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CryptoJournal 17 Jan, 21:56
Annual Transaction Volume / Average Transaction Size for various payment services and protocols.
CryptoJournal 17 Jan, 09:12
The total earnings of Bitcoin miners have surpassed the $ 20 billion mark for all time, according to Glassnode. The indicator has doubled over the past two years, so miners are clearly pleased with the current stage of growth in the cryptocurrency market.
CryptoJournal 15 Jan, 21:28
Mt Gox will distribute 90% of the cue ball

Bloomberg journalist Matt Leising said that Mt Gox made a deal and lenders can get 90% of the bitcoin that remained in the wallets of the exchange.

This is approximately 138,000 BTC. There are no details about the time, method and other conditions of distribution. What will happen to the remaining 10% of the coins is also unknown.
CryptoJournal 14 Jan, 18:10
The number of ETH ethers on cryptocurrency exchanges is getting smaller, CryptoQuant reports. Coin holders actively withdraw them from centralized sites.
CryptoJournal 13 Jan, 21:36
1inch.Exchange Reduces DAI / USDC Exchange Cost

Leading DEX Aggregator, added support for MakerDAO's Peg Stability Module (PSM).
This feature allows users to swap DAI: USDC at a 1: 1 ratio while charging a nominal 0.1% commission.
CryptoJournal 13 Jan, 10:30
Yesterday, the trading volume of cryptocurrencies on the PayPal platform exceeded the equivalent of $ 242 million. In general, since January 1 of this year, this figure has grown by 950 percent.
CryptoJournal 12 Jan, 09:39
Google searches for Bitcoin have skyrocketed last week. The figure was about 70 percent of its all-time high, according to The Block.
CryptoJournal 11 Jan, 08:27
Correlation between the release of new USDT and the price of BTC
CryptoJournal 10 Jan, 12:33
December 2020 has become very active in terms of the number of new followers on Twitter accounts of Binance and Coinbase exchanges, as well as the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko platforms. However, the historic highs from December 2017 and January 2018 are still very far away.

Here is the graph. We are waiting for the continuation.
CryptoJournal 8 Jan, 13:58
Tesla shares yesterday overtook the S&P 500 and its member giants Apple and Google.

The media are already arguing whether Elon Max is the richest man in the world or not yet 💰
CryptoJournal 7 Jan, 14:54
BiFi Launches Lending and BiFi Rewards

BiFi ($BIFI) is the multichain DeFi platform powered by Bifrost’s ($BFC) multichain technology. BiFi connects not only Ethereum-based tokens, but also other tokens from different blockchains such as Bitcoin, Tron and Klaytn.

Lending service allows users to deposit ERC-20 assets including ETH, USDT, LINK, DAI, and borrow against their deposit. The interest rates are determined solely by the market demand in a decentralized manner. To secure initial liquidity, BiFi Rewards Program will reward BiFi tokens anyone who deposits or borrows on BiFi.

Next week, BiFi Pooling & Staking service will also support BiFi tokens. Just like BFC Pooling & Staking, users can stake BiFi tokens or BiFi-ETH Uniswap LP tokens to earn even more BiFi tokens.

During Q1/Q2 of 2021, BiFi will expand to connect other blockchains like Ethereum, Klaytn, Tron, and ultimately Bitcoin. Bifrost Wallet, the first multichain wallet, will also be released to offer multichain transactions.

Details about BiFi Lending & Rewards Launch:

BiFi Lending Service:
BiFi Rewards Program:
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CryptoJournal 7 Jan, 08:59
And one more record for the Bitcoin network today: the number of active addresses within an hour set a new maximum. Here is a graph from analysts at Glassnode.
CryptoJournal 6 Jan, 09:10
The influx of USDC stablecoin to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges has grown significantly over the past thirty days, IntoTheBlock reports. On January 3, the figure was the equivalent of $ 135 million, well above the December figures.

The indicator increases with the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate.
CryptoJournal 5 Jan, 18:15
The volume of funds in the decentralized finance industry surpassed the $ 18 billion level for the first time. DeFi Niche Breaks Records Again 🚀
CryptoJournal 4 Jan, 09:10
Alts went on the offensive - ether + 1000🚀
CryptoJournal 3 Jan, 18:36
1 BTC = 1 Tesla

Ether, meanwhile, rose to $ 920, probably in the near future we will test the $ 1,000 level.
CryptoJournal 2 Jan, 09:24
🔍 The hacker who hacked the Parity wallet in 2017 started moving Ethereum.

We are talking about 150,000 ETH, which were distributed by the attacker to 7 addresses and were inactive until December 27, 2020.

CryptoJournal 1 Jan, 11:37
📊 In 2020, hackers stole 4366 BTC, which is 92% less than last year.

The share of stolen coins was only 0.02% of the total Bitcoin supply.
CryptoJournal 30 Dec 2020, 20:37
In the ranking of the largest market caps, Bitcoin now stands before Berkshire Hathaway, an American company led by Warren Buffett. It looks like we will soon check if BTC is really worth calling "rat poison in the square" 😈
CryptoJournal 30 Dec 2020, 09:42
💳 Financial integration provider Simplex has partnered with Visa.

Now more than 200 Simplex partner companies will be able to offer their customers crypto-debit cards, which contributes to wider adoption of cryptocurrency in the masses.