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Crypto NEO 28 Jun, 09:48
Galaxy Digital and Bitmain Take Part in AVA's $ 12 Million Token Sale Blockchain Project

The blockchain project of a professor of computer science and a well-known crypto community member Emin Gyun Sirera AVA raised $ 12 million during a closed token sale, reports The Block. The investors in this round were Galaxy Digital, Bitmain, Initialized Capital, NGC Ventures, Dragonfly Capital and Dozens of Individuals.

Kevin Secniki, co-founder and chief operating officer of AVA Labs, said that the funding will go towards the further development of the AVA blockchain network. Its launch is scheduled for July.

AVA uses Avalanche's consensus protocol and promises to surpass Ethereum 2.0. Sirer claims that the key features of the project will be not only high throughput, but also a low value of delays or time between confirmation of the validity of transactions by nodes. He said that in a test network, AVA shows a throughput of 6,500 transactions per second (TPS).

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, in response to this, claims that the blockchain of the second largest cryptocurrency is also capable of processing 1,000 transactions per second in a test network, but there are reasons why the value in the main network is limited to 40 TPS. In any case, AVA Labs expects the TPS to be in the four-digit range on the main network.

The total amount of financing collected to date by the project together with the last round reached $ 18 million. Last year he received $ 6 million from such well-known investors as Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain, Balaji Srinivasan and Naval Ravikant.

Now the project plans to hold a public token sale for accredited investors in accordance with the requirements of US securities law. This stage starts on July 8 and will last at least two weeks.
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Crypto NEO 9 Jun, 19:01
An updated version of the original Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 client has been released

The curator of the original Bitcoin client software, Vladimir van der Laan, today announced the release of Bitcoin Core 0.20.0. The developers note that this is a “major release” containing “new features, bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as improved translations”.

Support for the “-enablebip61” command, which enabled the activation of BIP61 functionality, was excluded. The proposal to improve BIP61 bitcoin was initiated by early developer Gavin Andresen and allowed the nodes to exchange information and the reasons for the rejection of certain transactions. Over time, the developers came to the conclusion that such information could be intentionally distorted. Users who need the appropriate functionality, such as when debugging clients, should resort to alternative methods.

The functionality of the BIP70 has also been completely removed. It allowed the use of URLs instead of standard bitcoin addresses, however, its implementation depended on several known vulnerabilities. Support for BIP61 and BIP70 was stopped in Bitcoin Core by default on versions 0.18.0 and 0.19.0 respectively. The complete removal of BIP70 also allowed to disable support for OpenSSL libraries due to uselessness.

In addition, user wallets in Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 will by default use addresses of the SegWit-compatible bech32 format when interacting via a remote procedure call. For the first time, default bech32 addresses in the graphical user interface began to be used in Bitcoin Core 0.19.0.

The new Bitcoin Core client is available and has been actively tested in versions for Linux, macOS 10.12+ and Windows 7+.
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Crypto NEO 4 Jun, 14:10
Official cryptocurrency industry regulations go into effect in Canada

On June 1, amendments to Canadian law entered into force that provide for the regulation of cryptocurrency companies as enterprises that provide money transfer services.

The amendments were first published by the Canadian government last July. From now on, cryptocurrency companies providing services to residents of Canada, including foreign ones, must comply with the requirements of the Center for Analysis of Financial Transactions and Reporting (FINTRAC) and register in it. As regulated activities with cryptocurrencies, lawmakers call the exchange and implementation of money transfers.

Founder of the Canadian crypto company Bull Bitcoin and activist of the local Bitcoin Embassy Francis Pulio said on May 31: “Today is my last day as an unregulated virtual currency dealer. The circle closed after 7 years from the moment I began my career in the space of bitcoin with lobbying for this very issue. Overall, I consider this a huge achievement. [New regulation] is not perfect, but it could be worse. Our position is unchanged: Bitcoin is money, it must be regulated like money, no more, no less. That is what we got. ”

According to Pulio, the discussion of regulated cryptocurrencies in Canada took 5 years. The Canadian parliament has proposed the inclusion of crypto companies in the law on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism back in 2014.

In line with the new requirements, transactions with cryptocurrencies worth more than CAD 10,000 will require compliance with reporting and identification requirements. Pulio explained that this is the only point that does not allow him to call the amendments "decisive victory."

He also noted that the new regulation applies primarily to crypto companies that work with traditional currencies, such as bitcoin terminal operators. Most industry participants already follow the strict principles of customer identification, as payment partners require them.

Earlier it became known that about 17,000 users of the Canadian QuadrigaCX crypto exchange, which had ceased to exist, applied for a refund after the collapse of the company.
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Crypto NEO 30 May, 12:21
Cardano Founder Announces Shelley Update Release Date

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said the launch of the Shelley update will take place between June 30 and July 7.

According to him, on June 9, Shelley will be open to all. On June 16, developers will begin to complete the system together, and if no defects are found, the update will be launched on June 30. In extreme cases, the launch may be delayed until July 7, if there are any problems. In addition, Hoskinson recommended that users have time to update their software before July 20.

“We have come a long and difficult way. We had to "change tires" when the car remained on the go. What we're working on will become the new operating system, ”Hoskinson said, adding that Shelley’s functionality will ensure genuine decentralization through Proof-of-Stake (PoS), the Ouroboros protocol.

In late April, Cardano developers announced the generation of the first block in the Shelley update test network. The update should add a staking system with which users can earn ADA cryptocurrency. Also in preparation for the launch of Shelley, Cardano released a new wallet, Daedalus 1.0.0 with accelerated synchronization.
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Crypto NEO 27 May, 20:58
Coinbase acquires Tagomi primary brokerage service to expand institutional business

The Coinbase exchange this Wednesday confirmed the acquisition of Tagomi, the primary cryptocurrency service of primary brokerage, putting an end to many months of rumors and speculation.

According to sources of The Block, the deal could range from $ 70 million to $ 100 million. This is one of Coinbase's largest acquisitions to date. It will allow the exchange to continue the development of the institutional direction of its business related to the provision of professional services for the trading and storage of digital assets.

For the first time, a brewing deal became known in November. It was then reported that Tagomi was in talks with several other exchanges, including Binance. An agreement between Coinbase and Tagomi requires regulatory approval. The deal is expected to close by the end of 2020.

Tagomi service was launched in 2018. It allows large investors to trade cryptocurrencies with access to the most favorable order execution prices on the market. Among investors are Peter Thiel, Pantera Capital, Digital Currency Group, and Founders Fund.

According to experts, the proposals of the two companies successfully complement each other. For the formation of full-fledged primary brokerage service, Tagomi lacked the financial base that Coinbase has. The latter, in turn, will gain access to important tools for serving institutional investors.

“We will integrate the Tagomi platform into our own product line and form the basis for the future institutional trading business,” said Shan Aggarwal, Head of Corporate Development at Coinbase.
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Crypto NEO 20 May, 19:05
Nigma Conseil and AIT develop cryptocurrency transaction tracking tool

The French company Nigma Conseil, together with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), began developing a new blockchain-based GraphSense tool for tracking cryptocurrency transactions.

The development is led by Nigma Conseil, which specializes in cybersecurity, transaction monitoring, and compliance testing with KYC / AML.

The tool is being created as part of the TITANIUM program, one of the organizers of which was AIT, with the aim of studying operations with cryptocurrencies in the “shadow markets”. In order to strengthen the supervision of cryptocurrency space, the European Union has allocated € 5 million for this program.

According to Fabien Tabarly, CEO of NIGMA Conseil, in collaboration with a leading European university, the company will be able to develop and implement more advanced financial crime tools that use digital currencies.

Anti-money laundering laws are constantly being tightened, so companies operating both in the traditional financial sector and in the cryptocurrency industry have more often introduced blockchain-based tools for monitoring transactions and assessing risk.

For example, last year, the Bitfinex and Bittrex cryptocurrency exchanges introduced the Chainalysis KYT solution to track suspicious transactions and comply with regulatory requirements.
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Crypto NEO 12 May, 10:04
Study: 98% of XRP transactions have no economic value

A group of researchers from Cornell University found that the vast majority of transactions in the blockchains of three large cryptocurrencies have no economic value. In many cases, they simply clutter the blockchain or are used to distribute useless tokens.

“Our analysis showed that only a small fraction of the transactions are used to transfer economic values,” the authors write. - So, 95% of EOS transactions were carried out for the purpose of airdrop of tokens, which today have no value. On the Tezos network, 82% of the blockchain throughput is spent to maintain consensus, and in the XRP registry, only 2% of transactions are associated with the transfer of funds. ”

In other words, the blockchains of these cryptocurrencies contain a large number of transactions, but in fact their economic value is small.

“In the case of EOS and XRP, most of the transactions demonstrate the characteristics of DoS attacks,” analysts write. - The throughput of the XRP registry during our observations was absorbed by zero-value transactions. We were able to establish that the volume of transactions in the XRP registry is undergoing serious manipulation. "

At the same time, according to the authors, these blockchains have a resource for processing large volumes of transactions, however, they use it irrationally.

“The following conclusion can be made: the three blockchains examined in this study demonstrate the ability to work under high loads. Nevertheless, their huge potential is not yet fully realized in accordance with the declared purpose, ”they conclude.
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Crypto NEO 7 May, 09:06
Coinbase “intercepted” some employees of the closed blockchain company

On May 5, TokenAnalyst, a blockchain analytics company, announced its decision to close. The company’s website says that "the data is no longer being updated."

The company said in a post on the Medium website that it was no longer supporting its platform and application programming interface (API), but did not explain the reasons for the closure. At the same time, the report said that some team members are moving to Coinbase from San Francisco.

The company also stated that its mission was to “bring transparency to a decentralized world where significant success has been achieved.”

A Coinbase spokesperson confirmed to Cointelegraph that several members of the TokenAnalyst team have joined them.

TokenAnalyst was founded in October 2017, in the midst of a crypto boom. According to LinkedIn, then the company employed 6 people, including its founders Jaya Prasad and Sid Shekhar, who now joined Coinbase.
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Crypto NEO 4 May, 10:35
77% of ethers that are not blocked in smart contracts did not move within six months

According to Glassnode, more than three-quarters of the ethers (ETH) on personal (or external) accounts have not moved over the past six months, despite sharp price fluctuations during this period. It is reported by The Block.

There are two types of accounts on the Ethereum network: external (private key controlled) and smart contract accounts (controlled by contract code).

Glassnode data shows that ETH investors are strong scammers. 77.7% of ETH did not move within six months, 57.6% during the year, and 31.6% during two years.

Bitcoin holders exhibit similar behavior. Currently, 42.8% of bitcoins remain motionless for at least two years, which is 10.4% more than last year.
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Crypto NEO 28 Apr, 10:46
Binance launches crypto payment application for African countries

Binance cryptocurrency exchange this Thursday announced its new product called “Bundle”. It is a social payment application for working with traditional and digital currencies. In particular, the Bundle allows users to request, send and receive payments.

“The Bundle product’s vision is to create a super app with a built-in digital wallet that supports digital and traditional currencies - an application that provides everyday practical value for Africans and the world,” the exchange writes.

Bundle allows you to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin, as well as exchange them for Nigerian naira. The list of supported fiat currencies will be expanded in the coming weeks. By the end of the year, the company plans to introduce its new product in more than 30 African countries.

In September 2019, Bundle closed the preliminary round of fundraising, receiving $ 450,000 from Binance. The startup remains independent from the exchange, while connecting it with African investors.

Earlier, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced his plans for the development of cryptocurrency payments in Africa. Binance, for its part, has invested in five African startups today, focused on serving various aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
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Crypto NEO 22 Apr, 09:26
The developers of the Chinese EOS wallet hid from $ 52 million users

The developers of the EOS Ecosystem wallet, who promised high interest on deposits in the same cryptocurrency, closed their platform and, presumably, disappeared from $ 52 million, The Block writes about this, citing messages in the Chinese crypto space.

On Monday, investors began reporting that they could not access their wallets through the EOS Ecosystem app. According to the local ChainNews portal, most of the funds also left the service address.

Earlier, ChainNews reported that the EOS Ecosystem does not have its node in the EOS network, contrary to the startup’s statements, and blamed the creators for organizing the financial pyramid. In 2019, the project was sued for organizing a pyramid, allegedly raising 33 million EOS, or about $ 81 million at the current rate.

Since launched the EOSIO protocol in 2018, a lot of fraudulent schemes have developed around the project, including EOS Vote, EOSCUBE and EOSFIN.

In the meantime, a new dubious project was noticed in the Bitcoin ecosystem, offering investors to take part in the “spiritual mining” of cryptocurrency.
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Crypto NEO 19 Apr, 21:59
Report: The XRP community is shrinking rapidly

Ripple's altcoin XRP developers periodically state that their ecosystem continues to expand. Some of them even called the project community the “XRP Army.”

However, the data from TIE and eToro show that the picture is far from being as joyful as it is presented in Ripple startup.

Analysts published a report that drew attention to a sharp reduction in the number of posts and discussions on social networks dedicated to the XRP token.

In parallel, there is a tendency for capital to leave the altcoin. In the first three months of 2020, the coin collapsed by about 10%.

The popularity of Bitcoin, on the contrary, is growing. For comparison, since January, the number of mentions of the largest digital currency on Twitter and other social networks has almost doubled. Moreover, the BTC ecosystem expanded even during periods of falling coin value, as evidenced by the increase in the number of new addresses on the network.

In the Telegram messenger, the number of chat visitors focused on Ripple and XRP has significantly decreased.

In the crypto community, many are extremely skeptical about the prospects for altcoin. Traders have repeatedly stated that XRP will fall in price. Moreover, coin developers themselves periodically resort to its sales, thereby provoking a new phase of asset weakening.
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Crypto NEO 18 Apr, 08:54
KuCoin Launches Over-The-Counter Platform for Corporate Customers

The Singapore cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, in collaboration with the DigitalBits blockchain protocol, is launching a new platform for OTC trading (OTC), CoinDesk writes.

The Enterprise Currency Desk (ECD) platform is aimed at companies interested in joining the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) space. It is expected that ECD will allow such companies to buy large amounts of digital currency, which they can then use to authenticate wallets, pay transaction fees or stake.

“A specialized service for obtaining tokens and liquidity will allow companies to easily interact with solutions on the blockchain without the need to attract experienced traders,” KuCoin reports.

DigitalBits will mediate the provision of tokens required by companies to solve specific problems. Thanks to this, they will not have to look for projects that suit their individual interests. For example, this way they will be able to purchase a large amount of stablecoins or get support in launching their own tokens.

“Consumers do not need to know how to access tokens through exchange accounts. We will provide direct interaction with the brand or loyalty system, ”the company said.

At the end of 2018, KuCoin raised $ 20 million in funding from IDG Capital, Matrix Partners and Neo Global Capital.
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Crypto NEO 15 Apr, 14:15
In the new ranking of cryptocurrencies in China, bitcoin fell to three positions, the leader is EOS

The China Information Technology Industry Development Center (CCID) has published the next 17th cryptocurrency rating in a row, in which EOS still ranked first. Bitcoin (BTC) moved down to rank 14, skipping ahead Cosmos (ATOM), Stellar (XLM) and DASH.

The three leaders in comparison with the previous assessment in February did not change: the first place among 37 cryptocurrencies is at EOS, the second is Tron, and the third is Ethereum.

The Steemit platform (STEEM), which occupied the fifth line, fell to the fifteenth line against the background of the “revolt of validators” and the hard fork that occurred. As a result, the TOP-5 turned out to be the IOST protocol (IOST).

Halving did not prevent Bitcoin Cash from improving its position and moving from 34th to 31st in the ranking.

From February to March 2020, due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the updating of individual projects slowed down and the overall index remained virtually unchanged.

The projects included in the rating are evaluated in three main categories: basic technology, applicability and creativity.
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Crypto NEO 3 Apr, 17:56
A district judge in the Southern District of New York rejected Telegram's request for the possibility of issuing its GRAM tokens to non-US investors. The court considers that tokens to US citizens can enter through the secondary market.
Crypto NEO 2 Apr, 08:42
Vollgar botnet attacks thousands of cryptocurrency mining servers running Microsoft SQL

For two years, the Vollgar botnet has been attacking servers using Microsoft SQL databases to mine cryptocurrencies, according to the Hacker News portal.

According to Guardicore Labs, only in recent weeks have attackers managed to infect 2,000 to 3,000 servers daily. The attack is carried out by password guessing on servers with weak protection. After that, hackers can execute the commands they are interested in and install mining software.

The victims of attacks are organizations in the field of healthcare, aviation, education, telecommunications and IT in China, India, South Korea, Turkey and the USA. The main monitoring server for attackers is located in China. By a curious coincidence, he himself was also attacked.

Guardicore Labs unveiled a script on GitHub that will help potential victims identify signs of botnet interference in their systems. The botnet is mining VOLLAR cryptocurrency, from which it got its name.

“Among the files on the monitoring server, we found tools for attacks on MS-SQL that scan IP ranges, hack by brute force and remotely execute commands,” Guardicore Labs said. “We also found two programs with an interface in Chinese.”

Guardicore Labs recommends that server administrators use enhanced security measures to prevent hacking.

“The databases of these servers are attractive to attackers, not only because of the valuable computing power, but also due to the huge amounts of data stored in them. They can contain personal information, including usernames, passwords and credit card information, which hackers can access with a simple brute force, ”the company adds.
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Crypto NEO 27 Mar, 08:10
How companies reward shareholders with dividends in cryptocurrency and hash power

Digital assets are used outside of investments, payments and tokenization of property. Some companies use them to reward shareholders. Others go even further and offer dividends with which you can mine cryptocurrency yourself.

The Japanese brokerage company Monex Group on Monday confirmed that it will give out small amounts of bitcoin to the holders of its shares as an incentive in connection with the end of fiscal year 2019.

To receive the payment, the shareholder must have an account on the Monex cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. All Coincheck users who will have Monex shares at their disposal as of March 31 will be able to become participants.

The program is rather aimed at increasing interest in cryptocurrencies in general, rather than real monetary incentives. The payout amount will be only 500 Japanese yen - the equivalent of 0,00077 BTC or $ 4.54 at the current rate.

Initially, Monex plans to support the holders of its shares with cryptocurrency became known last September. Bitcoins will be paid in addition to Monex points, which the company traditionally encourages shareholders. They can also be exchanged for cryptocurrency.

What other companies reward shareholders with cryptocurrency?

Monex is not the only company that has decided to resort to a similar method of stimulating shareholders. Last August, it became known that another Japanese financial holding company - SBI Holdings - will pay investors incentives in the XRP cryptocurrency. To do this, they needed to have at least 100 SBHGF shares. The payment amount was fixed and amounted to 30 XRP - $ 7.60 at the exchange rate at that time and $ 4.50 now.

Interestingly, SBI itself has since depreciated by 40% since then - in full tandem with its American fintech partner.

Mining company United American Corp., previously featured in the news due to an unsuccessful attempt to sue Kraken, Bitmain and Roger Vera, went even further. In February, she announced that she would pay dividends with hash powers.

According to a press release, UnitedCorp will provide 0.5 gigabytes per new share. Thus, the owner of 2 million shares can receive mining power for 1 petache. They can be directed to the mining of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the mining pool at their own discretion. Currently, UnitedCorp has equipment for the extraction of cryptocurrencies based on the SHA-256 algorithm.
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Crypto NEO 26 Mar, 14:17
Bitcoin price rises above $ 6,000 amid US Federal Reserve statement on unlimited asset purchase

The price of bitcoin on March 23 exceeded $ 6,000 amid reports of new measures to stimulate the economy by the US Federal Reserve.

According to Bloomberg, on Monday the Fed announced a second wave of initiatives to support the US economy, including the purchase of an unlimited number of bonds, and the creation of programs to provide loans for corporations and government agencies.

The Fed will buy Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) "in the amount necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the market." Interfering in the corporate bond market is an unprecedented move for the Fed, although central banks in other countries have taken similar measures to support liquidity conditions for corporate borrowers. These Fed actions highlight the magnitude of the problems caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

In accordance with the new programs, the Fed will make many efforts, many of which are aimed at providing direct assistance to employers, as well as cities and states. “It is necessary to take measures in the public and private sectors to limit the loss of jobs and income, as well as to facilitate quick recovery after overcoming current problems,” the Fed said in a statement.
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Crypto NEO 23 Mar, 12:00
Bitcoin hash rate recovered after a sharp decline and reached 104.5 EH / s.
Crypto NEO 19 Mar, 11:48
Bitcoin price holds above $ 5k amid the widespread stock market decline

On Tuesday, March 16, the price of bitcoin was above the level of $ 5000, while the US stock market saw its worst day since 1987. Traditional markets closed 13% lower than the day before, but the main cryptocurrency calmly continued its lateral movement.

The price of bitcoin moves inside a narrow channel, limited by resistance at the level of $ 5600- $ 5750 and support around $ 4800- $ 4900.

The 4-hour chart shows a clear bullish divergence, which implies the formation of the bottom in the short term and the impulsive price increase. However, for the formation of a trend reversal, a similar divergence should appear on older timeframes, that is, on the daily chart. Another sign of an imminent reversal may be testing lower levels and the formation of a double bottom on low timeframes.

Recently, there has been a massive sale on the stock market, which leads to the fact that the index of fear and greed has reached an extreme value. Traders and investors are already comparing the recent collapse with the legendary market corrections that took place in 1929, 1987 and 2000.

There is a sale of shares at a discount of 30-40%, with individual shares falling by about 70%.

History knows such landslides. Coronavirus, of course, is a unique case, however, markets tend to move according to a certain pattern, which is associated with human psychology.

When the bubbles burst, the initial drop is usually between 35-50%, after which a rebound is observed. This bounce is often called the “dead cat jump” or the “bull trap” that makes investors believe that everything is working out.

Historical data show similar movements. During the 2000 bubble, the Nasdaq 100 index fell 40%, after which an upward momentum was observed for 3-4 months.

In January 2018, Bitcoin showed a similar drop immediately after its bubble burst in December 2017. The price fell from $ 19700 to $ 10800, which corresponds to a decrease of 45% from the beginning of the year. After that, bitcoin rose from $ 10800 to $ 17000 before the bearish trend continued.

Since the stock market already has a sale within 30-40% and a bearish bearish momentum is observed, it will not be surprising if a rebound occurs in the coming weeks. Such short-term growth in the stock market will allow the cryptocurrency market to turn green.

This assumption is supported by the fact that recently all markets have shown a positive correlation with each other. Gold and bitcoin fell significantly, due to the fact that investors sought liquidity in order to cover losses in the stock market.

Of course, all this does not prove that the cryptocurrency market has reached its bottom. However, bullish divergence allows us to expect a short-term rally, the main objectives of which will be the levels of $ 5600- $ 5800 and $ 6000-6100. If these zones are not overcome, then we should expect testing of the lower support levels located in the region of $ 4800, $ 4200 or even $ 3750.

Bottom formation takes time, and in the current economic instability it is impossible to predict how long this period will last and when the coronavirus will eventually leave the stage.
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