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CoinLaunch: Crypto-asset & ICO discussions
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CoinLaunch - Disrupting The Global Securities Industry
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We at the blockchain Expo in London!
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Our KYC Feature is almost ready!
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Create your own security tokens for actual financial securities, like shares or equity in traditional assets, startups, venture funds and even real estate.
CoinLaunch Announcements 5 Apr 2018, 15:36
We're putting together a weekly CoinLaunch webinar to help walk though the latest features and show our the platform works. Our first will be next week, stay tuned for more details.
CoinLaunch Announcements 2 Apr 2018, 23:22
Etherscan Verification now functional for Token only and ICO/Crowdsale deployments.
CoinLaunch Announcements 29 Mar 2018, 23:23
We're putting together an ICO pitch, dinner and networking reception in London, April 18-19. If you're interested in being included please contact us.
CoinLaunch Announcements 27 Mar 2018, 22:53
FYI. Just a quick note on etherscan verfications with Token Only deployments. Although the ICO contract export does allow for verification, the current token only export doesn't validate on etherscan. Basically, a contract outputting a contract doesn't allow for the bytecode to be validated. We have a new version coming soon that will enable etherscan verifications of token contracts. I'll post an update as soon as this is available.
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CoinLaunch Announcements 23 Mar 2018, 05:17
We've justed added the 'Contract Export' capability for Verification on Etherscan or audits. Click the Export box under "Contract"
CoinLaunch Announcements 23 Mar 2018, 05:16
Export Solidity Contracts
CoinLaunch Announcements 22 Mar 2018, 19:45
We've just created a new Telegram Supergroup for CoinLaunch Users so they can better collaborate.