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Crypto NEO 17 Jan, 21:52
The main upcoming events in the cryptosphere for January! Study so as not to miss the opportunity to earn!
Crypto NEO 16 Jan, 09:41
#Grayscale bought another 2,612 bitcoins in the last 24 hours as sellers sold in panic. Like this 😁
Crypto NEO 14 Jan, 18:03
🌎 Bitcoin has overtaken Facebook in capitalization and today occupies the 8th line in the global asset rating.
Crypto NEO 13 Jan, 12:53
The share of Tether USDT in the stablecoin niche dropped to 75 percent. This is the lowest since January 2019, according to Coinmetrics. Accordingly, other stablecoins such as USDC are gaining popularity.
Crypto NEO 12 Jan, 09:41
The difficulty of mining Bitcoin has set another record at 20.607 T. The growth of the indicator reflects the popularity of cryptocurrency mining. Recall that the hash rate of the coin network is also in the maximum zone.
Crypto NEO 11 Jan, 08:29
♨️ EOS creator Dan Larimer retired from CTO position at Block one

“I will continue my mission of creating a free market, voluntary solutions to protect life, freedom, property and justice for all. I don't know exactly what will happen next, but I am leaning towards creating more censorship-resistant technologies. I have come to the conclusion that freedom as a service cannot be provided, and so I will focus on creating tools that people can use to ensure their freedom.

I wish all the best in their future endeavors. " - wrote Larimer on his blog on Voice. This is not the first project that he essentially ditches (this is what the community thinks), raising a lot of money and noise and not finishing it. We put a black mark on this character and in the future we bypass his projects by the side, except that on the HYIP quickly enter and exit, but not hold in any case
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Crypto NEO 7 Jan, 19:22
Crypto NEO 5 Jan, 18:20
🏛 24,000 crypto investors have approached the White House to rehabilitate Ripple 🏛

Ardent supporters of Ripple are petitioning federal authorities to end the US Securities and Exchange Commission's SEC lawsuit against Ripple.
Crypto NEO 2 Jan, 09:14
Most active blockchain investors in 2020
Crypto NEO 30 Dec 2020, 09:18
Today, the Cardano ADA token rate has reached $ 0.196, its highest since June 2018. According to IntoTheBlock representatives, at the current value, 88 percent of cryptocurrency holders are in profit.
Crypto NEO 29 Dec 2020, 10:53
📊 Despite the fall of Bitcoin below $ 27,000, the flow of cryptocurrency to exchanges from the “whales” continues to decline.

CryptoQuant specialists believe that it is this factor that will push BTC to new highs.
Crypto NEO 28 Dec 2020, 17:45

Bitcoin broke through the ascending resistance + it is still above the red line. As long as the price remains above the red trend line, we hold our spot bags.
Crypto NEO 28 Dec 2020, 17:26

✅Take profit 1.78
✅ Take profit 1.92
✅ Take profit 1.98

Market enter : 27.12-28.12

1INCH $1,37 | 0,00005007 BTC | 0,00213462 ETH
L:0.00004836 H: 0.00006222
Volume (24h): $194 212 214
Total Supply: 1 500 000 000 1INCH
Market Cap: $36 039 156
All Time High / Low : $2,92 /$1,36
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Crypto NEO 27 Dec 2020, 11:38
​​📈Value Network is a decentralized Binary options platform and exchange

🚀Started in 2018 by Artem Levin, the Value Network project has initially created the crypto-backed loans platform on Ethereum smart-contracts.

Re-started in September 2020, we've chosen the new vector of development - Binary options. We are solving the Binary options industry's main problems:

🔒By putting the bets against each other on the Ethereum blockchain, letting users compete against each other. There's no conflict of interest like on 99% of fiat platforms.

📱UI interfaces are made clear and engaging, differentiating us from current blockchain prediction markets' platforms.

🖍Also, users can see how their bet changes in price depending on the possibility of the outcome and replace their bets at any time for the additional fee.

❇️Whitelabel solution and blockchain-based referral system is in the pipeline in Q1 2021, boosting user adoption in the upcoming year.

📶 The VNTW token - the core of the Value Network platform plays a critical role in the ecosystem. Its utilities:

- Access to the exclusive markets
- Lowering of commissions on the trades
- Token is essential for creating of the new markets
- Staking
- Pre-timing escape of the deal
- Advertising possibilities on the platform

‼️ Listing will take place on Uniswap and Sushiswap on January 5th, allowing you to participate in 6 pairs, all with liquidity reward programs. 1% of the total supply will be destributed to liquidity providers in the first month. More details here.

✅Founder shares his ideas in Community daily -

More detailed information is available on Medium (including roadmap) -

Website -
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Crypto NEO 25 Dec 2020, 08:55
📊 The volume of transactions in stablecoins in 2020 exceeded $ 1 trillion. The leader is Tether.
Crypto NEO 23 Dec 2020, 23:42
The fees for transfers in the top cryptocurrencies are high now. Yesterday, the figure in the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks was the equivalent of $ 9.47 and $ 2.79, respectively.
Crypto NEO 22 Dec 2020, 16:38
The volume of ethers in the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract has exceeded 1.8 million coins, which at today's exchange rate is equivalent to $ 1.09 billion.
Crypto NEO 22 Dec 2020, 14:21
Cryptocurrency lovers are joking. They say that after leaking personal data, Ledger hardware wallets should be sold in bundles like this 😅
Crypto NEO 21 Dec 2020, 16:59
If US residents had immediately invested the $ 1,200 they received from the government in Bitcoin, now that amount would be $ 4,285. And that's 257 percent more.
Crypto NEO 20 Dec 2020, 17:17
Ether rate rose to a maximum since spring 2018

The largest altcoin ether (ETH) is updating highs along with bitcoin. ETH soared in value this week to its highest level since spring 2018.

On Friday, December 18, the altcoin went up to $ 647. Over the past 24 hours, ETH's capitalization has grown to $ 73.61 billion. Black Thursday, March 12, was a shock event for ether holders. On this day, the cryptocurrency crashed to $ 123.

However, this mark became a "bottom" for ETH, after which the ascent resumed. Ultimately, the winners were those ether holders who initially bet on long-term storage of the cryptocurrency.

The IntoTheBlock team draws attention to the surge in activity not only of bitcoin holders, but also of those players who prefer to keep funds in ETH.

According to analysts, now the number of Ethereum addresses with a non-zero balance exceeds 50 million. This is a record figure, indicating the growing investor confidence in the altcoin.

One of the drivers for strengthening the ETH rate was the information about the intention of the Chicago Exchange (CME) to launch Ethereum futures. The new product will be offered to investors on February 8 next year.

Many observers predict that altcoin will continue to rise in value after the launch of ETH futures.
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