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ICO Crunch 9 Nov 2018, 18:46
​​Weekly news digest:

🔵 Coinbase listed BAT
🔵 SEC cuts accepting public comments on BTC ETFs
🔵 Russian stablecoin to be equal to fiat ruble
🔵 US SEC to clarify rules for security tokens
🔵 Bank of America wins patent for crypto keys storage

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ICO Crunch 7 Nov 2018, 11:41
​​Investx - A blockchain-based platform for investments into SMEs
When – now (pre-sale), Jan 15 - Feb 28 (sale)

Investx is a new potentially solid player on a huge market of financial services to open new opportunities in investments into small and medium enterprises. Being focused on stable businesses, Investx will allow ordinary investors to buy SME shares with their INX tokens and then get dividends and sell. The team is strong and reliable, the whitepaper is excellent. Drawbacks – weak hype, the platform is not yet approved by the FCA, traditional fiat investors may not trust operations with cryptocurrencies.

Investx is opening a new segment of financial market allowing an ordinary investor to buy shares of stable SMEs. The idea seems very logical and promising.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/investx/
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ICO Crunch 2 Nov 2018, 19:06
​​Weekly news digest:

🔵 Coinbase raised $300 million to accelerate crypto adoption
🔵 China's merchants can legally accept crypto as a payment method
🔵 Korea: banks can work with crypto exchanges
🔵 India may ban the use of crypto
🔵 Malta to develop national AI strategy

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ICO Crunch 31 Oct 2018, 11:09
​​Bountie – A decentralized platform for gamers
When - Oct. 27 - Nov. 7

Gaming industry is a huge and highly perspective market. Though it’s full of competitors, Bountie has decided to find its place there with their decentralized gaming platform where gamers could not only play games, but be paid for wins while playing with other gamers. This sounds good, but as other gaming platforms, Bountie has to attract gamers to the platform, otherwise they don’t have a chance to get success. Good news – the guys have several partnerships, including MSI and Twitch, a Streaming and Esports Arena partner with 15+ million users every day. Plus pay attention to growing hype and low hardcap.

Yet another project stepping into a huge gaming market with a simple but not new idea, a strong team and serious partners. What is left is to attract gamers.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/bountie/
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ICO Crunch 29 Oct 2018, 13:27
​​XERA – An exchange both for cryptocurrencies and fiat
When – now - Dec 24

Right, we already have dozens of crypto exchanges, and it will be really hard for XERA to attract investors to the new platform. Anyway, the current exchanges have a long list of disadvantages and XERA is here with a solution that will fix them providing a fast, secure, and user-friendly solution. The list of tokens available on the echange will be permanently growing, fiat money will also be accepted and exchanged. The team is excellent, hype is there, roadmap is feasible, and tokenomics provides measures against token devaluation.

Yet another crypto exchange, but the project has a clear vision, a strong team, and a long list of features to solve problems of current exchanges. The guys are on the right way.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/xera/
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ICO Crunch 26 Oct 2018, 18:03
​​Weekly news digest:

🔵 CloudBric ICO is ongoing, 5 days left
🔵 Bakkt Bitcoin futures to be launched in December
🔵 Japan allows selfregulation in crypto industry
🔵 Tether burned 500 million USDT
🔵 China: BTC should be protected as a property

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ICO Crunch 19 Oct 2018, 17:15
​​Weekly news digest:

🔵 SEC launches division for consulting ICOs
🔵 TRON to cooperate with Baidu on cloud computing
🔵 10 cents for moving $194 million
🔵 Bakkt CEO to deliver a revolution in the sector
🔵 Ethereum's Constantinople caused testnet to be not usable

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ICO Crunch 19 Oct 2018, 11:08
​​Ultrain – A decentralized cloud computing platform for DApps
When – Q4 2018

Ultrain is yet another platform based on blockchain and providing cloud computing services for scalable and high performance DApps. As other platforms for DApps, the project has great perspectives if implemented fast and reliably. The team is big and looks very strong and professional, so the proper implementation is only a question of time. Partnerships and investors are also there. What is to be considered as disadvantages is low hype and giant competitors as Ethereum or EOS.

A perspective project of a decentralized platform for DApps and led by a solid team. The guys have a great chance to conduct an excellent ICO and make a serious product.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/ultrain/
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ICO Crunch 15 Oct 2018, 11:10
​​🚑Virtual Rehab - A VR-based methodology for treating patients with mental disorders
When – Nov 1-14 (pre-sale), Nov 15-Dec 14 (sale)

Virtual Rehab is developing a new, interesting and unique idea to use virtual reality to help people overcome their psychological and mental issues by imitating specific situations and teach the people how to react normally. And the number of use cases keeps growing. Add here the technology of telemedicine, AI, and blockchain and you will get the picture of future, though it’s already this day because the product is there. The team is also strong with decades of experience. Take into account disadvantages of low hype and quite high hardcap ($20 million).

An interesting projects from the healthcare industry, but with growing number of use cases beyond medicine. The long-term perspective is excellent.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/virtual-rehab/
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ICO Crunch 10 Oct 2018, 22:15
Certik - A framework for verification of smart contracts and ecosystems for sustainability
When - airdrop scheme

CertiK is a project that can automatically check if your blockchain-based product is free of bugs and your smart contracts and blockchain ecosystem is hacker-resistant. And you can try it right now (and some ICO projects already did), because the Beta version is already released. The team is great, the number of partnerships is 30+, and hype is also there. Minuses – no information about other team members, only about the leaders, high hard cap, a slightly complicated and unclear tokenomics.

A very strong project a step ahead of other competitors, with an already working product and other majors signs of success.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/certik/
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ICO Crunch 3 Oct 2018, 11:36
​​CloudBric - A Decentralized AI-Based Web Security Platform
When - October, 22-31

This is a definitely promising project with a good team, vision and pretty strong attention from the audience as 2 pre-sale round were ended in 13 minutes and 21 hours accordingly. CloudBric will solve several fundamental issues in the field of security services, bringing a transparency and innovative services. This is a win-win scheme as all the participants receive benefits from using this service. As a weak spot of the project we would notice lack of blockchain experts in the team and the orientation on the Asian market. However, Asian market may become a foothold for this project and then spread around the globe as it is extremely needed by cryptocurrency industry nowadays.

A great project that solves fundamental issues of the security solutions industry, attracting users to its service that uses a system beneficial for all the participants.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/cloudbric/
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ICO Crunch 29 Sep 2018, 16:10
​​Weekly news digest:

🔵 Winklewoss to expand Gemini to U.K. market
🔵 North Korea avoids sanctions via using crypto
🔵 SBI and Ripple are 1 step closer to blockchain-based app launch
🔵 Google to reverse its ban on crypto ads
🔵 Tome Lee: Ethereum will reach $1,900 by the end of 2018

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ICO Crunch 28 Sep 2018, 11:43
​​Connecty – A decentralized knowledge marketplace for experts and businesses
When – Now (pre-sale), Sep-Nov (sale)

Connecty is creating a marketplace of knowledge with experts trying to sell their expertise on one side, and companies looking for effective outsourced R&D on the other. The relationship between them is regulated with a smart contract. So, the idea is simple and rational and the scheme is classic. Keep in mind that the knowledge market is currently estimated at about $2 billion. The guys know where they are going. The team is providing information only about the leading persons. Who are the rest 32 team members – no idea, and that looks strange. Good news – they already have 5000 experts from France and plans to attract knowledge sources worldwide. Part of CTY tokens will be bought back on external exchanges.

A promising project with a new idea. If the guys manage to reinforce hype and attract enough participants into the platform community, we epect excellent growth.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/connecty/
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ICO Crunch 25 Sep 2018, 12:08
​​ICOcrunch concluded a partnership with Binance

The ICOcrunch team is proud to announce that our project has successfully established a partnership with the world’s most famous cryptocurrency exchange Binance!

Binance has expanded its operations into the field of informational services to provide its users clear information regarding different cryptocurrencies. So recently Binance launched an informational service where people can find all the information about certain cryptocurrency, as for example current exchange rate, description of the technology and the most important – ratings from different agencies, including ICOcrunch. Thus, all the projects reviewed by ICOcrunch to date were uploaded to this service and all the future reviews will be uploaded as well!

Read more: buff.ly/2QT2MqF
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ICO Crunch 24 Sep 2018, 10:59
​​ServAdvisor - A decentralized platform for service recommendations
When - Now (Pre-sale), Nov. 12 - Dec. 12 (ICO)

Having artificial intelligence and augmented reality under the hood, ServAdvisor is going to revolutionize users’ feedbacks on different services. This significant part of the advertisement industry still needs to be fairer as we often leave only negative feedbacks. True ratings and augmented reality in a user-friendly app will make choosing a service easy and targeted. Consumers will be rewarded for their reviews with SRV tokens. The project is cool, has cheap tokens, a long roadmap, and led by a formed reliable team, though we need to consider weak Github activity and a number of competitors.

One more win-win project that will simplify customer choices and make service ratings closer to reality.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/servadvisor/
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ICO Crunch 21 Sep 2018, 18:04
​​Weekly news digest:

🔵 Another delay for Bitcoin ETF
🔵 Binance tests fiat-to-crypto exchange
🔵 Ripple to launch xRapid next month
🔵 Bank of America charges 6000 times bigger fees than BTC
🔵 US market crash to flock millenials to Bitcoin

Stay tuned and follow us!
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ICO Crunch 21 Sep 2018, 10:52
​​SWIPE - A decentralized mobile engagement data platform
When - TBA

An old problem of stealing users’ data and selling them to businesses is promised to be solved by SWIPE, a marketplace for app developers, data buyers, and users. Each party will benefit from the new transparent process – users will be rewarded for their data, app developers will get better user engagement and direct sales, and data buyers will get data of better quality. The team has been working in the same sphere for many years and proved its strength and effectiveness with two mobile apps very popular in Southeast Asia, a fast growing market.

Yet another try to give users’ data back to the owners and make the data selling process transparent, fair, and beneficial for all participants.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/swipe/
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ICO Crunch 17 Sep 2018, 11:17
​​Elph - web portal for decentralized applications
When - TBA

The guys from Elph have chosen a clear mission to make DApps as simple in search and use as usual applications. A platform for DApp, a DApp store, a search engine, and a crypto wallet – here are the ingredients of Elph. Considering the team entirely consisting of experienced software engineers, we have no doubts these guys will create the platform. They don’t have a whitepaper yet, but they already do have an MVP for Mac and Windows, and working on apps for Android and iOS, and a tool kit for different protocols for DApp developers. We also emphasize low hype and community development processes. The project is on its early stage, so there’s a chance they will fix it later.

An interesting project with a clear idea, a feasible feature set and a highly professional team. Deserves your attention.

Read more: https://icocrunch.io/ico/elph/
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ICO Crunch 14 Sep 2018, 20:02

BITCOINLEEDS LTD - a Bitcoin investment company that works with BARCLAY'S BANK UK and sponsored by Qatar Airways.

Bitcoinleeds' system is easy to understand and use for making profits on daily basis.

The team consists of certified professionals in various fields such as cryptocurrency mining and manufacturing products in the United Kingdom. They have been handling public assets in UK since December 2017.

Registration NO : 11164114

Register here only: www.Bitcoinleeds.io

Accepted currencies: BTC, LTC, XPR, BCH and many more
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ICO Crunch 14 Sep 2018, 18:32
​​Weekly news digest:

🔵 Buterin: rapid growth of crypto is reaching a ceiling
🔵 Binance CEO: crypto market to grow 1000x and more
🔵 Gemini to impose new USD-backed stable coin
🔵 Morgan Stanley to offer BTC swap trading
🔵 Russia is not ready for adoption of cryptocurrencies

Stay tuned and follow us!
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