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Credits Monthly Report, November 2019

- Technology Development ⚙️
- Community 🚹
- Marketing 🎙️
- Partnerships 🤝
Attention‼️ Good News‼️

Credits and Alibaba Cloud team up to enter the Chinese market with blockchain-based solutions in logistics 🔥

We see an innovative drive for future success in business😎
Arjan is at the CREDITS.COM Headquarter in Moscow.

Credits developers have made him familiar with further strategic plans of the company developments. Arjan Eikelenboom brought a lot of positive impulses around.

The fundamentals to grow globally are set.
Wishing you abundance, joy, peace and a festive holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving to Credits community!
Mainnet Public Swap Announcement

The token migration will begin on 20th December 2019 at 12:00 UTC and proceed via Kucoin Exchange.
Attention! Important technical update ‼️

Credits developers team updated the Staking algorithm to provide the customers with a reliable high-tech product that can change the modern perception of the digital space

Credits team is glad to announce the release of the last Mainnet software before the Public Swap!

The article includes actual links to download release, information about the key updates and technical roadmap for 2020.
Credits and Ginete Technologies to cooperate 🤝

This partnership agreement is aimed at interaction and follow-up support in the process of the implementation of blockchain technology in modern business.
AMA with Credits team on tehMoonWalker Telegram

Date 👉 20th November, Wednesday
Time 👉 15:00 UTC

-$100 CS Tokens Reward for 2 best questions (comment this post)
-$100 CS Tokens Reward for 3 best questions within AMA
Extremely productive time in Singapore!

I should note that we are going to release Mainnet software update during the next week.

Also, I will share my vision regarding the next steps to improve the CS coin economic and usage.