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The most important news and resources for Android developers.
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Android ResId 9 Sep 2020, 12:59
Android 11 is here!

Learn more:

Additional features fro Pixels:


Android ResId 27 Aug 2020, 07:33
Today, we’re releasing the alpha of Jetpack Compose, our modern UI toolkit designed to help you quickly and easily build beautiful apps across all Android platforms, with native access to the platform APIs.

Manual how to setup it:

#Jetpack #Compose
Android ResId 11 Jun 2020, 11:53
Android ResId 30 May 2020, 08:31
Android ResId 11 May 2020, 14:59
Репост из: Android Broadcast EN
#ViewBinding #Kotlin

Make Android View Binding great with Kotlin
2 min read, author Kirill Rozov

Android View Binding is a great feature of Android Gradle Plugin 3.6, which killed findViewById() and Butter Knife. But its proper use is not the most convenient thing.

The article considers how to use Kotlin Delegated Property to simplify this and what trick awaits in Fragment.viewLifecycleOwner
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Android ResId 6 May 2020, 18:39
Android ResId 16 Apr 2020, 12:20
​​​​Modern development is changing rapidly:
👉 new technologies appear;
👉 new libraries and their versions are released;
👉 programming languages are changing;
👉 experience is accumulating that changes approaches and recommendations in development;
👉 device shapes change and become more powerful.

To keep track of everything, you need to read many articles, watch videos from conferences, attend meetups and conferences, follow the best developers on social networks.

Android Broadcast Telegram channel is a place where you can find a selection of the best materials android Android development in a compact format with a short overview and personal opinion of the author.
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Android ResId 21 Mar 2020, 11:39
Android ResId 20 Mar 2020, 09:49
Репост из: Android Broadcast EN
​​#Fabric #COVID19

Fabric shutdown extended to Ma‌y 4, 2020

👑The virus affects everything, even the deadlines for shutdown services. So Fabric shutdown was extended from March 31, 2020 to May 4, 2020(5 weeks)
Android ResId 4 Mar 2020, 12:50
Репост из: Android Broadcast EN

Kotlin 1.3.70 released

👉 The functionality of StringBuilder has been expanded
👉 Part of the functionality on KClass now does not require kotlin-reflect dependency
👉 Experimental and UseExperimental annotations renamed to OptIn and RequiresOptIn
👉 Clock and ClockMark renamed to TimeSource and TimeMark
👉 kotlin.collections.ArrayDeque was added
👉 Collection Builders: buildList (), buildSet () and buildMap ()
👉 New functions for collections: scan (), scanReduce ()
👉 Kotlin now can generate type annotations at the JVM bytecode (target version 1.8+)
👉 Improved .gradle.kts IDE Support
👉 Debugger improvement
👉 Improved Kotlin scripts, examples
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Android ResId 26 Feb 2020, 12:51
Kakao 2.3.0 released

Kakao is a PageObject pattern Kotlin DSL for Android UI testing built on the base of Espresso

What's new in the latest version:
👉 ViewPager2 support added with KViewPager2
👉 ChipGroup support added with KChipGroup
👉 Spinner support added with KSpinner
👉 Tint support added to KImageView
👉 Dependencies' versions upgrade
👉 Smaller fixes/improvements

Check out the library at GitHub and get familiar with the full chages here

To see some examples of what you can do with this library, you can read this Medium blog post

#Kakao #Testing
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Android ResId 25 Feb 2020, 13:41
Репост из: Android Broadcast EN

Android Studio 3.6 released

A new stable version of the main Android developer tool has been released and it has brought the following improvements:
👉 SplitView instead of Layout Preview (it got worse for me)
👉 ViewBinding
👉 Memory leak detection in the Memory Profiler (why? Is there LeakCanary)
👉 Color Picker
👉 Idea 2019.2
👉 Improvements to “Apply Changes”
👉 Android Gradle Plugin integration with Maven Publishing Plugin
👉 R class now immediately generates bytecode instead of Java code, this speeds up kapt and incremental build
👉 New utility for packing APK. Used by default for debug builds

There are many changes and all of them cannot be listed, but you can familiarize yourself with them in the full review
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Android ResId 24 Feb 2020, 13:19
Репост из: Android Broadcast EN

A Dependency Injection Showdown

Choosing a dependency framework for your Android app is, a big decision, it’s not something that you can easily replace later on. Comparison of popular JVM DI: Dagger 2, Koin, Toothpick, Kodein.
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Android ResId 19 Feb 2020, 22:40
Google  today announced the first developer preview of Android 11, which is now available as system images for Google’s own Pixel devices, starting with the Pixel  2.

Android ResId 7 Feb 2020, 12:26
Репост из: Shitty Android
Looks like something dedicated to initialization of different components / libraries is coming to AndroidX.

#androidx #library
Android ResId 12 Dec 2019, 11:46
Репост из: Shitty Android
Google has released Android Code Search. It’s a tool for searching Android (and libraries) source code. It also knows how to navigate from one part of the code to another.

#aosp #code #search
Android ResId 3 Oct 2019, 11:44
Testing can seem to be a tax on development time.
However, as many seasoned developers have seen, proper automated testing can increase development velocity as the code base becomes bigger and more complex.
Continuous testing should give you confidence that the change you make won’t break your app.

#testing #Docker
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Android ResId 17 Jul 2019, 15:44
Android ResId 17 Jul 2019, 15:42
Starting August 1, 2019, your apps published on Google Play will need to support 64-bit architectures.


🙄 How to test your app?

:: Command Line
# A successful install:
> adb install --abi arm64-v8a YOUR_APK_FILE.apk Success

# If your APK does not have the 64-bit libraries:
> adb install --abi arm64-v8a YOUR_APK_FILE.apk adb: failed to install YOUR_APK_FILE.apk
: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113]

# If your device does not support 64-bit, an emulator, for example:
> adb install --abi arm64-v8a YOUR_APK_FILE.apk
ABI arm64-v8a not supported on this device

#GooglePlay #arm
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Android ResId 5 Jun 2019, 12:03
Google Play services and Firebase migrating to AndroidX (June/July of 2019) !

"If your app depends on any or libraries, you should prepare for this migration"

Migration guide:

#AndroidX #Jetpack #Firebase #GooglePlayServices
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