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CryptoJournal 23 Jun, 14:48
OKCoin and BitMEX Announce New $ 150,000 Grant for Bitcoin Core Developers

The OKCoin and BitMEX exchanges have allocated a grant of $ 150,000 in favor of the Bitcoin Core contributor Amity Uttarvar, Bitcoin Magazine reports.

Uttarvar deals with peer-to-peer bitcoin issues. She owns a proposal to reduce the frequency of wallets turning to the blockchain in order to transfer transactions.

“Recently, Amity has focused on increasing the test coverage of the P2P level in order to ensure the reliability of the code base,” the press release said. - The presence of automated test coverage allows developers to make changes with confidence and is the standard for software projects. In the case of Bitcoin Core, we currently have to test real P2P connections, but the available system only supports some types of P2P connections. Amity’s work allows us to simulate another type of connection to increase test coverage. ”

Previously, OKCoin donated $ 100,000 to BTCPay Server, a Bitcoin payment processing service, and the latest grant from HDR Global Trading Limited, a BitMEX operator, was $ 100,000 for developer Gleb Naumenko.

“Exchanges use these open source protocols,” said Uttarvar. - There are only 30-40 developers who work on bitcoin for full time. Now it is a $ 150 billion industry. We create a functional, decentralized and global currency. We still have a lot to do. This grant will allow me to continue my mission to turn Bitcoin into a more reliable, private and understandable network for the benefit of all. ”
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CryptoJournal 19 Jun, 20:04
Thoughts on the market at 19. 06.2020
During the day, Bitcoin remained in the range of 9500-9200, as stated in yesterday's review.

The main cryptocurrency could not go up to 9500, after which it went to the lower border of the range and the last hour is trading below 9300.

Market capitalization 263 billion, dominance index 65.0

Stock markets are not going anywhere so far, changes in indices within the limits of statistical error.
On the one hand, there are good statistics for May in the USA, on the other hand, the growth of patients with coronavirus and the threat of the second wave.
But there is another significant trump card - a printing press.
I think that the battlefield will remain behind him and there will be no significant drop in the stock markets before the US elections and we will not see below 2800 S&P 500.
Today, high volatility in the US stock market is possible, as the expiration of options on the S&P 500 is expected at 1.8 trillion.
Now Asian indices show slight growth, Brent oil is growing and approaching 42.

At the cryptocurrency market, we continue to move in the range of 9200-9500. The local maxima were not updated, they could not even approach the 9500, they went to the lower boundary of the channel, but also not particularly actively. Most likely, before the American session in the channel, we’ll stay, then either re-storm the 9500 or go out of the range with the prospect of checking the strength of 8800 and go to the long-placed buckets at 8600-8500.

I think that while the first option is more likely.
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CryptoJournal 16 Jun, 15:44
Thoughts on the market at 16. 06.2020

Bitcoin updated the local minimum but did not stop below 9000: the strait was redeemed and the price of the main cryptocurrency sequentially broke through 9200-9300 within a day, and a few hours ago quite confidently fixed above 9500.

The market capitalization of 269 billion, dominance index 65.3
S&P 500 at the opening yesterday updated the local minimum, after which it moved to growth and closed at 3066.
The reason for the growth was the comments from Morgan Stanley - investment bankers forecast the S&P 500 index at 3350 (at the time of comment it was below 3000).

The imbalance between growing markets and a declining economy clearly requires a significant correction.
But the huge amounts that are thrown into the economy, but go to the stock market, prevent the markets from falling. If today the S&P 500 continues to grow, goes above 3100, or at least holds above 3050, the correction can be considered complete.
To send markets down can some significant negative on coronaviruses.
Now Asian markets are growing significantly, and Brent oil is returning to 40.
The fact that Bitcoin held above 9000 is a good sign for the market. For so long above 9000, the market was held only from June to September 2019, and the upper limit of the range was then at 12000.
If Bitcoin is kept above 9500 before the American session, the market returns to the well-known range of 9500-9800 and is preparing for another attempt to test 10K.
If we do not hold above 9500, then we go to the range of 9500-9300 and look forward to further developments.
In Profit ChieF, we hold transactions in Ether, XTZ, BNB, ZEC, and Bitcoin, and in Medium-term transactions - Bitcoin Bull and Ether Bull
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CryptoJournal 15 Jun, 12:55
While the market is trying to update the bottom, I want to introduce you an unique trader who helps his subscribers earn a good profit daily. His name is EVTrader. He showed from his own experience how you can turn 3 btc into 160 btc in just 3 months. His students do not just follow his signals, but begin to understand the market and its movements. And yes. He believes that Satoshi Nakomoto is fiction. And he says that he knows exactly who came up with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. And most importantly why. Check this out.
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CryptoJournal 15 Jun, 08:32
The price rolled back down again, the bears repulsed the sacred $ 10K for them, and it is very likely that while this height is unattainable.

Crypt, as an asset class, is strong, but circumstances are forcing us to go along with the fiat markets, and they have gathered for the second round of decline (see the S&P pattern). The correlation is still very high. But I am convinced that in the near future the circle will open, and everyone will have their own way because fundamentally there is nothing in common. I wrote about this scenario in March. Bitcoin 100% will become a defensive asset, and in the future will displace gold from this field. Pay attention to the dominance of BTC, movement along with the trend⬆️, which means that altos will fly⬇️ a little faster than the cue ball. For me as a holder, there is no significant difference where Bitcoin will be in the near future. I would like to buy in the range of $ 7000- $ 8000, where I am waiting for him now.
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CryptoJournal 30 May, 12:24
Thoughts on the market on 05/30/2020
Contrary to expectations, there was no volatility in the market, Bitcoin is in the same place as a day ago.
Market capitalization 264 billion, dominance index 65.7

In traditional markets, everything was calm, too, the S&P 500 not only stayed above 3000, but also showed a slight increase, closing at 3044.
The markets were waiting for Trump's promised performance in China and Hong Kong, and he faced a difficult choice: either to announce a tough response, sanctions and a trade war and to collapse the markets, or not to do this and lose face in the eyes of voters, because he "did not defend Hong Kong."

The question of why the United States should defend against China a special administrative region of China, populated by the Chinese, which is located on the other side of the world, has long been no one raises.

And all this before the election.
Trump got out, saying that he would stick to a trade agreement with China, but would cancel visas to Chinese students and scholars.
The market arranged it.

There was a video about converting funds into a digital yuan, and in the USA they posted a whitepaper of a digital dollar.
World leaders understand that the future of finance is in cryptocurrencies.

The bitcoin flat market and the growth of altcoins.
Expectations of volatility in the expiration of futures and options did not materialize. Perhaps we will see her in the thin weekend market. I would say that the chances of this are quite large, and the price of bitcoin on the weekend goes either to 9100 or 9800, but is unlikely to leave the limits of this range.

As I said yesterday, if Bitcoin remains above 9000 before Monday morning, a hike to 10500 is very likely.

ProfitChief closed a profitable deal on BNB, in Mid-term deals we hold a position on the Air.
I do the same on my trading account.
In the case of a further flat Bitcoin, altcoins will grow.
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CryptoJournal 20 May, 19:09
U.S. consumer finance bureau recognizes XRP cryptocurrency role in cross-border payments

The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in its new report noted the role of Ripple technology and XRP cryptocurrencies in cross-border payments.

CFPB explains that it has explored new trends in the payment services market and discovered the “continued growth and expansion of affiliate networks” of companies such as Ripple. Analysts also recognized the possibility of using XRP to effectively make cross-border payments.

“The set of products of the company allows banks and credit associations to find out the exact amount for the recipient of the transaction even before it is sent,” the agency notes.

The report also mentions the global payment system SWIFT, which developed the GPI platform to accelerate money transfers between banks in the existing infrastructure. Last year, SWIFT announced plans to integrate blockchain into the GPI, but has not returned to this topic since.

At the same time, CFPB doubts the possibility of rapid distribution of payments based on XRP, as the system of correspondent banks, according to analysts, will continue to play a dominant role in the short and medium term. They came to this conclusion on the basis of their own forecasts and a survey of industry participants.

In late April, Ripple announced the launch of a joint payment initiative with one of Thailand's largest banks.
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CryptoJournal 18 May, 11:14
Thoughts on the market on 05/18/2020
Until Sunday evening, Bitcoin was in the range 9250-9560.
Then the price of the main cryptocurrency went above 9800, after a small correction, it consolidated above this level and now tries for the strength of 10000.

Bitcoin is currently trading at around 9,850.
The market capitalization of 269 billion, dominance index 67.2
Traditional markets opened with rising oil and Asian indices.
WTI is also above 30, Brent 33.4. We see the price above 33 for the first time since April 13.

And this despite the Fed's statement about the possibility of another collapse of financial markets and high risks for real estate and companies with loans.

Another exacerbation along the US-China side was also ignored, due to restrictions on the export of technologies that the United States sets for Huawei.
I think that the S&P 500 at the American session will set the direction for further market movement this week.

In the crypto market, the negative is also ignored.
Information about the lawsuit against the Bitmex exchange, which was filed in a California court and which contains serious charges (working with American investors, illegal activities, fraud), did not prevent Bitcoin from gaining a foothold above 9800 and trying to take 10,000, albeit so far without success.

Support for 9200 has already been confirmed three times, above 9800 Bitcoin has been trading for more than 8 hours, and 10500 - the level that Bitcoin stopped last time is just a throwaway.

But if Bitcoin does not gain a foothold above 10K within a couple of hours, there is a high probability of seeing it at 9200-9300.

If it consolidates, then the further depends on the passage of the level of 10500. But, let me remind you, 10000 has not yet passed.
Therefore, if this does not happen within a couple of hours, I most likely see the return of the Bitcoin price to the range of 9200-9800.
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CryptoJournal 7 May, 09:11
Thoughts on the market on 05/07/2020
An alternative worked from yesterday's review.
The price of Bitcoin this time confidently entrenched above 9000, and soon conquered 9200.
The main cryptocurrency reached a local maximum at 9420, followed by the strait to 9000, which was quickly bought back.
Now Bitcoin is trading in the range of 9200-9350.
Market capitalization 253 billion, dominance index 66.9
The dominance of Bitcoin has peaked in the last 3 months.
Altcoins in pairs to Bitcoin are looking for the bottom, and some (EOS) successfully break this bottom.
Obviously, these are halving expectations.
Some wait for Bitcoin in space and buy it, others fear a market fall and exit altcoins, rightly believing that in which case they will fall the most, others leave altos in Bitcoin in the hope of making money on strong movements.
The situation for altcoins will change for the better only if Bitcoin stabilizes in the range of 9200-9500 at least for a couple of days, and preferably until the halving.
An exit above 9500, as well as a fall below 9000, will drive altcoins in pairs to Bitcoin into an even deeper bottom.
In traditional markets, there was nothing significant yesterday. The S&P 500 closed at 2848, not returning to 2900, despite the increase in oil, Asian indices are now showing a slight drop, gold has corrected and is again trading slightly below 1700.
There are no reasons to grow, huge liquidity poured into the economy in recent months does not give a fall.
Today I expect the 9500 test at the cryptocurrency market. Successful consolidation above this level makes 10K Bitcoin real before halving.
A decrease below 9200 returns the main cryptocurrency to the channel 8500-9200 and makes it possible to test its lower boundary.
Profit Chief opened deals on Air and XTZ at night, stops on profit have already been set.
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CryptoJournal 1 May, 09:32
Thoughts on the market on 05/01/2020
Bitcoin after an unsuccessful attempt to pass 9500 rolled back immediately to 8600, during the day continued to decline to 8500, where it found support.

After that, the main cryptocurrency returned to the range 8660-8850, where it is currently trading.

Bitcoin is currently trading at around 8,700.
The market capitalization of 245 billion, dominance index 65.3

There were no surprises in traditional markets yesterday. The S&P 500 dipped somewhat, but stayed above 2900, while oil is growing steadily, despite the gloomy predictions of Goldman Sachs.

Amazon and Apple reports did not surprise the markets with anything - the first turned out to be slightly worse than expected, the second was better, but these reports did not contain anything unexpected.

S&P 500 came to a significant psychological mark of 3000, a breakdown upwards will cause a wave of optimism in the stock market, despite the state of affairs in the real economy.
For growth to 3000, you need some kind of positive (news about curtailing quarantine or about the vaccine).
But with so much money in the market, something less significant may also serve as a pretext.
At the cryptocurrency market, we tested the strength of 9500, an unsuccessful attempt led to the expected rollback.
I was expecting a rollback to 9200-8800 but went down a floor to 8500-8800, now the range has narrowed to 8660-8850.
If we fix above 8800, then again we go above 9000, perhaps even today.
If we do not fix, we remain in the current range, accumulate a position for the subsequent exit up.
Confirmation of the local bottom at 8500 and accumulation in the current range creates the foundation for further growth and reduces the risks of a severe collapse.

The strong volatility of Bitcoin in the last two days has led to an outflow of money from altcoins.
Top altcoins sagged strongly towards Bitcoin and became attractive for buying. I think they will show growth over the weekend as soon as Bitcoin stabilizes.
Continuing to print USDT. Obviously, Tether haunts the Fed’s laurels.
With such fuel, it is possible to break through not only 10,500, but 12,000 at once.
But these are medium-term prospects.

On the trading account, yesterday I was gaining positions in altcoins and bought Bitcoin at 8582 and 8482.
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CryptoJournal 28 Apr, 10:30
Thoughts on the market on 04/28/2020
During the day, Bitcoin remained in a narrow range of 7650-7730.
At night, there was an attempt to test 7800, but it did not lead to success and the price of the main cryptocurrency returned to 7700, where it is currently being traded.

The market capitalization of 222 billion, dominance index 64.0

In traditional markets - the growth of stock indices, the S&P 500 reached maximums on April 17 and closed at 2878, the volatility index is falling, which indicates a decrease in panic in the market.

In addition, there will be a Fed meeting, US GDP data, and applications for unemployment benefits.
On the positive (or at least the absence of unexpected negativity), the S&P 500 can go up to 2900, and there are close to 3000 there.

Of course, this does not mean that everything is fine in the economy. The consequences of the “fight against coronavirus” will rake at least until the end of 2020.

But the stabilization of the situation and the huge amount of money poured into the economy are sufficient grounds for local growth.
And the stock market every year depends on real economic indicators less and less.
Now oil continues to fall, Asian indices are practically standing still.
On the cryptocurrency market, for the last day, we have observed sluggish movements in a narrow range of Bitcoin and a slow drop in altcoins. Obviously, this is the calm before the storm.

To break through and consolidate above 7800, you need either an external positive or a preliminary refueling at 7500.
The decrease in altcoins speaks in favor of the second option.
The main actions will unfold around April 30, when important events coincide with the crypto market and traditional markets.

Plans for today - we remain in the range of 7500-7800, a trip to refueling to the lower boundary of the channel is possible.

There is good news on TON.
Perhaps it will still be launched
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CryptoJournal 22 Apr, 07:58
Thoughts on the market on 04/22/2020
Worked out a priority option from yesterday's Review.
After the third unsuccessful attempt to gain a foothold above 7200, Bitcoin returned below 7000, which indicates the continuation of movement in the channel with a lower border of 6500-6600 and an upper border at 7300-7400.
Now the main cryptocurrency is trading at around 6870.
Market capitalization 199 billion, dominance index 63.8
Everything was calm yesterday in the traditional markets, the S&P 500 was slowly but surely growing and was already trading above 2865, but then news started spreading over all the media and other news channels that WTI was trading for minus $ 40.
Within an hour, I saw this on the Yandex main page, on three financial portals, on almost all Telegram channels and on TV in the institution where I had a meeting.

In fact, this is just a technical moment, and not the oil itself fell, but the May futures.
But they are able to accelerate FUD in traditional markets no worse than in crypto, because American indices fell by an average of 2%, while the S&P 500 was still trading above 2800 and practically did not lose the gains of the previous week.
Now WTI is back above 20, but some positive changes are possible only after curtailing quarantine measures in the leading economies of the world. This is the most likely scenario for the next 7-10 days, because more and more world leaders understand that quarantine is much more dangerous than a virus.
And the economic consequences of quarantine affect almost everyone.
People are beginning to realize that the loss of livelihoods, the loss of business and the ability to feed their families are a more real threat than coronavirus.
The market will support curtailment of quarantine measures in leading economies, and company reports will put pressure on it.
I think that S&P will stay above 2700-2600, whatever it is in the reports.
Everything is calm on the crypto market, we are moving in the channel 6500-7300.
Today, there is likely a move to its lower border. It is far from a fact that we will approach 6500, considering how the straits are bought, but there are chances for 6650.
I bought Ether on the trading account.
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CryptoJournal 18 Apr, 08:50
Thoughts on the market on 04/18/2020
Bitcoin managed to stay above 7000, two attempts.
True, above 7150 the price was also not allowed, and also twice.
Traded in a narrow range of 7000-7150.
Bitcoin is currently trading at around 7100.
The market capitalization of 204 billion, Dominance Index 63.8
The market is an interesting situation.
Stock Indices.
We have already seen a different picture. WTI oil broke through the bottom and confidently consolidated below 20, Brent is trading at about 28, stock indices rose by almost 3%
Oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp and Boeing Corporation.
S & P 500 ends the week very positively, at around 2873. This is the level of March 10th. 10K Bitcoin) - psychological mark, including FOMO crowds.
Usually, on Friday, market participants fixed their positions.
The fact that they have not done this now speaks of confidence in further growth.
There are two possible options.
Everyone knows that the quarantine has been canceled or substantially weakened next week.
Or is it the crowd that distributed the money.
The director of the Coinbase crypto exchange yesterday said that the number of deposits at $ 1,200 increased 4 times on the exchange. Americans at least 75,000 a year. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
But only the most intelligent and advanced know about crypto exchanges and Bitcoin. And if Coinbase brought a bunch of benefits, then imagine how much it costs on the subject of stocks, almost everything.
S & P 500, plus previously flooded huge volumes of liquidity.

I see the second option as more likely.
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CryptoJournal 11 Apr, 09:36
But then you will have to deal with the consequences of the fight against the virus, closing down businesses, unemployment, and inflation.
By the way, in Europe there are two countries that did not launch the quarantine regime. This is Sweden and Belarus.
Moreover, the situation with the incidence there is no worse than in countries where quarantine was introduced and the economy was stopped. It is clear that chickens are considered in the fall, but I do not think that the situation will change significantly.
In the crypto market, the most likely option is to move in the range of 7000-6800 until Monday, then return above 7000, the further depends on the external background.
The number of bitcoin addresses that contain more than 1000 BPS has reached a two-year maximum. Smart money is leisurely and purposefully buying up an asset that will be the best for the coming years. And on the exchanges, stocks of stablecoins are growing. Think for what purposes they can be started on exchanges and what they are all going to buy.
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CryptoJournal 11 Apr, 09:36
Thoughts on the market on 04/11/2020
The last day I worked out the scenario from yesterday's review of the movement to 6800. Bitcoin price found support at this level, attempts to go below were quickly stopped, the main cryptocurrency returned to 6900.
Attempts to go above 6940 also do not lead to success, now Bitcoin is trading around 6930.
Market capitalization 198 billion, dominance index 64.0
For traditional markets, the week was positive.
Since the end of last week, the S&P 500 has grown by 15%, reaching levels March 10-11.
An agreement was reached on oil to reduce production by 15 million barrels per day.
If there is no negative over the weekend, oil may open up growth and pull other markets along with it.
Europe agreed on a plan to save the economy of 500 billion euros. The American scale is far, but nevertheless, the next portion of unsecured fiat is pouring into a falling economy.

Gold on Thursday updated highs and closed at 1752. The maximum remained from 2011, and it is likely that it will be exceeded next week.

The growth of gold indicates the return of liquidity to the markets and the great demand for anti-inflationary assets.
And this is not surprising if we consider how this crisis will differ from the previous one, 2008-2009.
Firstly, in 2008-2009 the crisis took place in the financial sector, it affected ordinary people only in terms of falling financial markets and national currencies.
If you didn’t have a mortgage loan or a block of shares, then you could find out about the crisis only from TV (then for the majority, as a source of information, it was even more important than the Internet).
The financial sector was hit then, and the real economy was virtually unaffected, as evidenced by rising commodity prices.
Oil then cost on average 3 times more expensive than now.
Now it’s getting worse. The fight against coronavirus dealt a severe blow to the real sector of the economy. The quarantine stops international trade, reduces the demand for almost everything, and in some areas, such as tourism and hotels, we can talk about stopping business in general.
Yesterday I talked with the owners of the hotel with 35 rooms. In two weeks, four visitors.
In this case, it is necessary in the usual manner to pay a loan for utilities, and staff. He expresses his opinion about quarantine and all this hysteria around the virus with the immortal phrase of Lavrov about morons, the hotel is going to sell and go to a crypt.
The closure of businesses means job losses. It is not for nothing that in the USA a record number of unemployed applied for benefits, and this is only the beginning.
What will they do with these people? Public work, as in the Great Depression, is not an option now; there will be no people willing to work for food now.
Therefore, they will simply distribute benefits and other material assistance. In fact, this is the only solution, since people need money for life here and now.
But only in a falling economy is the only source of money a printing press. And this is the road to nowhere. Business must be supported by all means, then there will be no such unemployment.
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CryptoJournal 3 Apr, 18:06
Thoughts on the market on 04/03/2020
The last day and the movement of Bitcoin, and market events, developed exactly according to the Review

Bitcoin tested 7000, peaking above 7300, but could not stay there and soon the main cryptocurrency fell below 6700.
The last 10 hours Bitcoin has been trading at 6800-6750.
Market capitalization 190 billion, dominance index 65.4

Traditional markets yesterday grew on expectations that Trump would agree with Russia and the Saudis to reduce oil production. The S&P 500 grew by 2.28%, the DowJones by 2.24% (and the oil and gas sector showed good growth), WTI oil rose to 26, and Brent above 30.

Then the market participants figured out that there will be no agreements on oil, and most importantly, in the conditions of the coronavirus of the economy, there is no demand for oil and it is unlikely to appear in the near future.
And Trump will not solve this problem.
Because WTI is now at 23, and Brent at 28.
Asian indices show a slight drop.
If nothing positive appears, then on the last day of the week, US markets will show a decline, especially against the background of data expected from the US labor market today.

On the crypto market, the expected test 7000 took place yesterday.
At this level, Bitcoin was previously March 13th. It was not possible to resist, but at 6700 Bitcoin found support. And now there are two options for the development of events - either from 6,700, Bitcoin goes above 7,000 again and is fixed there, or we continue to move in channel 6800-5800 (maybe now the lower border will be at 6200-6000).

I think that given the external background, and the tradition that has developed over the past 2 weeks, to look for the bottom on weekends, the second option is more likely.

According to the news of the crypto market, there has been a lot of negativity recently - one of the first Factom ICO projects declared bankruptcy, obscurantists from an American court forbade the sale of GRAM tokens to even non-American investors, so that they would not accidentally reach the American ones (the top of American legal thought), in Brazil XDEX exchange closed.
I hope that GRAM will still be launched on a decentralized basis and will definitely take part.
And everything else does not affect the global prospects of the crypto market in any way. Considering what is happening in the economy, Bitcoin is doomed to growth, and more and more people understand this.
Kiyosaki has already noticed that there are so many questions to the dollar that there are no answers to, and its best use is to acquire true assets (gold and Bitcoin)
On the trading account yesterday recorded a profit on Bitcoin at 6904, as well as on EOS and ADA
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CryptoJournal 2 Apr, 08:39
Thoughts on the market on 04/02/2020
The last days were quite saturated with Bitcoin.
Yesterday there was a smooth decline from 6400 to 6180, then - rapid growth above 6700, then the price of the main cryptocurrency was adjusted to 6600-6650, where it is currently traded.
Market capitalization 185 billion, dominance index 65.3
Traditional markets were dominated by negativity yesterday. Trump shocked the markets with his statement that 100 thousand Americans will die from the virus, moreover, this will be a favorable development of events, and with an unfavorable 240 thousand die.
The actual number of cases in the United States exceeded 200 thousand people.
Yesterday was the day that all OPEC restrictions were lifted because the markets were waiting for a fall in oil prices, which would also lead to stock indices.

However, financial apocalypse did not happen. S&P 500 fell below 2500, but also did not come close to recent lows, stopping at March 25 values.

Oil, too, below 20 did not consolidate, and now even has grown by 4-5%.

Trump talks with Saudi Arabia and Russia to normalize the situation in the oil market.
About 10-15 years ago it was hard to imagine that the United States would negotiate with the Russian Federation and the Saudis to stop the fall in oil prices. US talks with Saudi Arabia have always been about the opposite.
The question is that US oil companies are head over heels in loans, and in case of collapse, American banks will collapse.
A good example of the old proverb is that if you owe 10,000, these are your problems. And if 1,000,000, then the problems of your creditor).
The crypto market again showed a decrease in correlation with the stock market.
Below 6200 the price didn’t go away, the straits were quickly bought back, and aftermarket participants began to understand that we would not go to 5800, the fate of the bears was a foregone conclusion.
The lows are all higher, the critical market reaction to the virus-negative and the S&P 500 decrease is less, a record number of stablecoins have accumulated on crypto exchanges, and the USDT capitalization has exceeded 6 billion.
That the exit from the channel 5800-6800 will take place through its upper boundary, this is understandable.
The question is whether this event will happen this week, or later.
And here the external background is already important.
Today, Trump plans to swing the S&P 500 in the opposite direction.
A meeting with oil companies for state support, negotiations with Saudi Arabia and dialogue with Putin, the fourth package of economic support in the absence of a special negative for the virus can return the S&P 500 above 2500-2600.
And then Bitcoin has every chance to test 7000 already this week.

If the external background is unfavorable, we remain in the channel 6800-5800, we go to the weekend to its lower boundary.
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CryptoJournal 1 Apr, 13:58
​​🔥Sensorium Galaxy Senso Token Listed On Kucoin🔥

Sensorium Galaxy is a social virtual reality universe with its own unique vibes, nightclubs and hangouts featuring world-class DJs and non-stop entertainment.

As of March 20, the Sensorium Galaxy Senso Token is listed on the Kucoin exchnage and is available to businesses as a means of payment for generating content and services on the platform. The token can already be used for exchanging and giving exclusive access to entire planets and purchasing in-game Avatar profile pics.

The platform has already received an investment influx of over $70 million. The Senso Token is built on the ERC20 Ethereum network standard and is now available for trading on the Kucoin exchange.

Don’t miss your chance to sign up to dive into a galaxy of entertainment and untold opportunities and start trading.
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CryptoJournal 29 Mar, 10:48
Thoughts on the market on 03/29/2020

Bitcoin out of the range, which was mentioned yesterday in the Review, took place.
By the close of traditional markets, the price of the main cryptocurrency sharply dropped to 6300, and after a couple of hours, it continued its downward movement, breaking support at 6200 and rushing to 6000.
From 6000 the price has rebounded and for several hours has been consolidating at 6150.
Market capitalization 173 billion, dominance index 65.1

After three days of growth, traditional markets were down yesterday.
It was precisely a decline, not a fall.
S&P 500 held above 2500 and opened the trading week at 2236.
There is no positive in the real economy, but the Fed’s unlimited resources and the repeatedly declared willingness to pour as much money as needed do their job — the market does not fall further, despite shocking US employment data, expectations for a 30% drop in GDP, and other gloomy prospects.

According to the coronavirus, almost 600 thousand people are sick, the United States comes first, and in China, the situation has been taken under control.
Everything is much better on the cryptocurrency market.
The fall of March 12-13 cleared the market of weak and uncertain cryptocurrency holders, and now about 5,000 are marked with a fairly strong bottom. And the massive generation of fiat from the air makes Bitcoin's prospects uniquely positive.
Negative is the situation around TON, but we expect its resolution, either in the form of some kind of amicable agreement or in the form of a network launch by the community.
The second option is more likely and I like it more, as it makes the product more decentralized and therefore even more attractive. Now the main thing is that this position is shared by TON investors, who have the right to collect money and leave the project from April 30.
I hope that most investors will not use this right and the product will be launched.
What awaits the market at the weekend?
On the stops and liquidations of those who were purchased from 6800, we can go below 6000 and test for strength 5800.
It is likely that we will do this on the weekend, and this situation should be taken as an opportunity for a good purchase.
If within a few hours we fix above 6200, the probability of movement to 5800 decreases.
I think that the most likely option for the weekend is the range 6200-5800. The breakthrough of the upper limit of the range is more likely than the lower.
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CryptoJournal 26 Mar, 14:14
Thoughts on the market on 03/26/2020

Bitcoin again moved according to yesterday's Review.
The third attempt to gain a foothold above 6800 led to the updating of local maximums above 6950, but they could not hold their positions and the rest of the time the main cryptocurrency moved in the channel 6500-6700.
Now Bitcoin is trading slightly above 6700. Market capitalization is 185 billion, the dominance index is 66.1

In the financial markets, yesterday was the second day of growth in a row.
Before that, two days in a row S&P grew only on February 28 and March 2.
Yesterday, the index went above 2500 for several hours, but then corrected below this mark. S&P grew 1.15%, Dow Jones 2.39%.
Once again, the leaders of the Boeing stock, showing a growth of over 24%.
Today, Asian indices are moving in different directions, but while they are growing more than falling, oil is stable, gold is slowly growing.
If there is no new negative for the virus, then there are chances that S&P will show growth on the third day (or at least maintain some stability), indicating that the bottom has been reached.

On the crypto market, Bitcoin is in the range of 6800-6500 for the third day. We have already tried to gain a foothold above 6800 three times, and apparently, there will now be the fourth attempt.

If it ends the same as the previous ones, we can go to 6200 for refueling.
In the case of consolidation above 7100, we are waiting for the acceleration of growth and the next target at 7500.
Tomorrow is the expiration of CME futures, the expiration date of options for Bitcoin, as well as the expiration of futures for altcoins on Bitmex.
In this regard, high volatility and multidirectional movements of Bitcoin and the entire market as a whole are possible, but the direction of movement remains the same.
TON appealed yesterday's court ruling to recognize Gram as security.
We wish you good luck in the fight against obscurantists and a successful exit from the situation. I hope that it ends with a settlement.
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