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Weekly ICO digest (from June 29 to July 5, 2020)

🔸 DeFi-revolution: Compound came out on top in terms of the number of blocked funds, having displaced Maker from there. This was largely due to an increase in investments in the stablecoin DAI of the Maker project. Interestingly, the number of DAIs in Compound is 3 times greater than their emission 🤨

🔸 The main Filecoin network has not yet been launched, but China has already begun to sell special mining equipment.

🔸 Huobi Crypto Exchange will add Chainlink blockchain oracles to transfer quotes of trading pairs BTC / ETH, BTC / USDT, ETH / USDT, and LINK / ETH. This is done for the subsequent integration of the exchange with DeFi services.

🔸 Augur prediction market developers announced a massive platform update on July 28. After that, REP tokens will need to be manually converted to new REPv2 coins.

🔸 Hackers hacked twice the Balancer Labs DeFi project for $ 500,000 and $ 3,000.
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Reddit asked Ethereum community to help with scaling

Reddit is working on scaling up its recently added Ethereum Award System (ETH), and the company has asked the community for help in this difficult business.

“Ethereum” and “scaling” are words that are often found together in sentences. But as the network moves towards a second iteration, called Ethereum 2.0, also known as Serenity, there are suggestions that any social media giant using a blockchain network needs to do its own scaling.

In what was called the "Great Reddit Scalling Bake-Off", Reddit called on about 466,000 members of subreddit r / ethereum to help with this issue by sending their own demos before July 31 this year or by providing feedback on demo each other.

However, the platform wanted to reiterate that this is not a competition. Although someone will receive “some fame,” according to Reddit, there will be no prizes.

According to Reddit, the goal is to find a scalability solution that will allow him to bring a token reward to mainnet.

The company wrote:

“Our goal is to find a solution that will support hundreds of thousands of Community Points users on mainnet and ultimately be able to reach all of Reddit (430 million monthly users).”

Reddit launched its Community Points program, based on the Ethereum blockchain, back in May. It was created specifically to serve FortNiteBR and CryptoCurrency members. Their rewards for points are called “bricks” and “moons,” respectively.

In total, these two groups have about 2.3 million subscribers, which is only a small part of the site, which, according to the data, is used by 430 million people.

Over the past month, according to the announcement, 17,500 point holders, 20,000 transfers and 800 new subreddit memberships have been discovered.

Therefore, Reddit is looking for a way to expand the program beyond these two groups.

The company added:

"Please note that all demos should model the use of community points for 100,000 users."

The blog post says that Reddit has already learned some promising scaling solutions, and that most existing solutions "focus on a scenario that helps streamline the transfer." The company adds that “many of these projects do not take into account the cost of obtaining tokens or entering a scaling system, which can be significant.”

The rest of this post lists a number of demo requirements, including live proof of concept, documentation, decentralization, interoperability, usability, security, etc.

It is also specified that users retain full ownership and control over their points.

Demos will be reviewed, and updates will be published by September. “Although we do not expect any new scaling projects, we hope that you, the Ethereum scaling expert, can show us how to scale community scores,” Reddit said.

So far, most comments seem positive. However, some users were worried about the lack of a prize.

A user named Cabrill wrote:

“I think they just realized that it is economically impossible to implement the project on the proposed scale and intend to abandon it / leave it on the test network if the Ethereum community cannot find a solution. Think of it not as a competition, but as a challenge” .

Others did not agree, for example, Stevvo, who said that Reddit is "a multi-billion dollar company that asks users to solve an engineering problem for free."

Meanwhile, many expressed their thoughts about the problem, others discussed additional issues, and many explained in detail what and how could solve the problem. In any case, the Ethereum community seems to be trying to solve the problem, propose a solution, and thereby facilitate the adoption of the network.
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ICO Weekly Digest (from June 15 to June 21, 2020)

🔸 Compound outperformed Maker in the number of blocked funds and came out on the 1st place among DeFi-projects. This was facilitated by the release of COMP project tokens, as well as the announcement of the addition of token trading on Coinbase Pro 💰

🔸 Bloomberg: Estonian authorities revoked licenses from 500 crypto companies. It is reported that many companies did not conduct any activity, but simply received a license to cover fraudulent schemes.

🔸 A critical vulnerability was discovered on the decentralized Bancor trading platform, some users reported a loss of funds.

🔸 The Polkadot network has moved to the second stage of the launch, where the number of validators will be increased to 100. There is also a bridge between Polkadot and Bitcoin.

🔸 ICO Centra organizer Robert Farkas admitted $ 25 million fraud, before the token sale this project was advertised by DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather 🙈
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DeFi sector capitalization reaches $ 3.2 billion 💰

Top 3 projects: Compound, Maker, 0x.
Etherchain pool miners will split $ 2.4 million commission on transaction processed last week

Bitfly, the operator of the Etherchain mining pool, today announced how it will manage an unusually high commission for the transaction processed by its miners last week.

According to the notification, the sender of the transaction did not contact the pool within a reasonable time, so it was decided to distribute the commission among the miners. Shortly after receiving the commission, Bitfly asked the sender of the transaction to contact. At the same time, the company noted that it considers a high commission for processing a transaction an error of the sender.

“Given the amount in question, we believe that 4 days was enough for the sender to contact us,” the company writes. “Although several people stated that they were the senders of this transaction, not one of them was able to provide a valid signature from the sender’s wallet.”

The distribution of remuneration among the miners will be carried out on the basis of a photograph of the hashrate used to mine block 10241999 with the mentioned transaction. At the current rate, the amount due to them is $ 2.4 million.

The company also said that in the future it will not take additional measures to search for senders of transactions with allegedly erroneous commissions. “The payout policy announced by us suggests that we should always fully distribute block rewards. We will stick to it, regardless of the amount, ”writes Bitfly.

Earlier, Vitalik Buterin suggested that high fees on the Ethereum network may not be a sign of someone else's mistake, but blackmail of the cryptocurrency exchange.
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While the market is trying to update the bottom, I want to introduce you an unique trader who helps his subscribers earn a good profit daily. His name is EVTrader. He showed from his own experience how you can turn 3 btc into 160 btc in just 3 months. His students do not just follow his signals, but begin to understand the market and its movements. And yes. He believes that Satoshi Nakomoto is fiction. And he says that he knows exactly who came up with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. And most importantly why. Check this out.

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ICO Weekly Digest (from June 8 to June 14, 2020)

🔸 Media: From January 1, 2021, the Central Bank of Belarus launches a pilot project for 3 years, during which 12 banks will be able to issue tokens and use them for mutual settlements.

🔸 Crypto exchange Coinbase has published a list of tokens that may appear on their platform. Among them are many coins of DeFi projects 🤑

🔸 Research: Messari estimated that in 2020, DEX exchange tokens increased by 241% on average, and centralized exchange tokens by only 44%. The growth leaders were Kyber Network (KNC), Loopring (LRC), and Airswap (AST), which added 420%, 331%, and 205% respectively.

🔸 MakerDAO users intend to add real-world tokens to the list of supported assets. We are talking about tokenized invoices and royalties for streaming music. Now there is a vote, in the future, even more of these assets can be used as collateral when receiving DAI.

🔸 Justin Sun paid $ 500,000 to develop a clone of the game Fomo3D, which is the original Ponzi scheme, for the TRON blockchain. The project was called Just [.] Game and very quickly fell into decay, after the departure of the main developers 🙈
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The crypto market as it is: BitForex returned only 2% of the cost of Gram futures 🙃

Due to the closure of the TON project, BitForex exchange decided to return the money to all buyers of Gram cryptocurrency futures.

One problem, Gram futures sold at $ 0.5 apiece and returned just $ 0.01. Despite the fact that contracts were traded on the stock exchange most of the time at $ 2, but right before the delisting, the prices plummeted to almost zero.

The exchange claims that users themselves dropped the market after bad news from Pavel Durov. So either they themselves are to blame, or all the questions to Durov. BitForex does not see any guilt 🙈
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ICO Weekly Digest (from 1.06 to 06/06/2020)

🔸 The decentralized Splinterlandians app has moved from the Steem blockchain to Hive. This is the most popular dApps in this ecosystem, now Hive has bypassed Steem in the number of transactions.

🔸 The number of users of the Brave blockchain browser has reached 15 million, but the reputation of the project has seriously suffered after the news that the browser is replacing links to Binance and other sites with its referrals 🙈

🔸 French authorities have approved ICO renewable energy WPO platforms, GreenToken tokens will be issued based on Ethereum and will be sold from September 8 to November 12.

🔸 Unknowns decided not to miss the moment and make money on protests in the USA by issuing the George Floyd token (FLYD), supposedly to finance the protests. In practice, they just created a new token on Ethereum and try to catch a wave of hype in order to sell as many coins as possible through the decentralized Uniswap exchange.
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US SEC next victim 😡

Based on the official theory of the prohibition of the Gram cryptocurrency from Telegram, that token contracts were actually securities. Then the following projects to ban through the court will be (https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/64569/crypto-ratings-preliminary-scores-trx-dot-ckb):
▪️ Polkadot
▪️ Nervos

Such a poor forecast was made based on the study of the Crypto Rating Council (crypto analysts created by Coinbase, Circle and Genesis Capital). All three projects received 4.75 points out of 5 possible, when passing the test for belonging to securities.

An important point: the SEC has banned the release of Gram, but how are they going to ban TRON, which has been trading on exchanges for a long time? Such an example already exists, the EOS developers Block [.] One company just paid a fine and that was it.

Block [.] One easily got off for the reason that, according to the SEC position, tokens can change their purpose over time. His issuer seems to be guilty anyway, but nothing needs to be prohibited. Therefore, there are no special risks for these projects yet 😉
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ICO Weekly Digest (from May 25 to May 31, 2020)

🔸 The blockchain platform for streaming video has become a partner of Google, which will provide them with premium access to Google Cloud.

🔸 The news about listing the MKR token of the MakerDAO DeFi project on Coinbase Pro cryptocurrency exchange led to a sharp increase in the price from $ 351 to $ 494 🤑

🔸 In the Brave browser, a video call function with end-to-end encryption has been added. The new service is called Brave Together and it is free, they also test group calls.

🔸 New SEC victim: BitClave's decentralized search network project will return $ 25.5 million to investors and pay $ 3.5 million and $ 400,000 in fine. The BitClave project was launched in 2017, they never presented the source code, and their CAT token fell in price from $ 0.24 to $ 0,0002 🙈
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Rumor has it that the Telegram Open Network blockchain is not completely closed and that’s all a tricky plan 🤔

These rumors cannot be confirmed or refuted, but we can tell the latest news:

▪️ Telegram took away the appeal against the injunction against the release of the Gram cryptocurrency and made the final changes to the open TON code.

▪️ The Chinese TON Community intends to launch its network based on Telegram developments and does not recognize the alternative Free TON blockchain.

▪️ 30 independent developers, including the winners of the TON Blockchain Contests, announced the creation of the NewTON team and launched their test network.

Total, Telegram is true to their word and close the remaining questions on the TON project. But in the Telegram Open Network community there is no unity, as evidenced by three alternative blockchains at once.

When is the fourth? .. 😇
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​​Polkadot launched the main network, well, almost 😉

Web3 Foundation announced the launch of the Polkadot minet, which is criticized that it will be like Ethereum, only with blackjack and ... There really should be POS and sharding, so it is not surprising that the director of Parity Technologies and the co-founder of the ether Gavin Wood were asked why he does it Polkadot - a competitor to the platform that he himself created and maintains 🤷‍♂️

The official competitor of Polkadot is Cosmos, the goal of the project is to create a bridge between the various blockchains. But while this is more like IOTA, it's not about the algorithm, but about the fact that the developers completely control the network, but promise to make it decentralized in the future.

Polkadot sold SAFT contracts for DOT tokens in 2017 and 2019. Coins have not yet been issued, but the US SEC is not in a hurry to close them after Pavel Durov with his TON 🤔

So far, DOTs do not exist, but coin contracts are sold on the secondary market. Bids started in the summer of 2019 at $ 159, the current rate is $ 122.

See the prospect of Polkadot?
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Weekly ICO digest (from May 18 to May 24, 2020)

🔸 The decentralized trading platform Uniswap completed testing version v2 and moved it to the Ethereum core network. ERC-20 token exchange is available on the platform, blockchain oracles are added to improve quotes.

🔸 The well-known collectible crypto game CrоptoKitties will be restarted on the Flow blockchain, which was created by the game developers themselves by Dapper Labs. Due to the high bandwidth, the Flow network in the game will improve the animation and add 3D effects 🐾

🔸 John McAfee admitted that for his cryptocurrency Ghost copied the code and description of the PIVX coin. But claims to have added a lot of good and useful things.

🔸 The new Band Protocol token, a competitor to Chainlink in creating blockchain oracles, has risen by 400% since the beginning of the year from $ 0.23 to $ 1.24 🤑

🔸 The tBTC token of the ERC-20 standard provided by bitcoin was frozen by developers two days after the project was launched. The code revealed a critical vulnerability, deposit acceptance will resume after it is fixed.
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Obviously, inspired by the misfortune of Pavel Durov, there were people who wanted to present Block [.] One for ICO EOS for $ 4.2 billion 🤔

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Block [.] One and its management for illegal issuance of securities and misleading investors. Allegedly they were promised "Ethereum on steroids."

The US SEC already had claims to the EOS ICO and then Block [.] One closed the issue with a fine of $ 24 million. It is interesting what the American Themis will decide this time ... ⚖️
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Weekly ICO digest (from 11.05 to 05.17.2020)

🔸 Pavel Durov announced the closure of the Telegram Open Network project. Some investors have already begun to withdraw 72% of the invested funds, while others are ready to reissue them in the form of a loan to receive 110% in a year.

🔸 Media: Organizers of the WoToken crypto pyramid were arrested in China, which received more than 700 thousand people by collecting cryptocurrencies worth $ 1 billion 😱

🔸 As a result of IEO on the CoinList exchange, the financial blockchain project Celo raised $ 10 million from the sale of cGLD tokens, which will enable their owners to participate in the management of the platform.

🔸 The Reddit forum is testing a new loyalty program with tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for two sub-forums.

🔸 The WBTC token secured by bitcoin reached 8th place by capitalization among DeFi services Fi

🔸 The MakerDAO project completed the transition to a multi-collateral platform and completely stopped servicing the SAI mono-collateral stablecoin provided only by Ethereum. On a multi-mortgage platform, you can use ETH, BAT, USDC and WBTC.
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Tokenization: Reddit launched two tokens at once 🧐

For users (2.3 million) of the r / Cryptocurrency and r / FortniteBR sub-forums, MOONS and BRICKS tokens of the ERC-20 standard have been launched. They can be used for voting or donations using the Vault crypto wallet.

Now the tokens work in the test network, but if the experiment is successful, all balances will be transferred to the Ethereum main net.
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TON project closed❌

Pavel Durov posted a post on his English-language channel stating that he would no longer be involved in the development of the Telegram Open Network due to a decision of an American court.

Important from the post: no other project using the name TON or Gram is not related to the original developers. Perhaps someone will continue to use what they created in Telegram, however, this is unofficial.

Is this the finale? Probably for TON in the form in which we knew about it, yes. But Telegram will develop further, and we will continue to keep you updated on the news 😉

Original article: https://telegra.ph/What-Was-TON-And-Why-It-Is-Over-05-12
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ICO Weekly Digest (from May 4 to May 10, 2020)

🔸 Not wanting to wait another year, third-party developers launched the Free TON blockchain, based on the Telegram Open Network code.

🔸 Telegram refused to extend the contract to American investors and will return to 72% of the invested funds. The money of non-US investors will be reissued as a loan at 52% per annum 💰

🔸 The fourth asset on MakerDAO will be the WBTC token provided by Bitcoin. Also on the platform, you can get a loan in a stablecoin DAI secured by ETH, BAT, and USDC.

🔸 Crypto exchange Bittrex announced the imminent launch of its exchange token. No other details yet.

🔸 The partnership between Brave and Binance is expanding, shortly the browser will add the ability to purchase BNB and BUSD.
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The fate of TON

Key events:
• US investors will not be able to continue cooperation with Telegram. For them, it is only possible to exit the project, having received 72% of the invested capital.
• Investors from other countries are invited to continue their cooperation while confirming until the end of today that they are not citizens of the United States and do not reside in the country.
• Pavel does not promise investors to give out Gram until April 30, 2021 - if they fail to obtain the necessary permits, then under the new loan agreement Telegram will return 110% of the money invested to everyone.

Here is what some investors think: many whales will not agree to 72% and will not accept the option with debt for another year. Then there is a long exhausting lawsuit ahead, which will have a negative impact on the project.

Those who agree to quit the project now will receive their 72% money by filling out a paper about the absence of claims against Telegram.

How will the problems of TON affect the messenger? Most likely nothing.

What do you think? Is Durov a great deceiver or is he trying hard to keep TON?
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