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Ethereum is gaining momentum, the price has already climbed to $ 1,466 🤑
Capitalization of Avalanche has exceeded $ 1 billion.
Avalanche entered the top 40.
The market capitalization of Tether USDT has surpassed the $ 25 billion mark, analysts at CoinMetrics report. The most popular stablecoin is growing.
🔥 Hey guys, sharing some potentially valuable insight that I was recently made aware of. 💯%

I’ve heard that the recently listed Jasmy token is still available to get at a private sale price, which is $0.05 at the private DeFi pool of Jasmy - Astra IOT 😇😇

👉Astra IOT (aIOT) is the liquidity aggregation pool for early investors of JASMY. Investors get aIOT token that will be converted at 1:1 rate to JASMY after the lock period. aIOT tokens will be locked for 6 months from listing on Japanese exchange. ✨

I don’t give any investment advice, it is up to you how you're gonna use it - any info should be taken with a grain of salt. However, today aIOT goes for the private sale price of $0.05 while JASMY is valued at around $0.50+ on MXC and growing ⚡️💸💵💴💎💰

🔥🔥🔥 aIOT pool is closing soon so might be something worth looking into and fast. Though please be cautious of the risk.
🔗More info here
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Market capitalization of Bitcoin versus other and assets: gold, stocks, cash and deposits, debt obligations, real estate.
💳 Gemini acquired a fintech startup Blockrize, on the basis of which a credit card with a 3% reward in BTC and other cryptocurrencies will be launched in America.

The Winklevoss also allowed Gemini to be listed on the stock market and retain interest in Bitcoin ETFs.
According to the results of yesterday, the equivalent of more than 10 thousand dollars is on 304 thousand Ethereum addresses, according to The Block. At least 100 thousand can boast 55.39 thousand addresses, and a million dollars - 7.99 thousand addresses.
The issuing company of the stablecoin Tether iFinex is obliged to file documents with the court no later than January 15th. The organization confirms that all USDT is 100% asset backed
The market fills with blood! Happy new working year!
📉Bitcoin rate dropped below $ 37,500. BTC fell in price by 7% per day.
Investors ran from gold to cryptocurrencies. Apparently, the metal, which has not been growing for decades, is being compared with more profitable assets not in favor of the former 😂
Sushiswap: Goals for 2021

( Discussion:
Times up! This is the small-cap GEM 💎you’ve been waiting for!

$PLT on Times up! This is the small-cap GEM 💎you’ve been waiting for!

$PLT markets:




ADD.XYZ has a 1M+ market cap and is currently re-testing a strong support zone. Imagine all your DeFi products in one platform: Lending, Swap w/ limit orders, Governance, Staking, DeFi Mobile App, etc. They also just released their own privacy mixer integrated with, which solidifies their fundamentals.
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Hey everyone, we’ve been searching the markets for a while, attempting to find a small-cap hidden GEM 💎 with strong fundamentals and we finally found the one we’ve been endlessly searching for. We will announce this gem in 6 hours on this signal group for FREE. Stay tuned 🚀
BiFi Launches Lending and BiFi Rewards

BiFi ($BIFI) is the multichain DeFi platform powered by Bifrost’s ($BFC) multichain technology. BiFi connects not only Ethereum-based tokens, but also other tokens from different blockchains such as Bitcoin, Tron and Klaytn.

Lending service allows users to deposit ERC-20 assets including ETH, USDT, LINK, DAI, and borrow against their deposit. The interest rates are determined solely by the market demand. To secure initial liquidity, BiFi Rewards Program will reward BiFi tokens anyone who uses Lending service.

Next week, BiFi Pooling & Staking service will also support BiFi tokens. Just like BFC Pooling & Staking, users can stake BiFi tokens or Uniswap LP tokens to earn even more BiFi tokens.

Details about BiFi Lending & Rewards Launch:

BiFi Lending Service:
BiFi Rewards Program:
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So far this month, transaction fees account for 47 percent of Ethereum miners' income. The record for this indicator was set in September 2020 - it was 53 percent amid the popularity of the DeFi industry.
51% attack on Bitcoin

To carry out a 51% attack on the Bitcoin network, you will have to invest $ 24,250,695,458 in equipment (in the case of buying ASICs at the best prices) and prepare about $ 16 million a day to pay for electricity. Such an attack would consume 333,447,063 kWh per day.
Bittrex will delist Monero, ZCash and Dash. Bidding will stop on January 15th.
News Crypto currency. ICO. 30 Dec 2020, 09:21
Today, the total number of transactions on the Bitcoin network has surpassed the 600 million mark. Let's go further 🚀