everyone needs bitcoin as never before, I’m not afraid to even say how a haven.
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Token Daily 18 May, 11:29
​​Binance has become the best exchange according to CoinMarketCap

In March of this year, Binance bought CoinMarketCap.

The popular cryptocurrency resource CoinMarketCap has updated its rating of exchanges - the first was the Binance trading platform. About it writes The Block.

The new ranking algorithm includes a metric for web traffic.

On its blog, CMC notes that exchanges with large volumes have a significant number of retail traders, so it was decided to include this factor in the current iteration. Everything is taken into account - the number of page views, unique visitors, rejection rate, time spent on the page, keywords in search engines, relative ranking, etc.

Algorithms for assessing liquidity have also been modernized - now instead of two pages (declared and corrected trading volume), only one works.

Recall that in March it became known that CEO Changpen Zhao bought CMC, and in April, Binance became the most visited exchange.
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Token Daily 13 May, 20:09
Coinbase and Gemini were the first of the cryptocurrency exchanges to open accounts at JPMorgan Chase

The American financial holding JPMorgan Chase has accepted the Coinbase and Gemini cryptocurrency exchanges among its customers. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to them, the opening of accounts was approved in April, but transactions on them began to take place only now. The services provided to exchanges primarily consist in managing cash transactions and processing transactions of their American customers. Bank transfers and deposit / withdrawal operations will be carried out through the Automated Clearing House, which ensures the processing of cashless payments within one day.

According to WSJ, JPMorgan will not work with bitcoin, but has shown interest in working with companies from the cryptocurrency space. Coinbase and Gemini had to go through a lengthy approval process to get JPMorgan approval.

“What sets these exchanges apart from others is the extent to which they have become regulated institutions,” says WSJ. “The fact that both exchanges are regulated by numerous departments played a huge role in the process.”

Gemini received approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services in 2015. Coinbase is registered as a money transfer service provider on the U.S. Financial Crimes Network. Both companies also have licenses for processing money transfers in various states.

JPMorgan CEO James Dimon previously stated that he considers Bitcoin a hoax. At the same time, the bank itself is actively exploring the possibilities of the blockchain and last year introduced its own stablecoin for interbank payments JPM Coin.
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Token Daily 4 May, 10:30
What is Bitcoin halving?

Halving (halving, halving) is the moment when the reward to miners in the Bitcoin network is halved. This happens every 210,000 blocks and is a key feature of BTC as part of ensuring the necessary shortage of coins, provided that the maximum emission of 21 million BTC is included in the protocol.

To date, more than 18 million coins have been mined in 11 years of cryptocurrency existence, and it would seem that those small balances of 3 million BTC are about to exhaust themselves. However, it is halving that it will provide miners with work for another 120 years.

How will this happen?

A total of 64 halving is planned, two are already behind (in November 2012 - then the reward decreased from 50 BTC to 25 BTC, and in June 2016 - a decrease from 25 BTC to the current 12.5 BTC), one is about to take place in May of this years and reduce the reward to miners from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC.

And each time the number of coins mined for a certain time period will decrease. Those. if at the current remuneration of 12.5 BTC over the past 4 years (210,000 blocks) 2,625 million BTC was mined, then after the upcoming halving over the next four years with a reward of 6.25 million BTC for each block, a total of 1 will be mined, 3,125 million coins.

Those. after each of the upcoming 62 halvings, the number of bitcoins generated over a 4-year period is decreasing, and the production time of the planned maximum is increasing. That is why until today, so much has been mined in a decade, and in the future, so little will be mined in a century.

Halving will continue every 210,000 blocks until the reward reaches 1 Satoshi, the smallest unit of measure equal to 0.00000001 BTC. After that, miners will only earn on transaction fees.

Why is halving important?
It creates a predictable deficit!

One of the key features of Bitcoin is that it is strictly limited by the maximum emission of 21 million coins (more precisely, 20,999,999.9796 BTC). There will never be 21,000,000,000,000,000 BTC without a consensus change to the protocol. The mechanism by which such conditions are ensured is halving, which is crucial for the predictable shortage and prosperity of cryptocurrency.
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Token Daily 28 Apr, 10:33
Token Daily 28 Apr, 10:33
Token Daily 28 Apr, 10:33
Token Daily 28 Apr, 10:32
Argentines invest record pesos in bitcoin amid threat of default

Residents of Argentina convert record volumes of the national currency to Bitcoin. Such data in his Twitter leads the analytical firm Arcane Research, citing the peer-to-peer platform LocalBitcoins.

As can be seen in the chart below, the weekly trading volume of bitcoin paired with the Argentine peso since January 2018 shows a steady upward trend and during this time it has grown by more than 1,000%.

It is noteworthy that for most of this segment, the cryptocurrency market showed the opposite trend, losing in value of assets and trading volumes after reaching a historic maximum in December 2017.

Events are unfolding amid a continuing deterioration in the economic situation in Argentina. For many years, the Argentine peso is experiencing hyperinflation, and now the state is on the verge of default, the ninth in a row in its history. On April 22, the Argentinean government failed to pay $ 500 million in external debt. Argentina’s pandemic was aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic, which will result in a 5.7% drop in GDP in 2020, according to IMF forecasts.

It should be noted that inflation was not the only reason for the growth in trading volumes on the Argentinean LocalBitcoins market. When converted to bitcoins over the same period, the value increased by 407% and by 139% in US dollars.

As Arcane Research analysts note, these data confirm "substantial growth in real terms."

In the Russian segment of LocalBitcoins, the situation has remained stable since the second half of last year.
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Token Daily 26 Apr, 08:19
Crypto exchange Poloniex angered users with unexpected departure offline

This morning, the cryptocurrency exchange suddenly and without warning stopped working. Some traders suspected the platform of abuse. Although market conditions allow more innocent explanations of what happened.

Today, the American crypto exchange Poloniex went on unscheduled maintenance and for some time was unavailable to users. Despite the fact that by now all the problems have been fixed, some traders suspected the platform of abuse, because interruptions in work coincided with sharp price fluctuations of bitcoin.

The first time the exchange went offline at about 00:00 GMT (three in the morning Moscow time). Now all the functionality has been restored, but the GRIN / BTC market is still unavailable.

Traders are waiting for an explanation

First, the exchange reported a malfunction via Twitter. Here is the text of the post:

“The Poloniex exchange is currently unavailable due to an unexpected problem. We will study the problem and let you know as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience".

We must pay tribute, the company regularly reported on what was happening throughout the morning. Four hours after going offline, the platform began to gradually come to life.

One of the latest reports said that all markets resumed operation except for GRIN / BTC. The exchange tweeted:

“Initially, maintenance was associated with GRIN / BTC. After that, problems began with one of our service providers. ”

This update was published at 05:00 GMT (8 a.m. Moscow on April 24). Since then, no news has been received from the exchange.

Silence breeds suspicion

Disruptions in the operation of crypto exchanges are far from a rare occurrence. BeInCrypto has repeatedly reported such cases.

They are united by the fact that they often occur during a massive increase in market volatility. In this regard, traders have bad suspicions of manipulation. They claim that exchanges are deliberately shut off in order to forcefully stop the spontaneous movements of bitcoin.

There is another plausible explanation: sharp price fluctuations create high demand on exchanges, which leads to congestion at key nodes. Of course, this suggests that some exchanges are not ready for a lot of traffic, but it does not necessarily imply a dishonest game.

Today's sudden crash at Poloniex coincides with market volatility. The first cryptocurrency settled above the $ 7,500 mark after continuous consolidation in the range below $ 7,000.

However, conspiracy theory looks more convincing in falling markets. Exchanges are interested in maintaining activity, especially when prices rise.

But stopping work in a growing market does not make sense. Firstly, the exchange makes money on the transactions of its customers - leaving offline deprives it of profit. Secondly, it is beneficial for exchanges when bitcoin rises in price, because it attracts new participants to the market.

Thus, it is unlikely that today's disconnection is the result of the behind-the-scenes game of Poloniex. BeInCrypto editors asked for comments on Poloniex, as well as one of the most prominent representatives of the crypto community and investors of the exchange Justin Sun. At the time of publication, we did not receive a response to our request.
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Token Daily 22 Apr, 15:50
​​How has the price of leading cryptocurrencies changed in 2 years?

The price of bitcoin reached its historical maximum in December 2017. Then it briefly rose slightly above $ 20,000. However, since then the main digital coin has fallen in price by 65% ​​and is now trading at around $ 6900, writes RBC Crypto.

XRP and Tron tokens, which occupy 3 and 16 positions in the top of cryptocurrencies by capitalization, lost even more in value. The exchange rate of both coins, after a historic maximum in January 2018, fell by more than 95%. Altcoins now cost $ 0.184 and $ 0.012 respectively.

Two years ago, the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market set a record. Then it rose to $ 833 billion. By the current moment, this figure has decreased by 77%, to $ 197 billion.

Of the leading cryptocurrencies by capitalization, the Link token, which now occupies the 11th line, is least affected. His rate hit a maximum of $ 4.97 six weeks ago. On March 13, the price of altcoin fell to $ 1.38, and on the Binance exchange it fell to $ 0.0001. Now the coin costs $ 3.5, which is 28% lower than the absolute record.
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