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Smart Bitcoin 28 Jun, 09:49
US residents can now buy bitcoin for cash at 20,000 outlets

LibertyX, known for installing one of the first terminals for bitcoin exchange, realized the possibility of buying cryptocurrency for cash at more than 20,000 retail outlets in the United States.

According to LibertyX on his Twitter, from now on, its customers will be able to replenish their wallets through the cash desks of such network retailers as 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid. The client can choose a convenient point and, when purchasing on the spot, scan the barcode provided to him. Thus, you can buy cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 20 to $ 500.

“Now, only a few miles are left before buying bitcoin and joining its global community,” said Chris Yim, CEO of LibertyX. “Buying bitcoin is no more difficult than scanning a barcode when you go shopping.”

Reddit users are already sharing their experience using the service. One of them said that he received cryptocurrency for $ 99.58, giving the seller $ 104.95. The seller’s commission is fixed at $ 4.95. At the same time, the spread relative to the spot price of bitcoin does not exceed 1%. According to the conditions, in August LibertyX will add an additional conversion fee.

LibertyX installed its first bitcoin terminal in 2014. At the beginning of last year, she became the owner of the New York regulator BitLicense.
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Smart Bitcoin 9 Jun, 19:00
Nassim Taleb criticized Coinbase and closed his account

The author of the best-selling Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb said that he is closing his account on the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which he acquired several months ago. A former option trader claims to have faced inadequate customer service on one of the most popular platforms for exchanging digital assets.

“Coinbase, what's going on with you? Why don't you answer the mistakes? ” - Taleb wrote on Twitter, immediately receiving recommendations "to use any other bitcoin exchange."

Coinbase support also responded by promising to sort things out. “Too late, I close my account,” Taleb replied. “They answered me as the owner of the account with a blue checkmark, but they ignore the average person.”

Close the Coinbase account Taleb was also not so easy, because the corresponding page did not respond to his requests.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell invited Taleb to register on his exchange and contact him personally in case of problems. Also, their own products for storing cryptocurrencies were offered by the manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger.

Recently, the performance of the Coinbase platform has often been criticized by users. At the beginning of the week, amid rising Bitcoin prices, the site was temporarily unavailable. It was the same on May 9 and April 29, when there were sharp changes in course. As a result, exchange customers cannot fill out applications when they need it most.

Twitter @ CryptoWhale user graphically depicted Coinbase periods of inaccessibility when the price of bitcoin changed by $ 500 or more.

Taleb himself in the past repeatedly spoke about the prospects of bitcoin in a positive way. “You can’t ignore cryptocurrencies, in particular the history of bitcoin and blockchain. I see examples where people no longer trust the banking system. Central banks can no longer control monetary policy, because these cryptocurrencies can dominate. A currency without government is great, ”he said.
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Smart Bitcoin 4 Jun, 14:09
Coinbase cuts remuneration for storing USDC stablecoins by almost 90%

American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has reduced the payment of fees for storing USDC stablecoins by 88%. It is reported by Decrypt.

So far, Coinbase users have received 1.25% per annum; Since June 3, remuneration has decreased to 0.15%.

Coinbase did not name the reasons for this step, but it follows similar actions by large banks - Bank of America, HSBC, Chase, and Wells Fargo offer savings deposits with no minimum balance requirements at 0.01% per annum.

Last October, Coinbase began paying fees for storing USDC to US customers. Rewards were accrued daily and distributed monthly.

The stablecoin USDC is supported by CENTER, a consortium of Coinbase and Circle. This is the second-largest stablecoin in the market with a share of more than 7% (Tether dominates the market with a share of more than 85%).
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Smart Bitcoin 30 May, 12:21
Coinbase Expands Tezos Staking on Customers from Europe

The Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has opened the opportunity for customers from the UK, Spain, France and the Netherlands to receive remuneration for Tezos stake (XTZ).

The remuneration is set at 5% per annum. The minimum period of holding a coin for profit is 35-40 days, after which a fee is charged every three days.

Initially, the service was available only to institutional customers in the USA, later Coinbase retail customers received this opportunity. According to the Bitcoin exchange, over the past time more than $ 2 million has been transferred as remuneration for staking.

Coinbase is Tezos largest validator, despite high fees. As of March 30, 65.9 million XTZ were blocked in the custodial division of the cryptocurrency exchange, while the nearest pursuer, Kraken, had only 30.2 million XTZ.

Recall in mid-May, the Proof of Stake Alliance (POSA) met with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), where questions were raised about the regulation and taxation of staking.
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Smart Bitcoin 20 May, 19:04
New MicroBT and Bitmain Miners Have Been Most Profitable After Bitcoin Halving

The latest models of Bitcoin miners from Chinese manufacturers MicroBT and Bitmain are leading in profitability after a halving held last week, according to a report by The Block.

MicroBT's Whatsminer M30S ++, capable of delivering 112 TH / s processing power, ranks first, bringing miners more than $ 8.53 per day.

Behind it comes the Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro with 110 TH / s hash rate and daily profitability of $ 8.49. The most popular Bitmain miner of the last generation Antminer S9 is also still in the profitable zone with a value of $ 0.52.

As you can see in the image above, five of the ten most profitable Bitcoin miners are currently manufactured by MicroBT. MicroBT's market share has risen sharply in 2019. Then she managed to sell over half a million devices. At the same time, Bitmain still remains the dominant player in the market, but gradually loses its influence.

Profitability calculation was based on the current mining complexity, the cost of bitcoin at $ 9,700 per unit and the cost of electricity at $ 0.03 per kWh. Not all miners have access to such tariffs, because of which the profit in their case may be lower.

On this Wednesday, there was another recount of the complexity of Bitcoin mining, as a result of which the value decreased by 6%.
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Smart Bitcoin 12 May, 10:04
Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb has sold XRP for $ 175 million since early 2016

According to The Block research, Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb since the beginning of 2016 has sold XRP worth more than $ 175 million.

During this time, McCulleb sold 819 million XRP. He received 9 billion XRP as a co-founder of OpenCoin (renamed Ripple).

In the first quarter of 2020, he sold XRP for $ 26 million, which is the largest figure in the last five quarters. The largest number of XRPs sold was recorded in the 4th quarter of 2018 worth more than $ 36 million.

For comparison, in the first quarter of 2020, Ripple sold XRP for only $ 1.75 million and $ 13.08 million in the fourth quarter of 2019.

McCaleb began selling his XRP assets in the second quarter of 2016. In 2014, he entered into an agreement with Ripple, which did not allow him to sell his 9 billion XRP at a time. Under this agreement, McCaleb could not sell more than:
- $ 10,000 dollars a week for the first year;
- $ 20,000 per week for the second, third and fourth year;
- 750 million XRP per year for the fifth and sixth year;
- 1 billion XRP per year for the seventh year;
- 2 billion XRP per year after the seventh year.

McCaleb constantly sold his XRP in accordance with this agreement. In particular, over the past week he has been selling 2.1 million XRP every day.

McCaleb himself believes that his sales do not affect the price of XRP.

“History shows that there is no influence on the market. I was transparent from the very beginning, and the market knew that I would consistently sell my XRPs, ”he said in a comment to The Block. He also noted that others compared to him sold a lot more tokens.

It is worth noting that McCaleb sold only 9.1% of his XRP, and he has yet to sell more than 90% (or more than 8 billion XRP).
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Smart Bitcoin 7 May, 09:07
Ripple brought yet another lawsuit in violation of securities laws

Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC filed a class action lawsuit against Ripple, an American fintech company, accusing it of tricking investors and selling unregistered securities in violation of federal law.

According to the plaintiff, Ripple and its CEO Brad Garlinhouse raised over $ 1 billion by promoting and selling the XRP cryptocurrency.

“In order to generate demand and therefore increase profits from XRP sales, defendants made many false statements about XRP in violation of California securities laws, unfair advertising and competition,” the document says.

According to the lawsuit, XRP was created for the sole purpose of enriching the founders of Ripple and several related individuals. Now the company wants to recover from Ripple compensation for the losses of its customers and other statutory payments.

In November 2019, Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC filed a lawsuit against the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, seeking to recover $ 150 million from it for the damage caused. A month later, the court dismissed it.

“It may make you laugh, but the plaintiff’s legal entity looks like it was created as a judicial means to bring this charge,” writes lawyer Stephen Palle, commenting on the latest lawsuit against Ripple.

Ripple, for its part, continues to sue several plaintiff groups in California alleging that the company sold them unregistered securities. The Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC lawsuit has predominantly the same arguments as in the earlier lawsuits.
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Smart Bitcoin 4 May, 10:36
The second crypto fund Andreessen Horowitz raised $ 515 million - $ 65 million more than planned

U.S. venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz raised $ 515 million for its second fund, which focuses on investments in cryptocurrency projects and blockchain startups. Initially, the company planned to raise $ 450 million. Fortune reports.

“Very rarely, new large computer paradigms appear, and we think that the blockchain is comparable to cloud and mobile technologies for the Internet,” said Chris Dixon, one of the fund’s leaders. He added that he expects the soon debut of many new blockchains, including those projects in which Andreessen Horowitz previously invested.

Andreessen Horowitz was one of the first large venture capital companies to actively invest in bitcoin and blockchain. In January 2014, co-founder Mark Andreessen noted the virtues of digital money in an article for The New York Times.

Since then, Andreessen Horowitz has invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency projects such as Maker DAO, Compound, and Celo. The company is also an investor in Coinbase, Protocol Labs and Anchorage.

Katie Hown, who is the co-director of the company's first crypto fund, which raised $ 350 million in 2018, refused to disclose its performance, noting that the fund is betting on long-term investments.
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Smart Bitcoin 28 Apr, 10:44
The crypto exchanges Binance US, FTX and OKCoin offer the lowest trading commissions in the spot market

According to a new study by The Block analyst Larry Chermak, Binance US, FTX, OKCoin, bitFlyer Japan and Poloniex are by far the cheapest spot cryptocurrency exchanges.

Chermak analyzed trading commissions on the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges and concluded that FTX is the cheapest exchange for retail traders, while Binance US and OKCoin are the least expensive exchanges for large traders.

Coinbase, bitFlyer EU, Bitstamp, and Gemini are some of the most expensive spot exchanges for retail traders, although Gemini offers the lowest commissions to large traders.

Binance used to be one of the least expensive crypto exchanges, but now it offers fairly high commissions to large traders. For retail traders - who are the target audience of Binance - the exchange is still inexpensive.
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Smart Bitcoin 22 Apr, 09:28
Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced the liquidation of a batch of BNB tokens for $ 52.5 million

The administration of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange reported on the quarterly liquidation of the BNB token party (Binance Coin).

The platform “burned” coins for a total amount of up to $ 52.5 million. In total, 3,373,988 tokens were liquidated, the blog of the trading platform says.

Note that Binance has taken similar steps earlier. For example, in April last year, during the transition from Ethereum to its own Binance Chain network, the exchange “burned” 5 million BNBs of the ERC20 standard.

The statement on the trading platform emphasizes that the liquidation of tokens in April 2020 was the largest in the history of Binance.

The administration also notes:

“Burning reflects activity on the margin, futures and spot markets of Binance, as well as among partners who used BNB from January to March. This is the largest BNB burning in both tokens and fiat. ”

Under the quarantine regime introduced in many countries because of the coronavirus pandemic, interest in cryptocurrencies has grown sharply. As a result, the traffic of crypto exchanges, including Binance, significantly increased.

At the end of March, Binance Coin jumped in price by almost 50%, the capitalization of this altcoin is now holding above $ 2.469 billion.
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Smart Bitcoin 15 Apr, 14:16
Coin Metrics: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV halvings did not answer how Bitcoin will behave

Coin Metrics researchers analyzed Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV halvings last week and drew parallels between the upcoming cryptocurrency halving in May.

As a result of halving the rewards to the miners, the BCH and BSV hashes immediately after these events fell noticeably (up to 73%). And although to date these indicators have recovered somewhat, they are still 50% less than the average levels in 2020.

This, in turn, led to the fact that the number of confirmations necessary to consider transactions final was doubled. For comparison, analysts say that bitcoin during the previous halving in 2016 did not experience a similar drop in the hash rate, although its short-term stagnation was still observed.

Increased time to create new blocks and a decrease in rewards to miners also led to a decrease in BCH and BSV emissions, which immediately after halving fell significantly below the expected levels of about 1.75%. Subsequently, the situation stabilized somewhat.

Emission volatility is because BCH and BSV have a different mechanism for recalculating complexity from BTC: if bitcoin changes after 2016 mined blocks, then BCH and BSV recalculate after each block based on the average for the last 144 blocks.

With the drop in complexity and hash rate, the time spent by new blocks in BCH and BSV networks increased to about 30 minutes. So, in the days following after the Halving, instead of the expected 144, 55 and 54 blocks were found, respectively.

The BCH example, however, shows that recalculating the complexity after each block helps to fix this situation quickly:

Despite all these factors, Coin Metrics noted that in the days following after halving days, BCH and BSV did not observe price movements beyond the normal behavior of the rest of the market.

Nevertheless, if we talk about the upcoming halving of bitcoin, then it is extremely difficult to predict exactly how the network will behave and how this will affect the price, analysts conclude.
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Smart Bitcoin 3 Apr, 17:57
​​The share of unprofitable Ethereum addresses reached 88%, an increase of 18% over six months

The estimated number of Ethereum holders who are losing out on their investments is currently 88%. This is written by Cryptoslate with reference to IntoTheBlock company data.

As shown in the image below, only 12% of ETH investors at current price levels have a profit or near-zero result. In the near future, their share may become even lower, analysts admit, pointing to one of the metrics in the blockchain.

The indicator is calculated as the estimated average cryptocurrency purchase price relative to the current spot price.

Ethereum is currently trading around $ 130, setting a price high above $ 1,400 at the beginning of 2018 and a minimum of about $ 80 in December of that year. Thus, most investors in ETH with a positive balance, most likely, purchased cryptocurrency either at recent lows, or even before its rise in 2017.

At the same time, 4 million ETH addresses, or about 10% of the total, received their coins when cryptocurrency was trading between $ 714 and $ 1,340.

IntoTheBlock also notes a decrease in the number of large transactions with a volume of more than $ 100,000, which may serve as another bearish signal.

According to the authors, the indicator of the number of large transactions often serves as a harbinger of major changes in the cryptocurrency rate.

Last October, the share of unprofitable Ethereum addresses was estimated at 70%.
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Smart Bitcoin 31 Mar, 16:00
Europe is experiencing an increase in the use of fintech applications in connection with the coronavirus pandemic

The world is fighting the coronavirus using distance, isolation, and even total blocking tactics. According to the independent advisory company deVere Group, in the current conditions in Europe, the use of fintech applications has increased by 72%.

James Green, manager of the deVere Group’s European division, said that “the world has changed in the last few days.” It affected how we interact, live, work and handle finances.

“A new era with digitalization and technology has already begun. Demand for video calling platforms - Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime and Zoom, etc. is growing rapidly, as the number of people working remotely is growing.

Recently, Zoom Video Communications has shown remarkable results, since since mid-February its shares have grown by 32%. It started when the markets started to fall. ”

According to James Green, after the 2008-2009 crisis. there was a void between what traditional financial services companies offer and what customers now expect.

Green says customers now want immediate 24-hour access to and manage their money, as well as a more “personalized” service with lower costs.

According to him, the situation with the coronavirus pandemic could accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies and fintech applications in general.

Over the past three years, the company has developed and implemented a range of innovative fintech applications, including deVere Catalyst, a low-cost investment and savings application that, according to Green, “eliminates the hassle of investing” and allows you to achieve “long-term financial goals” even despite the fact that users have very little investment experience.

“This new era was marked by a stunning leap in the use of our fintech applications among existing customers and a sharp increase in interest in products from potential customers,” says Green.

James Green also made an important conclusion:

“Financial technology is the engine of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is becoming an increasingly dominant part of our lives; and the situation with coronavirus proves this. ”
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Smart Bitcoin 30 Mar, 14:01
​​🔥Sensorium Galaxy Senso Token Listed On Kucoin🔥

Sensorium Galaxy is a social virtual reality universe with its own unique vibes, nightclubs and hangouts featuring world-class DJs and non-stop entertainment.

Starting March 20, the Sensorium Galaxy Senso Token is listed on Kucoin and will be available to businesses as a means of payment for generating content and services on the platform. The token can already be used for exchanging and giving exclusive access to entire planets and purchasing in-game Avatar profile pics.

Just some of the features of the Sensorium Galaxy platform:
⚡️ Brand new entertainment experience
⚡️ Global media platform
⚡️ Multi-user online journey in social VR
⚡️ 3D scanning and motion capture
⚡️ Neuroevolutionary artificial intelligence

The platform has already received an investment influx of over $70 million. The Senso Token is built on the ERC20 Ethereum network standard and is now available for trading on the Kucoin exchange.

Don’t miss your chance to sign up to dive into a galaxy of entertainment and untold opportunities and start trading.
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Smart Bitcoin 26 Mar, 14:21
Digital dollar expelled from coronavirus pandemic bill

The digital dollar was excluded from the latest version of the bill aimed at stimulating the American economy against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, the US Democratic Party planned to include a digital dollar wallets system in the bill, which will be managed by federal reserve banks. It was assumed that the system will be used to make payments to residents of the United States who meet certain criteria.

The updated version of the bill “On Supporting Workers and Families” already has 1,400 pages, but the digital dollar clause was removed from it. This scenario has already been allowed, because the creation of a digital dollar raises a number of questions, including the need to develop appropriate infrastructure.

The previous version of the document said that payments can be made not in digital dollars, but using checks. This part of the bill has also been amended, since it is now planned to implement an advance tax refund through the Ministry of Finance.

The regulation on the digital dollar is still contained in another bill, which is also associated with financial assistance to certain economic entities. However, a source familiar with the situation said that, most likely, information about the digital dollar will be removed from this document.
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Smart Bitcoin 23 Mar, 12:01
Correlation between Bitcoin and S&P 500 reaches two-year high - Santiment Analysts

Analysts have linked the strengthening of BTC and the stock indicator with a crisis that hit the global economy.

Traditional markets now mainly show negative dynamics. The weakening of business activity was the result of a panic in the camp of investors caused by the spread of coronavirus. Even the collapse in energy prices did not force the global economy to move to growth.

Researchers believe that in the face of uncertainty, many players prefer to invest capital as carefully and evenly as possible. That is why we are seeing an increase in the correlation between the first cryptocurrency and one of the leading business activity indices.
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Smart Bitcoin 19 Mar, 11:46
Bitcoin price holds above $ 5k amid the widespread stock market decline

On Tuesday, March 16, the price of bitcoin was above the level of $ 5000, while the US stock market saw its worst day since 1987. Traditional markets closed 13% lower than the day before, but the main cryptocurrency calmly continued its lateral movement.

The price of bitcoin moves inside a narrow channel, limited by resistance at the level of $ 5600- $ 5750 and support around $ 4800- $ 4900.

The 4-hour chart shows a clear bullish divergence, which implies the formation of the bottom in the short term and the impulsive price increase. However, for the formation of a trend reversal, a similar divergence should appear on older timeframes, that is, on the daily chart. Another sign of an imminent reversal may be testing lower levels and the formation of a double bottom on low timeframes.

Recently, there has been a massive sale on the stock market, which leads to the fact that the index of fear and greed has reached an extreme value. Traders and investors are already comparing the recent collapse with the legendary market corrections that took place in 1929, 1987 and 2000.

There is a sale of shares at a discount of 30-40%, with individual shares falling by about 70%.

History knows such landslides. Coronavirus, of course, is a unique case, however, markets tend to move according to a certain pattern, which is associated with human psychology.

When the bubbles burst, the initial drop is usually between 35-50%, after which a rebound is observed. This bounce is often called the “dead cat jump” or the “bull trap” that makes investors believe that everything is working out.

Historical data show similar movements. During the 2000 bubble, the Nasdaq 100 index fell 40%, after which an upward momentum was observed for 3-4 months.

In January 2018, Bitcoin showed a similar drop immediately after its bubble burst in December 2017. The price fell from $ 19700 to $ 10800, which corresponds to a decrease of 45% from the beginning of the year. After that, bitcoin rose from $ 10800 to $ 17000 before the bearish trend continued.

Since the stock market already has a sale within 30-40% and a bearish bearish momentum is observed, it will not be surprising if a rebound occurs in the coming weeks. Such short-term growth in the stock market will allow the cryptocurrency market to turn green.

This assumption is supported by the fact that recently all markets have shown a positive correlation with each other. Gold and bitcoin fell significantly, due to the fact that investors sought liquidity in order to cover losses in the stock market.

Of course, all this does not prove that the cryptocurrency market has reached its bottom. However, bullish divergence allows us to expect a short-term rally, the main objectives of which will be the levels of $ 5600- $ 5800 and $ 6000-6100. If these zones are not overcome, then we should expect to test of the lower support levels located in the region of $ 4800, $ 4200 or even $ 3750.

Bottom formation takes time, and in the current economic instability, it is impossible to predict how long this period will last and when the coronavirus will eventually leave the stage.
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Smart Bitcoin 10 Mar, 06:50
Bitcoin drops below $ 7,700 amid a collapse in global financial markets

The price of bitcoin has reached a new local minimum below $ 7,700 at the same time as the resumption of a downward movement in global financial markets.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin is trading around $ 8,000, shortly before being at $ 7,684.70 paired with Bitstamp. During the day, the decrease was 10%.

The fall of cryptocurrency occurs simultaneously with a sharp decline in traditional markets. March 9, trading in Brent oil opened with a collapse of more than 30%. Such bidders have not seen since 1991. Asian stocks went down for oil. In addition, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell by 4.2%, S&P 500 futures - by 4.5%, Nasdaq Composite futures - by 4.4%. In the Forex markets, the dollar soared to 73 rubles, the euro - to 83 rubles.

At the same time, a steady increase in the amount of computing power and mining complexity continues to be observed in the bitcoin network. The next recount of complexity will take place in 4 hours. According to estimates, the value will reach a new maximum, rising by more than 7%. Poolin mining pool data indicates that some popular miners, such as AntMiner S9 and Avalon 851, at the current price of bitcoin and competition, are no longer profitable for many owners and can be disabled.

The index of greed and fear of crypto investors for the first time since the end of last year dropped to mark 17, which corresponds to the description of "extraordinary level of fear."

Global finance expert and eternal adversary of bitcoin Nuriel Rubini, commenting on today's market movements, writes: “Bitcoin has declined by 8%, more than global capital. This is another confirmation that Bitcoin is not a good hedge against high-risk assets when market participants seek to get rid of risks. In fact, in such periods, it falls more than high-risk assets. ”

Most altcoins lose 10-15% each. The exceptions among the largest market assets were Chainlink and Bitfinex UNUS SED LEO's own token - they are still kept in the green zone.

The segment's capitalization fell to $ 225 billion. Over the past two days, it has decreased by 15%.
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Smart Bitcoin 4 Mar, 11:24
LocalBitcoins trading volumes hit their lowest levels since 2013

Bitcoin trading volumes on the LocalBitcoins peer-to-peer platform continue to decline and have recently reached a seven-year low.

According to CoinDance, during the week ending February 22, only 3,144 BTC were exchanged through the platform. This value is comparable to June 2013, when the company just started bidding.

After the peak of the crypto market passed, the trading volumes of LocalBitcoins began to grow slightly at the beginning of 2019, however, the company made several less popular decisions, which forced many users to turn their backs on it. Last year, LocalBitcoins eliminated the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies in person, which was one of the most valuable features of the platform. Later, user identification requirements were tightened.

At the same time, competition in the retail OTC retail space is becoming increasingly fierce. Another major player is the Paxful platform. Binance Exchange is also developing its own peer-to-peer trading business. Recently, she launched P2P trading in the web version of the trading platform, previously adding support for the Russian ruble.

Demand for LocalBitcoins services remains high in selected markets experiencing difficult economic conditions, such as Argentina and Venezuela. Argentina updated its own record when converted to local currency in December and has not slowed down since then. At the same time, at least part of the activity in Latin America is associated with the activities of local crime syndicates.
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Smart Bitcoin 26 Feb, 03:06
The virtual world of Decentraland on the Ethereum blockchain launched two and a half years after the ICO

The virtual world of Decentraland, the participants of which are invited to buy land and property on the blockchain for real money, started on Thursday after two and a half years in development. The project raised $ 24 million during an ICO in 2017.

According to Bloomberg, many MANA token holders now seek to profit from trading goods and services in the virtual community. Since the beginning of the year, the price of the token has doubled, as compared to the ICO price, however, it is still significantly lower than the highs of 2018.

According to the NonFungible data tracker, virtual land is also in demand - the amount of transactions has already exceeded $ 1 million. As a result, Decentraland's assets have become the most reversible non-interchangeable token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike centralized games and virtual worlds, where the service operator is the owner of the items, in Decentraland the ownership of each participant is fixed in the Ethereum blockchain using NFT tokens, which they control themselves.

With the launch of Decentraland, users were given access to a set of development tools for creating interactive 3D scenes on their land without the need to write code. A marketplace has also been launched where users can trade LAND NFT tokens.

Decentraland is managed by a decentralized autonomous organization that owns assets for settlements with developers and public lands, such as roads and squares.

Decentraland spent about half of the funds raised through the ICO to pay for the services of more than 30 developers who were preparing the project for launch. Today, thousands of participants, including dozens of creative studios, create content in the virtual world, more than a third of which have already been built up, Bloomberg writes.

“We see that land close to our content is already growing in value. Recently, many people wanted to build nearby, ”said Polygonal Mind CEO Daniel Garcia, whose company creates arcade games, art galleries, shops and transportation systems for Decentraland landowners.
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