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Smart Bitcoin 25 Jan, 17:46
Bitcoin Searches in Argentina Spikes Significantly as Annual Inflation Rates Crosses 40%

For more updates:
Smart Bitcoin 25 Jan, 13:45
Launch of Ether Futures on the Chicago Stock Exchange Will Accelerate Institutional Adoption of Altcoin

A report from Pantera Capital said institutional investors will be on the air more actively after the Chicago Exchange (CME) launches ETH futures.

Less than three weeks are left before such a product appears. At the end of last year, CME announced the launch of Ethereum Futures. Investors will be able to take advantage of such products as early as February 8th. One contract is 50 ETH.

In a January letter to investors, Pantera Capital notes that the launch of futures is fundamental to the long-term strengthening of the altcoin.

The company stated:

“Once ETH futures are launched, institutional entry into cryptocurrency will accelerate. As more and more holders are betting on ETH in Ethereum 2.0, this means a further decline in sales. "

The emergence of a new product will lead to the fact that by the end of this year the ether rate will be able to update the maximums. According to analysts at Pantera Capital, Ethereum is currently the leading network for deploying smart contracts and developing blockchain applications (DApps).

In addition, Ethereum is the main platform for DeFi projects. In just one year, the value of tokens locked in the DeFi ecosystem has grown from $ 1 billion to $ 24 billion.

The ETH rate on Thursday, January 21, is holding around $ 1311. The capitalization of the largest altcoin over the past 24 hours has decreased to $ 149.993 billion (-4.35%).
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Smart Bitcoin 17 Jan, 21:49
Bitcoin price could drop to zero - UBS Wealth Management

Analysts at one of the world's largest asset management firm have warned budding investors inspired by Bitcoin's bull rally: you could lose all your money. Bloomberg reports.

According to the Swiss company UBS Global Wealth Management, large cryptocurrencies could be destroyed by regulatory measures and rival digital assets issued by central banks.

“In our view, there is little that can stop the price of cryptocurrency from falling to zero if a better version is launched or in the event of depressive regulatory measures,” analysts, including Chief Investment Officer Michael Bolliger, said in a report. "Netscape and Myspace are examples of network applications that were popular but disappeared over time."

The investment firm's report drew warm support from Bloomberg readers on Twitter. Preston Pysh, co-founder of The Investor's Podcast Network, wrote: “I heard that the price could turn negative like the price of oil. Cryptocurrency can be so unclaimed that no one wants to store it in their hardware wallets ... people will pay to put it in your hardware wallet. It can be terrible. This is so scary".
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Smart Bitcoin 14 Jan, 21:41
The number of transactions carried out on the Ethereum network during the day is at an all-time high. We are talking about at least 1.25 million transfers per day.
Smart Bitcoin 13 Jan, 12:54
The total amount of funds in the niche of decentralized finance continues to exceed the equivalent of $ 20 billion. The peak of the indicator at 23.09 billion was recorded on January 10, that is, quite recently.
Smart Bitcoin 12 Jan, 09:45
The number of addresses with at least a thousand bitcoins in the account continues to grow. In comparison with the indicator from the beginning of December, there are 4.02 percent more of them - today there are 2352 units.

So investors are increasing their cryptocurrency holdings despite the sharp changes in the exchange rate.
Smart Bitcoin 11 Jan, 08:31
Hyundai uses blockchain to authenticate auto parts

The MAPS platform will be used to distribute parts for Hyundai and Kia vehicles. Up to 100,000 people, including 16,000 dealers in more than 200 countries, will have access to the system throughout the supply chain. The system supports three million different parts for 300 car models.

Blockchain is used to verify the originality of auto parts. The company is concerned that counterfeit parts are being used in some countries, which could lead to vehicle safety issues. Thanks to the blockchain, the car owner can scan the QR code on the packaging of auto parts and verify the authenticity of the part.

Another common problem is that repair companies charge full price for original parts, but use analogs instead. In this case, the parts do not provoke security problems, but the buyer does not receive what they paid for.

In addition to verifying the authenticity of parts, Hyundai envisions increased use of blockchain in the future throughout the entire vehicle service lifecycle. Insurers often pay for original parts, but are faced with the use of analogs. In the future, the original parts used will be linked to the vehicle's maintenance records.

When scanning the license plate in the repair shop, information about all the parts will be displayed. The repair firm will record the maintenance information in the vehicle history. The blockchain will allow this data to be transferred to the dealer, repair shop, insurer, manufacturer and owner. MAPS also uses machine learning to predict any delivery delays.
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Smart Bitcoin 9 Jan, 16:32
The reverse side of bullrun

The latest data from The Block conveys another argument for the hype in the market. The numbers show that Coinbase's mobile app ratings have moved the platform to the top 50 on both GooglePlay and AppStore.

At the beginning of October, the exchange app was in the region of 600 and above positions.

The exchange's traffic is also hitting annual records and has roughly doubled to nearly 50 million visits in December. The exchange is preparing a good portfolio for an IPO.

By the way, Binance is even slightly ahead of the American exchange in this regard and has increased traffic by 50% from October to 56 million visits.

The only drawback to all this popularity is that exchanges cannot withstand high loads during times of high volatility. And high traffic and trading interest will actually turn off the exchanges in the most active moments.

Perhaps with an IPO, at least Coinbase will be able to solve this problem, because the level of hype, although high, has not yet reached 2017.
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Smart Bitcoin 7 Jan, 19:23
Bitcoin's market cap has surpassed Tesla's. We fly higher and higher.
Smart Bitcoin 5 Jan, 18:19
Bitcoin will head towards $ 40,000 unless it falls below this level

Amsterdam Stock Exchange analyst Michael van de Poppe analyzed the current Bitcoin market situation on his YouTube channel. He talked about what price levels should be monitored and what developments should be expected.

On the hourly timeframe, there is repeated testing of support at the level of $ 30,000, and the resistance zone of $ 32300-32800 has also been identified.

The bullish scenario provides for maintaining the support level and breaking through the resistance zone. In this case, growth will be directed to the Fibonacci levels corresponding to $ 38 thousand and $ 42.5 thousand.

However, if there is a rollback from the resistance zone of $ 32300-32800, then the support level may not survive. The more often the level is tested, the weaker it becomes. In the event of a fall, support would be found at $ 27,800 or even $ 24k. Any of these drops should be seen as a buying opportunity as Bitcoin is in a strong uptrend.

There are many people on the market who claim that Bitcoin can rise without any corrections due to institutional demand. However, it should be remembered that any market is cyclical and corrections occur regardless of whether there is any reason for them or not.
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Smart Bitcoin 3 Jan, 18:43
Stocks of stablecoins on exchanges are breaking all records.

The stock of #busd coins by cap has exceeded 327 million, which have moved to the platform in the last 3 weeks.
Smart Bitcoin 2 Jan, 09:15
The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust bought more than 2.5x the amount of bitcoins mined in December 2020.
Smart Bitcoin 30 Dec 2020, 09:17
December also became the second month in 2020 in terms of trading volume on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Almost 55 percent of this figure is accounted for by the Uniswap platform
Smart Bitcoin 29 Dec 2020, 11:01
B2C2 Cryptocurrency Market Maker Will Stop XRP Trading For US Clients

One of the largest market makers in the cryptocurrency industry - B2C2 - announced the termination of trading in pairs with XRP for US users.

US B2C2 customers will be able to trade XRP pairs until 3am ET on December 31st. Then trading in pairs with this crypto asset for US clients will be stopped.

B2C2 will continue to provide XRP trading services to the rest of its clients, however, when opening short positions, users will have to have the required amount in the account to maintain positions.

"We will promptly notify our customers of any subsequent decisions," the B2C2 statement underlines.

Cryptocurrency companies began to restrict XRP trading after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Ripple. The SEC accuses Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen of selling XRP, which is unregistered securities, in 2013.
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Smart Bitcoin 28 Dec 2020, 18:15
Binance Announces User Issuable European Bitcoin Options

Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of a new type of option contracts for bitcoin, writes Decrypt.

In April 2020, Binance introduced American-style options, giving a trader the right to buy or sell Bitcoin at a set price at any time before the expiration date. New options are issued in European style. Such options allow the contract to be exercised only at the moment of the set expiration date.

Binance claims the new options will help protect traders from market volatility. At the same time, European options are associated with higher risks and potential rewards, as the user cannot close the contract at any time, even if the price reaches the target set by him.

European options are calculated in the Tether stablecoin. An important difference from the pre-existing American options on Binance is that traders will now be able to issue them themselves. Only Binance itself issues American options.

This means that clients will be able to independently choose options parameters without restrictions on the size of the contract, provided that they have sufficient collateral with the possibility of setting a larger premium. According to the exchange, the demand for such instruments from institutional investors pushed it to launch European options. Binance's daily options trading volume reached $ 1 billion this month.

Options trading on Binance is done through the mobile app. At the time of publication, the new type of options has not yet been presented on the exchange.
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Smart Bitcoin 27 Dec 2020, 11:36
​​📈Value Network is a decentralized Binary options platform and exchange

🚀Started in 2018 by Artem Levin, the Value Network project has initially created the crypto-backed loans platform on Ethereum smart-contracts.

Re-started in September 2020, we've chosen the new vector of development - Binary options. We are solving the Binary options industry's main problems:

🔒By putting the bets against each other on the Ethereum blockchain, letting users compete against each other. There's no conflict of interest like on 99% of fiat platforms.

📱UI interfaces are made clear and engaging, differentiating us from current blockchain prediction markets' platforms.

🖍Also, users can see how their bet changes in price depending on the possibility of the outcome and replace their bets at any time for the additional fee.

❇️Whitelabel solution and blockchain-based referral system is in the pipeline in Q1 2021, boosting user adoption in the upcoming year.

📶 The VNTW token - the core of the Value Network platform plays a critical role in the ecosystem. Its utilities:

- Access to the exclusive markets
- Lowering of commissions on the trades
- Token is essential for creating of the new markets
- Staking
- Pre-timing escape of the deal
- Advertising possibilities on the platform

‼️ Listing will take place on Uniswap and Sushiswap on January 5th, allowing you to participate in 6 pairs, all with liquidity reward programs. 1% of the total supply will be destributed to liquidity providers in the first month. More details here.

✅Founder shares his ideas in Community daily -

More detailed information is available on Medium (including roadmap) -

Website -
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Smart Bitcoin 25 Dec 2020, 08:56
Here is a graph of the number of Bitcoin addresses with at least 1 BTC on the balance. The indicators were recorded on the eve of Catholic Christmas in different years. The data is provided by Glassnode.

We are growing.
Smart Bitcoin 23 Dec 2020, 23:42
The current stage of Bitcoin's growth differs from the bull run three years ago by the significantly higher network hash rate. If in December 2017 the indicator was at the level of 14.14 EH / s, now it exceeds 126 EH / s, IntoTheBlock reports.

This means the network has become more secure almost nine times.
Smart Bitcoin 22 Dec 2020, 21:05
The co-founders of ASIC miner manufacturer Bitmain, Mikri Zhang and Jihan Wu, have come to an agreement after a long struggle to manage the company.

Mikri Zhang will buy back his stake in Bitmain from Jihan Wu for $ 600 million.

Meanwhile, Bitmain has signed a deal with mining company Riot Blockchain to supply 15,000 Antminer ASIC miners in the US.
Smart Bitcoin 22 Dec 2020, 16:37
⚡️ More than 100,000 tweets about BTC were sent yesterday.